Silent Dance







Setting: Dance studio

SHYLA points for JOYCE to go left and ROSA to go right.

JOYCE and ROSA do so.

SHYLA steps back, shakes her head, and walks over to ROSA.

ROSA looks scared.

SHYLA puts her hands on ROSA’s shoulders and walks her over to JOYCE.

SHYLA puts her hands on JOYCE’s shoulders and walks her over to where ROSA used to be standing.

SHYLA steps back and nods.

JOYCE and ROSA open their mouths, about to break into song.

SHYLA stomps her foot and forms a T with both hands, the Time Out sign.

JOYCE and ROSA close their mouths, looking scared.

SHYLA walks over to the wall to a calendar that has all of the days crossed out until Saturday, May 13.

SHYLA points at a circled date, May 27, that has “8-10-year-old Fairstein Dance Company performance” written on it.

SHYLA measures with her fingers the distance between May 13 and May 27 and looks angrily at JOYCE and ROSA.

JOYCE and ROSA, who have been watching her, nod.

SHYLA motions her hands for JOYCE and ROSA to begin dancing.

JOYCE and ROSA run towards each other and try to leap but fall into a pile on the floor.

SHYLA rolls her eyes and stomps offstage.


The End

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