Princess Sadie and the Time Machine

One day, Princess Sadie the dog was walking through her garden with her servant. Sadie had a bow and a pearl necklace, and her fur streamed down her cheeks. She stopped to smell something in the ground.

“I smell something weird!” she said.

She started to pull it out of the ground. It was very heavy.

“May I help you?” asked the servant.

So, the servant pulled it out. It was big and made of metal. It was shaped like a round door with glowing, purple goo inside with diamond patterns! It had a spinning panel on the side that had random numbers.

“It’s a time machine!” said Sadie.

What?!” yelled the servant.

“That’s right!” said Sadie happily.  

When she went into the castle, the servant stayed outside.

“I want to be king, not Sadie’s servant!” he whispered to himself.

“You coming?” asked Sadie.

“In a moment, Your Highness!” yelled the servant from the garden.

They both went inside. Sadie went to take a nap while the servant went to his room.

“I, Charles Edward Farbio the Fifth, will be king if I use the time machine, and Sadie will  be my servant! Muahaha!” yelled the servant excitedly.

The next morning, at 3 am, the servant snuck out to where the time machine was. Creek! The servant had stepped on a wiggly floor board.

What was that?!” yelled Sadie.

She went downstairs. She stopped at the servant’s room, but he was not there. But, what Sadie did see was the servant’s plan to be king!

“What the… oh no!” Sadie realized what the servant was planning.

She ran downstairs to the garden. The servant stepped inside the time machine when, unexpectedly, Sadie jumped in a second later!!

Sadie?!” screamed the servant.

“I saw your plans, and you are not getting away with it!” said Sadie.

They arrived at the day Sadie’s mom was born. She was in the old hospital. The castle looked new and shiny. The bed was covered in blankets with roses on them. There was a doctor, nineteen servants, and a chef standing around the bed. Sadie’s grandma was beautiful. She had a crown, a nice dress, and jewelry. Her belly was big because she had lots of brothers and sisters.

Charles was around the corner with a bag, waiting for the right moment to spring out and snatch Sadie’s mom. Sadie put her paws on the servant’s shoulders.

“You were going to kidnap my mother to stop her from being queen?!” shouted Sadie angrily.

“Well yes… no… fine. Yes,” said the servant.

“Oh! That’s why you were happy when we pulled the time machine out!” Sadie shouted.

She wanted to go back home. She thought, I need that servant to get us back home! Then, Sadie had a sneaky idea.

“Well, I guess I will get new servants,” said Sadie.

That got the servant’s attention.

“N-new servants?” asked the servant.

“That’s right! New servants!” said Sadie.   

“Why would you do that?” asked the servant.

“Because you’re hard working, and you never get a rest!” said Sadie.

“What can I do to make you hire new servants?” said Charles.

“Well…” said Sadie.

And they were back in the present in the castle with new servants.


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