Once upon a time, there was a panda who was also a unicorn and had a dream of becoming a popstar. But, many things got in her way. She had to find a way to get through it.

So one day, she decided that she was going to go to Hollywood. So one night, she hopped on a boat and snuck onto a little boat on the ship and put a cover on herself. Her stomach was hurting her, so she started to sing, so someone found her. She didn’t want to be found, so she flipped over to hide. The boat was black and white, so she blended in. And someone came and pulled the cloth off the boat. But, nobody saw her.

The boat honked and then came to a stop. She found a sign that said “Hollywood.” Then, she got off the boat. A day passed, and she became a popstar. And she lived happily ever after.



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