Plants and trees are very important to the world, because if we did not have plants and trees, then we would not have flowers. If we did not have flowers, then we would not have colors. Well, trees would have green and brown, but we would need more color, because it makes people happier. Also, plants and trees help the world by making oxygen for people and animals.


We need color because some people would not be that happy. If we did not have color, then gardens would not be colorful. I LOVE marigolds, and when Mom gets some for the garden I feel SO happy. This one year, Mom did not get marigolds and I was not that happy with the garden.


If we just had trees the world would probably be 48% carbon dioxide. The good thing about plants are how plants produce oxygen just like trees. You need trees for wood, but plants have no wood on them so people don’t need to chop them down! Which is awesome! But if we did not have any trees in the world then we will all DIE! Plants can not produce enough oxygen for the world. That is why cutting down trees is bad for the world.


However, it would be good if people would chop down a little amount of trees, because if people did not chop down trees then it would be overpopulated with trees. But people are chopping down too many trees.


This is  why we need plants and trees.


The End

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