My cat Pumpkin is my beloved pet. He is bright orange, and has white paws and a white belly. He’s very soft and cuddly. When we pet him, he purrs loudly. He’s very gentle and wouldn’t put a mark on someone or hurt anyone. We got him from a kill shelter, and saved him. My cat had cancer when we got him from the kill shelter. He was born with it. That day, when we got to the car, Pumpkin scratched the box till it opened and crawled out of it. He came out and curled up in a ball on my lap and slept through the car ride. When we came home, Pumpkin ran around the house looking around excitedly as if he were saying “This is my new home?!” Our family adored him, and he was very sweet. Pumpkin’s different from other cats because he understands me and helps me feel better in bad moments in my life. Like when I got all sad and gloomy, Pumpkin would be there for me and he would gracefully jump in my bed and lay beside me. He would rub the side of his body against my shoulder to comfort me. Pumpkin’s been brave because in all the days where he has pain and struggles through cancer, he accepts it and doesn’t let it affect his life. Pumpkin’s gone through horrible things, which makes me sad. He’s been at a kill shelter, where he was almost about to be killed. He lived in a terrifying cage for months, lost his own mother and was lonely. Pumpkin’s struggled through pain, and he’s a great role model for me and many people who go through things like Pumpkin. I’ve wished Pumpkin would still be with me at this moment, but what’s in the past stays like that. Right now my cat is in heaven, and is there living peacefully in the clouds.

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