Ruth to the Rescue

Chapter One: The Perfect Life

“Children, time for breakfast!” Papa shouted.

Ruth jumped out of bed, threw on her clothes, and ran downstairs. It was her birthday, so Mama told the best stories.

As Ruth sat down, she thought life never would be better. But soon her life was about to change… very soon.

Chapter Two: The Evil Army

Dogs barked. Wolves howled. Ruth knew something was not right. She tiptoed downstairs and peeked out. She gasped. It was Mama’s story come to life. She remembered every word. But she never thought that it was true. The evil army was here next to her house, and she could do nothing about it. Or maybe she could.

Chapter Three: The Chase

Ruth grabbed food, water, and a bike. She also left a note. She started pedaling. Soon she was so close to the army that she could smell them. They reeked like dead bodies. She chased them for a month until finally she ran out of food, not to mention water. Eventually, they got to the hideout. Ruth went as fast as she could, but she was too late. Her mom was dead, and the army were well on their way. She had to find the weapons.

Chapter Four: The Boy

Ruth saw a small boy and said, “The army is coming, the army is coming!’’ But the real army sent a fake army to distract them. She quickly learned that his name was Deano. “Goodbye, Deano. My name is Ruth,” she said.

He finally found the words to say, “Goodbye, Ruth.’’

And she ran to find the first weapon mentioned in her mother’s story.

Chapter Five: The First Weapon

After three tiring days, she came to the cave entrance and went in, hoping that the army had not come yet. She heard the army behind her. She saw the weapon, which was glowing, and she jumped up, grabbed it, and hid. The army’s leader walked right past her. So, Ruth sort of ran and tiptoed to the entrance, hiding when he looked her way. Suddenly, he saw her and pounced. She remembered his weakness: his neck. She snapped his neck, and he howled. She ran out, snapping necks as she was going. When she was safe, she saw that the weapon was a book, and she knew that it was the real weapon.

Chapter Six: The Second Weapon

Ruth began to tremble; she knew that the army would be after her life for killing their leader. But she knew she had to find weapon number two. She set out for the west to find the weapon — for the second weapon was always in the west in her mother’s story. Ruth made a compass to find the west. Finally, finally she found the desert. She also found the fake rock and crawled through it, grabbed the weapon, and ran out. The second weapon was also a book. She nearly cried with joy.

Chapter Seven: The Third Weapon

Ruth saw the army coming, and so she hid and hoped they wouldn’t notice. But they did, and the new leader came and started to fight her. The new leader was the son of the man Ruth had killed, and he fought even more than his father had. Ruth fought back and finally won. Ruth ran to New York City, to the Empire State Building, and started running as fast as she could to the 600th floor where her mother’s story told her the third book would be hidden. She hid and waited and waited, waiting for the right moment to strike because if someone caught her they would kill her. Finally, she grabbed the book from the pool and then tried to blend in, but she looked suspicious.

Chapter Eight: The Fourth Weapon

Next, Ruth needed to travel to Israel where she knew the fourth book would be hidden. After many tiring days, Ruth reached Israel and went directly to the Kotel to pray and climb. She put her own paper in the wall, with her own note. She started the long climb up and up and up. Finally, she reached the top of the Kotel. Israel was so beautiful from there. She took the book and jumped down. The last place where the weapon was the most dangerous, so she crawled away.

Chapter Nine: The Fifth Weapon

Ruth crawled to a book burning place and winced. She took the book and ran right into the Demon King!

“Your time has come,” he hissed.

“Cut it out,” her mom said. “She did well, and you have lost. Ruth, fight! We will help.” Seeing Ruth’s puzzled looks, she said, “I pretended to die, so you would win, and you have done so well — ”

Suddenly, the Demon King started fighting. Her friends and family fought better, and soon he was dead. Ruth gathered the books together, and they multiplied, so they made a library.

The End.

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