Rumble in the Jungle

There was a person in the deep dark woods, and no one had ever seen him. He used to live on the planet Mars, but he had left five years before. His name was Rumble. He had four of everything: four ears, four arms, four legs, four heads. On each head, he had two eyes. He had six hands. He had four houses. He even had four pencils. Rumble wanted the magic cupcake more than anything. It was supposed to be very yummy, and it was supposed to make you see everything and hear everything.

Five years ago, there were space astronauts that came to Mars. They had the magic cupcake. Rumble had heard about the magic cupcake from a messenger, but no one had ever seen it. But then, one day, he saw the astronauts with the cupcake on Mars. It was rainbow colored and looked really good. But, when he tried to grab it from them, they went back to Earth. So, he got his spaceship and went to Earth. But on Earth, he accidentally crashed in the woods. And now, he lived there.

One day, Rumble decided he wanted to go back to Mars to get the cupcake. But also, he wanted to destroy Mars to get bricks so he could build with them. Mars was made of bricks. He got the bricks from Mars. He had a special power — he knew where the astronauts were. He wore booboo bands that made him have every special power.

He built a path to the astronauts with bricks. They were yellow so he wouldn’t get confused. The brick path took him to the thousand knights. He beat 100 knights, then 200, then 300, then 400, then 500, then 600, then 700, then 800, then 900, then 950, then 960, the 970, then 980, then 990, then 991, then 993, then 996, then 999, then the king of the knights.

Then, Rumble almost got hit by a knife when a ninja hit the king with a sword, so he stepped back because he would have gotten hit with the sword. The ninjas just appeared out of nowhere.

Rumble said, “Thank you.”

But then the ninja tried to hit him with the sword. Just in time, he ducked under the sword.  

“You meany!” cried Rumble.

“I give up,” said the ninja, and he walked away.

Rumble went on another path of bricks. For some reason, he met the ninja again.

“Hi,” said Rumble.  

For some reason, the ninja said hi back. Somehow, they became friends and they went on the path together. Then, they went to the secret tunnel, but one of Rumble’s arms fell off! He didn’t have to care because it would grow back again. Sooner or later there was a split in the tunnel. There were two ways, but it was so dark that they couldn’t see. Good thing that Rumble brought a flashlight so they could see what the sign said!

The left said dead skeletons and the right said pokey leaves. Rumble remembered that he had to go to the pokey leaves to get the cupcake. So, they went that way, but they saw dead skeletons. Then, Rumble noticed a big monster. He looked like a skeleton but alive. So Rumble and the ninja tried to run to an open door at the end of the tunnel. The ninja made it, but Rumble was so slow. He couldn’t come out through the door because then the worst thing in the world happened. I’m not going to tell you what it was.

Fine, I’m going to tell you. THE DOOR CLOSED!!! Rumble was so scared. Rumble kicked the door as hard as he could, but it didn’t budge. Then, he kicked even harder. Then, he kicked it so hard that his face turned red, and then the door opened with a crack! The door magically opened. But it wasn’t Rumble who opened it, it was ninja.

“Thank you!” Rumble said. Then, he realized something. “I think I know who switched the signs! It was the monster!”

  When the monster heard them say its name, he stood up and ran after them. They ran like the wind back to the way that said dead skeletons, because they knew it was the opposite. Even though they got hurt a little, it was at least better than being eaten by a big monster. Then, they finally got out of  the dangerous tunnel and started to go to the mean king.

They saw the mean king and heard him because he was yelling so loud. So they snuck up on him. Rumble was shaking with fear when a knight found them. The knight grabbed Rumble and Ninja and took them to the dungeon. Good thing that Rumble had a mini-gun that could shoot arms. So, he shot the mini-gun at the person who had the key. He got the key to the dungeon. And then, they opened the dungeon. They opened all of the dungeons and let everything out. There was another ninja, so the ninja hugged the other ninja. They went to the other side of the castle and opened the dungeons on the other side. In the middle was a lava pit.

Once the guards saw them, they said, “Come over here, you! Hey, you!” They tried to get more ninjas out, but they were so close to the guards that they just ran.

But, there were guards on the other side! So, they had to push them from behind. Rumble grabbed one of the guards and threw him at one of the other guards, so both of them fell down.

“Yes!!” Rumble screamed.

There were two guards on one side and two on the other side. Ninja grabbed one of the guards and threw him on the other guard. And then, they noticed that two guards were in the corner, so the guards grabbed Rumble and Ninja, both of them. Then, Rumble threw the keys at the other ninja in the dungeon, opened all the cages, and then he made a whole team. The guards chased after Rumble and the ninja and the two guards that got them. But then, they defeated the two guards because the guards were so tired from trying to catch all of them. When one of the ninjas was tired, he could take a rest. And then, he had to go back to running. There were 100 ninjas now.

“Where should we go,” asked a ninja.

“Oh yeah, my sticks,” Rumble remembered.

“Oh yeah, I have my sausage for a snack ‘cause we are going to be here for hours and hours and I might get hungry,” said the second ninja.

“How could you use a sausage to find a cupcake?” asked Rumble.

“You just brought sticks and I don’t think you can use them.”

“Oh yeah! Watch this. Let’s go mega sticks! I felt it! This way, let’s go!”

“Is he feeling okay?”

Then another ninja said, “I don’t know.”  They were worried Rumble was going crazy. They just followed Rumble cause they didn’t want to be separated.

“So, are you still 100% sure it’s this way?” asked a ninja.

“I keep telling you guys I got this,” Rumble said. “I think I see an astronaut!”

They ran to the astronaut because there was one astronaut and one hundred ninjas.

They all said at the same time, “Where is the magic cupcake?”

He didn’t answer for a while. “In a secret room,” he finally said.

“Nobody has ever been inside except the guards.”

“I’m going in,” said Rumble.

“I don’t- ” the astronaut said.

Rumble didn’t hear his full sentence because Rumble already left. He teleported to the secret room where the cupcake was. The ninjas stayed with the astronaut and distracted him. There were fences around the cupcake, so he teleported himself over the 50-foot fence. When he saw the cupcake, he felt double happy! It was the biggest cupcake in the world, and it was rainbow. It had rainbow icing and rainbow icing. When he grabbed it, he noticed on his watch that he didn’t have any more booboo bands to walk or run. Because they gave him every power, Booboo bands made him stronger. Each booboo band had a different power, and he originally had ten. But now he had none!

He couldn’t teleport anymore! He started yelling for help. The astronaut guards heard the yell and tried to look through the hole of the fence.

“How did he get inside there?” the guards wondered out loud. As the guards were looking through the fence, the ninjas sneakily came behind them and poked them with the swords. Since the ninjas knew how to jump and climb, they climbed and jumped to the top of the fence and made a chain with their hands to the top, so someone was able to go to the other side but still hold on.

Rumble was still stuck in the middle with the cupcake, but he couldn’t see the ninjas coming to get him because he was out of booboo bands. Without them, he was so tired that he just fell asleep. Fifty of the ninjas came inside to get him. They made a chain with their hands over the fence and brought him up and over the fence with the cupcake in his hands. On their way out, they passed an astronaut guard. The guard gasped.

“How did you do that?” the guard exclaimed.

The ninjas ignored him and kept walking. They brought Rumble to his house back in the forest and put more booboo bands on him. All one hundred ninjas shared the cupcake with Rumble. It was delicious!




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