Raining Frogs

Once upon a time it started raining frogs. Everyone went inside because they thought frogs were slimy and gross. There was a frog named Slimey. He fell right into a pond. All the other frogs got hurt and didn’t go into the pond. And then, toads started to rain! Then, snakes started to rain! It was going crazy for about three days. Slimey was just watching everybody fall outside of the pond. But then, a shark came up and ate Slimey! He went into the shark’s tummy, but then Slimey farted, and the shark spit him out. The shark spit him out into a tree. He was stuck in the tree until a fox hit the tree, shaking the tree, and Slimey fell into somebody’s house.

He felt scared. He wanted to go back into the sky where he came from. Then, the person in the house saw him and trapped him in a garbage can! He threw Slimey into a hole where a groundhog lived. It was really dark and cold. The groundhog saw Slimey, and Slimey was scared, so he farted on the groundhog. The fart was so bad that the groundhog ran away. Slimey was trapped in the hole because it was too dark to find his way out. He ran into the mother groundhog, and she started to bite him. Slimey farted on her too, and she ran away. Through a tube in the groundhog tunnel, he found his way out, but a snake fell on him and pushed him back into the hole. The snake fell into the hole too. It was still raining animals. All the groundhogs started to bite the snake, and Slimey went back through the tube to get out while the groundhogs were distracted.

Slimey climbed into another person’s house and hid behind a can of tuna. Then, a girl lifted up the tuna can and started to open it with a can opener. The girl saw Slimey, picked him up, and put him in the garbage because she thought he was a toy. The garbage got dumped outside, and a whole bunch of animals fell into the garbage, squishing Slimey. Slimey was in the garbage, with all the other animals, for two hours before the garbage collector came and picked up the garbage and brought it to the dump.

Now, Slimey was in the dump with all the other animals that were on him. He was with foxes, snakes, toads, groundhogs, and gophers. Then, the garbage collector saw all the foxes, snakes, toads, groundhogs, and gophers, and he shot all of them. But Slimey didn’t get shot. He ran and hid in a pile of trash. It smelled like poop because there was donkey poop and dog poop and cat poop in there. So, Slimey got all dirty. Then when the garbage was going to be crushed, Slimey ran away and ran away to the pond.

Then, Slimey found a ramp that led to the sky. The ramp looked really purple, and there were other animals going up it.

Slimey talked to a snake and asked, “Where does this ramp lead to?”

And the snake said, “Back to the sky.”

Slimey felt very excited. So now he went in line to go up the ramp.

But then, a pile of garbage fell onto Slimey. He forgot everything. And he was really stinky, so no one wanted to talk to him anymore. He forgot about the ramp.

A snake was rushing away from a toad, because they were playing tag. But then, the toad bumped into Slimey. And when he bumped into Slimey, Slimey got back his memory. And Slimey went up the ramp and was back where he was from. In Slimey’s home, the houses were made out of stars, and the floors were made out of clouds, and the ceiling was sky blue, and Slimey could see all the planets through a telescope in the animal world.

Slimey saw his parents and all his cousins and aunts and grandparents. They looked happy to see him.

They said, “Where were you.”

And Slimey said, “In another world.”

And then Slimey hugged them, and they lived happily ever after.


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