Rise of the Dabbing Bottles

San Francisco, CA 12:00 pm

Christian, a 13-year-old boy, was bored at home because his phone was dead and his PS4 wasn’t working correctly. He watched all the episodes of South Park at least five times. All he had was a water bottle filled up to the fourth line. He held the water bottle by the bottom and flipped it into the air. It landed on the cap.

“Oh my God!!!” Christian yelled, loud enough for the windows to shatter and fall on some angry construction workers below. But he was still thinking about bottle flipping. He went to Rite Aid and got more water bottles. As he practiced flipping the bottle, Christian thought this could be his job. Groups like How Ridiculous and Dude Perfect were famous, and he wanted to follow their footsteps. He could even compete with them! Little did he know that this new hobby would later turn against him.


Fliptopia, a planet in a galaxy not so far away

Fliptopia was a planet covered in water. Bottles of all kinds lived there. They were clever and smart, skilled in parkour and gymnastics, armed with water guns and knives, and they loved to dab. They moved by hopping around and other types of transportation we have never heard of. The bottles could also float, and eat and drink. They played sports and had skillz like a boss. But, they were vulnerable to fire.

One day, Flippy Sr., the leader of Fliptopia, was looking through a telescope and saw Earth. Instantly, Flippy Sr. wanted to take over Earth. He gathered all the bottles to the water rocket. Since the bottles had high tech stuff, it only took five minutes to get there.


Washington D.C. 3:00 pm

When the bottles landed, they headed toward the Washington Monument. Once they got there, they got in the catapult one at a time and launched themselves at the monument. Each time a bottle hit the monument, they would dab. All those hits made the monument unstable, and it started to collapse. The other bottles started attacking, and squirting people, and everything else. The humans were fleeing and structures were being blown up. Washington D.C. was being flooded and destroyed!

“Mr. Trump, what are we gonna do?” asked the news reporter.

“Gather the army,” Donald Trump told the general.

Soon the sky was filled with planes and choppers. There were no tanks, soldiers, or ATVs on the ground because it was flooded. They searched the whole capital for the bottles, but Flippy Sr. spied on the president and knew they were wanted, so he told the bottles to hide in a deli so they would fit in with the regular bottles and look like them. Then one dark and quiet night, Flippy Sr. and the dabbing bottles snuck onto a plane to San Francisco.


Austin, TX  2:00 am

About two hours after the plane left D.C., the plane flew into bad weather and had to make a stop at Austin, TX. The news about D.C. was spread around the U.S, and everyone was on the lookout. The general sent troops all around America, so the bottles had to be very careful. They stopped at a bar for some Hennessy. Luckily, the bartender had bad eyesight and didn’t know the bottles were there. The bottles tried to get on a different plane, but this time they were caught by the sheriff.

“Sonny, where th’ heck d’ y’all thank y’all ‘re goin?”

The other cowboys tied the bottles to the horses. Luckily, Flippy Sr. cut through the ropes and escaped.

“Yo boss, should we kill ‘em, or hand ‘em over to the fuzz?” asked cowboy Bob.

“Y’all can’t kill a bottle. How ‘bout we drink ‘em?” the sheriff replied.

The thing was, the water inside the bottles was what made them intelligent and athletic, so the water was like fuel and energy for the bottles. So they are normal, empty bottles without water. The cowboys were about to chug, but Flippy Sr. appeared, behind the cowboys, with the water rocket, and threatened to blast the cowboys if they didn’t let all the bottles go. The bottles tied the cowboys up and left with their horses.

“You-mmph!” The bottles led the horses to the water rocket and then went to California. It only took them thirty seconds to get there.


San Francisco, CA 12:00 pm

Christian walked to ELA with his friends.

“I hate ELA.“

When he got there, everyone was already working on the “Do Now.”

“You’re 10 minutes late to class, boys,” said Mr. Pittard.

Everybody hated him because he made class hard and boring. He made the 8th graders write a three  page essay every week and gave so much HW, even on break. Once, he made the 8th graders read 500 pages of The Biographies of the 45 Presidents, a 2000 page book the 8th graders were reading in ELA. When someone was the first to finish the classwork, he just gave them another essay.

If you didn’t finish the classwork, you stayed in after-school detention from 3:00-6:30 P.M. He also asked the principal to have an extra period for ELA instead of PE, because he thought one hour was too short. So now, ELA was two hours of prison. But today, Christian brought his drone to school, and during homeroom (thank god Christian and his friends weren’t in the ELA homeroom with Mr. Pittard), the drone flew to Mr. Pittard’s office and took a video of him watching Deadpool and playing Black Ops 3 and NBA 2K17 with a milkshake and pizza, and a poster that had a picture of the whole school with a big sticker that said R.I.P. on top.

Christian first posted the video on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and it went viral. So many people retweeted and replied to the video with comments that violated, roasted, and put down Mr. Pittard. Then Christian showed the video to the principal and he said he would fire Mr. Pittard after the day ended.

“That’s detention for you boys.”

“I didn’t do nothin’!” Christian and his friends angrily sat at their table.

Later during class, Christian asked, “Can I go to the bathroom?“

“Can you?” replied Mr. Pittard.

“I dunno. Can you get a full time job? You got fired for watching Deadpool and playing Black Ops 3.    

You’re terrible at Call of Duty. You can’t even beat the first level.”

“Ooouuu!” shouted the rest of the class. Mr. Pittard’s face grew red, but then the bell rang.

Aaaaahhhh! When they got outside, everyone was screaming and running all over the place. The bottles were attacking outside!               

Christian didn’t know what to do. He ran home and got some weapons. He got his Nerf Terra scout, RC Car, Drone, and BB and Nerf Guns for his friends. He put on a bandana, snowpants, ski goggles and gloves, a coat, a camo winter hat (it was Friday, December 23rd and it was already snowing), and a leaf blower with some matches. Now he looked like a terrorist. He got all the stuff for him and his friends. He met them at his school and started attacking the bottles.

The bottles were blowing up and water was everywhere! Luckily, Christian brought big buckets and put them under the bottles, but some water didn’t land in the buckets. It seemed like every time a bottle was shot, more kept coming. Christian and his friends couldn’t hold them off much longer. To make matters worse, his BB Gun was jammed, and his friends barely had any ammunition. They had to surrender. Christian looked around for the nearest hiding spot, but then the bottles were closing in. The last thing he saw was bottles inches away from him. Then everything went black.



When Christian woke up, he didn’t know where he was. He tried to speak, but his mouth wouldn’t move. Neither would the rest of his body. All around him he saw bottles and water. It reminded him of an execution. But, he didn’t know he was right. He was tied tight to the ground and tall gates blocked his exit. Security cameras and bottles, with weapons, were watching his every move. One of them came to him with his whole army. It was Flippy Sr.!

“Bring out the torturer.”

Seconds later, several bottles came back with a dangerous obstacle course. It had swinging blades, axes, daggers, arrows, and every other sharp weapon that kills.

“If you don’t want to die the hard way, you will tell us how to take over Earth, and we will give you anything you want for the rest of your life,” proposed Flippy Sr.

“What about my friends and family, and everyone and everything I know and love?”

“They will not be spared. Only you. We’ll come back in ten minutes. If you haven’t decided then, you will die.”

Luckily for him, Christian had the leaf blower attached to his back and matches in his pocket. But that was his only weapon. He scraped the match across the matchbox and attached the flaming match to the leafblower. By now it was getting dark. All the guards were going to their houses for some sleep. Most of them left their weapons behind. Christian grabbed some and hid in some bushes. When it was all clear, he snuck into       Flippy Sr.’s headquarters. He overheard talking.

“It doesn’t make sense. I sent you to look for that kid ten minutes ago! And you come back with nothing?! Get out of here and gather everyone to look for him!”

Then Christian heard two  guards coming downstairs. He went to the elevator. The doors closed just as the guards reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Phew! Made it. Now what?”

The doors opened to Flippy Sr.’s office. The doors locked behind him.

“I’ve been expecting you, kid,” Flippy Sr. said with an evil grin.

Christian was doomed. Flippy Sr. had an AK-47 in his hands. On the walls were rocket launchers, snipers, uzis, machine guns, shotguns, revolvers, flamethrowers, M9s, M16s, and other guns. Jetpacks, traps, lasers, magazines (the ones you put in machine guns), detonators, and bombs were all over the place. One false move, and Christian would die instantly.

“What did you want me for, your honor?” Christian asked.

“This is the final battle. Your death is coming soon.”

Flippy Sr. loaded his AK-47 and pulled the trigger.

“Ugh!” Christian faked it and dropped to the ground.

“I killed him!” Flippy Sr. said as he walked out of the room.

Then Christian got up and got the flamethrower and started burning up the whole place. “Nooooooooooooo!” Flippy Sr. said. “You haven’t seen the last of me!” Then he disappeared in mid-air.

“You haven’t seen the last of me.”


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