Pokemon Showdown is Life

He was playing Pokemon Showdown on an iMac. He wanted to win. He was playing a kid with the username Dank Meme 1738. He was left with one more Pokemon in the battle, Blastoise. Dank Meme 1738 had a Steelix.  LeBron used flash cannon on Steelix. LeBron’s friend, Stephen, had the highest score in the history of Pokemon Showdown.

LeBron’s mom had been away in Florida for three months, and his dad was always working. LeBron had been playing since his mom went to Florida — without any bathroom breaks or interruptions. His room had only Pokemon stuff with images on it. It had a blue Squirtle on it that looked like a little, blue turtle.

When his mom called him, he was multitasking.

“What are you doing, and how are you?” she said.

LeBron stuttered, “Um, um, um… I am just doing my homework.”

“Are you sure? I can tell you’re lying. I know your username. Your username is Deliciousness 123. I am playing you.”

Shoot, she knows, he thought. He was mad because his mom knew his username, and she might call his dad, and his dad might come home and stop him from playing and take away his computer. LeBron wanted to be the best like Stephen, because he sucked at everything else he tried to do.

“No, I’m not lying. I’m doing my homework,” he said. “Mom, what is nine times five?”

“Oh, it’s 36,” she said. “No, it’s 45.”

He didn’t hear her second answer because the music was on, and the game was too loud.

“Mom, did you say something?”

“No, I didn’t say anything.”

“Okay, thanks, Mom. Got to call you later because I just found a really good math problem that I want to solve.”

“Okay, LeBron. I guess your math problem is more important than me.”

“Thanks for understanding, Mom. Bye, Mom.”

“Bye, LeBron.”

He was very mad, so he closed his computer and smashed it on the floor. It broke into pieces. He went down stairs mad and ignored everyone.


An hour later…

LeBron finally started to do his homework.

“Oh my gosh, I found the math problem, nine times five! I remember this math problem. Mom told me it’s 36. I will get that math problem right because Mom told me the answer.”


The next day

Lebron got the very easy math problem wrong. So, he got a punishment for the very easy math problem. He had to go to detention. He learned that he should not play video games all the time because then he would get addicted, and it would affect school.  


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