Sean and Alex


Part One: Atlantis

Once there was a boy named Sean, and his friend named Alex loved to adventure. When they were teenagers, their parents told them to look for a different world without them, to be independent. They just graduated high school and came home from graduation when their parents said, “Good job, kids. Get out of the house. Be independent. Go explore.”

And then they went home and they started packing. They didn’t pack too much. They just packed as much as their blue and green backpack could hold. They packed diving stuff, food, and money. Their goal was to discover Atlantis. At first, they look in the marine area, wearing flippers and goggles and scuba tanks. It looked like water, green and blue water with a lot of sea animals, like blue, red, orange, and green fish.

They went on a boat to the sea to look for new worlds like Atlantis. Then, they jumped off the boat and went scuba-diving. They went deeper and deeper until they saw a squid. It looked like a black monster with eight tentacles and chased them until they went into a little hole where the squid couldn’t get in. And then one of them took the goggles off and said, “Hey, why isn’t there water in here?” Then, the other one took off the goggles, and they went exploring.

They found a boot, a sailing cap, and bones. Then, they started walking around, but it was a dead-end because there was a large shipwreck. They jumped on the ship and looked around to see if they could find anything, but there was nothing to be found. But then, they saw something glowing in the ship. Then, they went under to look. Then, they saw something glowing in a cap.  

They went in that room, and then Alex touched it, and a voice said, “Don’t touch it! Get out of here!” And then, bones came out of the ground. And the bones arranged into human forms. The bone people had swords, but then Alex and Sean started running to the other end to get out. While they were running, they put on their goggles, but then they went out into the water, the deep sea.

Again, they bumped into something bad. They saw a shark! Then, they took out swords they got from the skeletons. The skeletons were mad about that. Then, the shark saw them, so Alex and Sean took their swords out and stabbed the shark. The shark wailed and backed off, and left. Then, Alex and Sean wanted to go deeper until they saw a city. And a cobblestone sign said, Welcome to Atlantis! Then, they took out cameras and started taking pictures. Then, they went back up to the boat and went home to tell their parents about Atlantis.


Part Two: A Different Solar System

Alex and Sean asked their parents if they could go to space. The parents said yes. Then, Alex and Sean went to the space station. They took a bus there and a blue, white, and green rocket ship made by NASA. They felt really happy in the rocket ship, and the rocket said, “Five… Four… Three… Two… One… BLAST OFF!”

Then, they went into space. When they got into space, they put on space suits, and the space suits gave them air to go outside. Then, they went outside, and they went on Mars. Mars was cold and orange, and there were a lot of mountains. And he saw some aliens with some red spots. Then, they were hungry, and they wanted some restaurants to eat at. Then, they saw one named The Mars Hotel. Then, they went in. It looked like a huge place with tons of floors made of marble with carpets. They went to book a room and to order some food. And they ate the food, and it was pretty good, but they didn’t remember what they came there for.

There were a lot of video games there, and they got carried away until Alex said, “Should we leave?”

And Sean said, “Yes. I can’t remember what we came here for.”

Alex said, “Neither can I.”

But then, they left. They left that restaurant. They went back to their spaceship, and they flew off to a different solar system, and one of the planets there was named Candyland. Then, Alex said, “Please! Please! Please! Can we stop there?”

And Sean said, “Yes.”

And then, the auto-driven spaceship landed on Candyland. And then, Alex and Sean climbed out and went to eat some candy. The delicious-looking candy was peppermint and before Alex licked it, Sean smelled some poison in it, so he told Alex not to have it. Alex went back to the spaceship to take the map, and Sean took a walk. Sean went to look at the other candies, to see if they were poisonous. And then Mr. Candy said, “Get out of my land!” Then, Sean ran back to the spaceship and made his spaceship leave, and they left, going back home.


Part Three: Climbing mountains

Alex and Sean asked their parents once again if they could go climb on mountains. Their parents said yes. So they went to Mount Kilimanjaro. It was super tall, taller than the Empire State Building. Then, they started climbing. When it became dark, they were a quarter of the way there. They camped there. The campsite was just like rocks, and they built their own grayish, greenish fabric tent. In the night, they heard squawking. In the morning, they started climbing again. They were so fast, they climbed up and down the mountain until it became dark.

Then, they went to Mount Everest. At Mount Everest, they climbed it halfway. And then they had dinner. They had burgers and steak, and it tasted good. Then, they went to bed in their campsite. In the campsite, they heard a bear, and they came out of their tent in the middle of the night and saw a bear coming into their tent. They got out a knife and stabbed the bear. Then, they started climbing again with a flashlight. And they saw a man, sitting there, and they asked him, “What are you doing there?”

The guy said, “Can you help me climb this mountain?”

Sean said yes. Then, they started climbing. They went to the top. They were shivering because they didn’t have any jackets. The end.


Part Four: Conclusion

Alex and his mom and Sean and his mom talked. Sean and Alex said, “We want to stay at home. We’ve been on so many adventures.”

Sean’s mom said, “Okay, we’ll let you stay at home.”

Sean and Alex said, “Thanks!”


The End!


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