Rainbow’s Adventure

Chapter 1: Home

Rainbow is a scarlet macaw. He lives in Jungle Island, Florida. A lot of tourists come through it.There’s a bridge where cars can go from the mainland to the island.

On his left claw, two of his nails have come off. He is rainbow colored and has a really pointy beak.

He lives by himself on a stick. He just sits there all day. He interacts with a lot of humans who visit.

Rainbow wants to go back to the real Amazon jungle, but he can’t fly because the keepers of Jungle Island cut his wings so he can’t fly where he wants to. So, he calls his friend who lives in the jungle using his bird telepathy, to come over and pick him up. He wants his friend to come with his other macaw friends and carry him to the Amazon.

His friend responds, “I’m coming with  my friends.”

“There’s a gorilla show right next door to me,” Rainbow says.

They wait for the night to come, and then they fly over from the Amazon to Jungle Island and pick up Rainbow. The zookeepers see that Rainbow is missing on the security cameras.

The zookeepers put the alarms on, and Rainbow gets so scared he says to his friends, “You guys, bring me back to my branch! I have to get back. Or else I’ll be in big trouble.”

They said they would bring him back because they didn’t want him to get in trouble. Once he’s back on his branch, Rainbow pretends to be asleep. The zookeepers come out from where they were hiding and one says, “What’s going on around here?” It is a man with a mustache, brown eyes, and brown hair.

Rainbow pretends to wake up from his pretend sleep and says, “Looking for someone, fellas?” (Rainbow speaks English).

Then they say, “You, young boy, are in big trouble. What were you doing a few minutes ago?”
“I was just sleeping, but then you guys woke me up. You guys are so mean.”

They say, “No we’re not, you’re the mean one. You’re lying to us.” Then, they get into a big, humongous fight. Rainbow starts pecking them with his beak. Both of them say, “Ow ow ow ow ow!” and they faint because of the pain.

Rainbow says, “Come on boys, bring me up! Let’s go to the Amazon and go have fun.”

Then a girl zookeeper says, “Not so fast, little bird. First, you’re coming with me.”

Rainbow says, “Uh oh, you see what I mean?” His friends pretend to be statues while he talks to the zookeepers.

The girl zookeeper suddenly feels sick, but she doesn’t want to get Rainbow sick, so she goes to the bathroom. Another zookeeper walks up to Rainbow and she says, “Little bird, I need to have a talk with you.”

Rainbow starts crying and says, “All I want is to be in the Amazon and be free. Why’d you guys cut my wings so I can’t fly?”

“Rainbow, you can be in the Amazon if you want. But we thought this would be a safer place for you because the Amazon is getting destroyed right now.”

“Oh no!” Rainbow says. “I have to save my friends!”

The nice zookeeper gives Rainbow prosthetic wings so he can fly. She always has an extra pair in the first aid kit, just in case.

Rainbow says, “Thank you so much,” to the zookeeper.

“My pleasure, Rainbow. But please, try and help the Amazon rainforest.”

Rainbow says, “Of course. Why would I want to not protect my home? I love my home.”

The zookeeper says, “Of course you do. Now go out there and give them all you got.”

He says, “I got it,” and he leaves. He tells his friends, “Guys, we have to save the rainforest! It’s being destroyed, and the whole Amazon might be dead by the time we get there. Come on, we have to doubletime.”

They go as fast as they can, and they make it. They call every single macaw, bird, and animal they can find in the rainforest, and they go to the heart of the Amazon, where people are starting to cut down trees. They approach the people who want the wood from the Amazon trees and say, “What are you guys doing? This is our jungle, not your little playhouse that you don’t want anymore.”

Then, the people say, “Well if you want your rainforest, you’re gonna need to get it from us.”
Every single bird in the forest says, “We’re gonna get our rainforest back.” All of the animals start approaching the men, and the men start freaking out.

They finally say, “Okay, you guys can have the rainforest.”

They have a huge celebration in the rainforest. They actually make use of the heart of the rainforest. They make it into a party center. And, they live happily ever after.


Chapter 2: Getting a Job

Since Rainbow had so much fun in the party center, he wants to start working there. He thinks, Hey, since no one is working there, I could be the boss and the DJ. He figures he could charge one nut for one hour of partying. He finds a big leaf, some mud, and a stick to draw with. He starts planning for the center – how to make it a fun place where animals would really want to go. But how can I make all of this stuff out of nature? We need somebody to build it, thinks Rainbow.

Rainbow flies back to the city with the leaf he drew his plans on and he goes back to Jungle Island. He asks one of the zookeepers if they could make that happen and he says, “No.” The zookeepers don’t try to get him back, because they’re happy that he saved the Amazon. As a reward, they’re letting him live in the jungle.

He flies back to the Amazon, calls his friends, and says, “Guys, we have to build this in a couple of days, okay? And just out of nature.” Then he adds, “It’s literally impossible!”

“No it’s not. We can still try! It never hurts to try,” his friends say.

Rainbow groans, “Okay, you win.”

One of Rainbow’s friends is a white macaw. Rainbow has two more friends. One friend is a blue macaw and the other one is a scarlet macaw. The blue macaw is named Blue, the white macaw is named Snow, and the scarlet macaw is named Silk.

Rainbow and his friends start building the party center. Rainbow brought supplies for everything, and then, he and his friends start building.

Once they are done, Silk says, “Look at our progress!”

A few hours later, there is an earthquake. Everything that Rainbow and his friends built is destroyed. Then, all of his friends went back to the heart of the rainforest and say, “Uh-oh…”

“What happened here?” says Silk.

“Where’s our party center?” says Snow.

“Who did this?” asks Blue.

“The earthquake did,” says Rainbow in a mad tone.

“We have to fix this!” says Snow.

“But how?” Rainbow says.

Silk says, “Rainbow, get the supplies that you got before. We can build this thing again.”

“Okay…” groans Rainbow.

Rainbow flies out to get the supplies.

“We’ll help,” says Snow.

“Thanks, guys.” Rainbow says.

“Come on,” says Blue. “Let’s get those supplies and build another party center for fun!”

Then, other animals, like the lions and snakes and tigers, the other birds, crocodiles, frogs, and everybody else comes to that part of the rainforest, and says, “What has happened here? It was so nice before!”

“The earthquake happened,” says Rainbow, flying in with the supplies. “Would you guys please move so we can rebuild this place?”

Everybody else says, “No. We’re gonna help you.”

“Thank you so much,” Rainbow and his friends say to the other animals. Rainbow shows everyone the leaf that he wrote on for the plan. Then everybody says, “Whoooooooa.”

“Oh, cool,” says a baby lion. “Look, mama,” but his mom doesn’t not come.

Then Rainbow says, “We’ll take care of you until your mom comes, which will probably be very soon. It won’t take long.”

“I’ll start looking for your mom, okay?” says Snow.

“Okay,” the cub says. “Thank you, Rainbow.”

“Are you gonna help us build?” says Rainbow.

The cub says, “Yes, please!”

“Come on,” Silk says, “We have to start building or else we won’t open on time.”

“Okay, Silk,” the cub says.

Then they start building.

“This is fun!” the cub says. “I can’t wait to tell my mom about this!”

“One problem with that,” Snow says, coming back.

“What’s the problem?” asks the cub.

“It turns out your mom was captured by humans.”

“What?” the cub says with a confused face.

“It looks like we’ll be your new parents,” Rainbow says.

But the cub doesn’t respond. The cub is crying in Rainbow’s wings.

“It’s okay,” Rainbow says. Then, Rainbow whispers to his friends, “You guys continue working. I’ll stay here.”

“What’s your name, little cub?” Rainbow asks.

“Charlie,” the cub says.

“Come on, Charlie, let’s get some popsicles.”

“No, I want to look for my mama!”

“Okay, we can look for your mom,” Rainbow says.

Charlie snaps, “Thank you.”

“Here, let me give you a ride,” Rainbow says, spreading his wings wide. “I will take you to where Snow saw your mother.”

“Here we go!” Rainbow starts to go up.

“Weeeeeeee!” Charlie says.

“Right here,” Rainbow says. He goes down to where Charlie’s mother was. When they get down on the ground, Charlie sees his mom locked up in a cage with poison ivy around her so that the other animals can’t touch her.

“Charlie!” his mother calls.

“Mama!” Charlie calls.

Charlie runs up to his mom.

“Not too close!” says Rainbow. “You don’t want to get poison ivy on you!”

Charlie’s mom says, “Thank goodness you’re okay.”

“We have to get your mom out,” Rainbow says.

“But how?” Charlie and his mom say.

“This is how.” The hunters come out from hiding in a cherry bush. “You two are gonna stay in the same cage and be stuffed and put in the American Museum of Natural History.”

Rainbow starts beating up all the hunters. He uses his beak to peck at them and scratches them with his claws. Then, Charlie starts getting up closer to his mom. Charlie doesn’t care about the poison ivy. He wants his mom back.

“Ouch!” Charlie says. “The poison ivy stung me, Rainbow!” But Rainbow doesn’t answer. He is busy beating up the hunters with his claws, his beak, everything he has. He pokes them with a super-sharp stick he made. Then, the hunters faint from pain.

“Charlie, let me take the poison ivy off while you go get the key from the hunters’ pants.”

“Gotcha,” Charlie says.

“Three… two… one… go!” Rainbow says. Rainbow takes off the poison ivy while Charlie goes to get the key. Then, Rainbow unlocks the cage with the key so that Charlie’s mom can go to Charlie, and Charlie can go to his mom.

“Goodbye,” Rainbow says. “I’m going to go back to the party center.”

At the center, the animals can bowl, play games, chat with friends and have birthday parties. They use oranges and bamboo sticks for bowling. There is a kid’s section where they can play tag, bowl, and play games, just like everything that they have for adults.

Rainbow looks at his claws, and he has big spots on them. He can’t feel the poison ivy, because his claws are rough. It is nighttime, so Rainbow goes to his house and starts to sleep in his bed.

The next morning, he wakes up early to get to his job. When he is getting ready, he sees that his poison ivy is gone. Then, Rainbow decides to put up fliers for animals to work at the party center. He decides to name the party center, “The Heart of the Amazon.” Then, he takes a picture of the Amazon and puts it on the fliers.


Chapter 3: Getting to Business

When Rainbow gets to work, all the other animals who want to work start coming. They ask Rainbow if they can work. Rainbow says, “Yeah, of course.”

There are frogs, snakes, tigers, lions and birds. The frog is the greeter. The lion is in charge of the bowling. The tiger is in charge of the kids section. The snake is behind the register. The birds are the cops to check if anything is going wrong.

Rainbow gives everybody a membership and a nametag. The animals get paid with nuts. At seven o’clock, the center opens. Rainbow asks everyone to get in position.

Everyone says, “Yes, Rainbow!”

Then Rainbow screams, “We’re OPEN!!!”

No one comes in for thirty minutes.

The snake says, “Where is everybody? We’re still empty.”

The lion says, “This is a real big emergency! There’s nobody here!”

Then, everybody else screams, “WE know!!”

The tiger says, “How come nobody’s here?”

“I don’t know,” Rainbow says.  “Maybe because we didn’t hang the fliers, so nobody knows about it. You guys, I’ll have my friends hang these fliers, and we can just wait here for customers.”

Rainbow calls all his friends and asks them, “Can you hang these fliers?”

“Of course, Rainbow!” they say.   

“I’ll help you,” Rainbow says.

“Thank you,” Rainbow’s friends say.

“Come on, let’s go,” says Rainbow.

Rainbow and his friends grab the fliers and start hanging them in the jungle. Once they are done, Rainbow and his friends wait five minutes. Customers are coming in to the party center, so they can have fun.

Charlie and his mom come, and they get a membership.

Rainbow says, “I didn’t get your name,” to the mom.

“My name’s Claire,” the mom says.

“Very nice to meet you, Claire.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Claire says.

“Charlie can go in the kid’s section, if you like.”

Then, Claire asks if Charlie wants to go in the kid’s section.

Charlie says,”Yes, please.”

Rainbow says, “Come on, Charlie, I’ll lead you there.”

Rainbow takes Charlie to the kid’s section, which is next to the grown-up’s bowling alley. Charlie walks in the kid’s center. Later, he says, “I don’t want to go home” when it is time for them to go.

“Here, you guys can have a punch card. If you come here ten times, then you can come one time for free.”

“Thank you, Rainbow!” Charlie says.

“Bye!” Rainbow says.

“Bye!” Claire says.

“Wait!” Rainbow says. “I forgot. Every time a cub leaves, I’m supposed to give them a lollipop. So Charlie, you can choose a lollipop from here.”

“I’ll have this one,” Charlie says.  “Okay,” Rainbow says, “Bye!”


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