A Sliver of a Play

Alma Metlitsky, age 11

The Defending Three

Musa Khalil, age 9

Tails Be Lost

Hudzen, age 10

At the Movies with Mrs. Lady and Mrs. Beagle

Romy Rohr Varda, age 10

Death, Love, Magic

Annabel Kleinknecht, age 11


Young Talent, age 11


Anali, age 10

Being a Gumball

Michelle Shi, age 11

Advice of the Century

by Sama Daga, age 11


by Natalia Marquez and Audrey Grueber-Hoang, age 11


by Anderson Chan, age 9

The Library

by Leontios Marios Porter, age 8

Shortys and the Big Race

by Emily V., age 9

One Look is Friendship

by Ronni Colette, age 8

The Situation

by Anonymous, age 11

Tips to Business

by Henry Dahl

The Odd Rock

by Zoe, age 11

Friends Forever

by Charlotte Farrell, age 10

Silent Dance

by Eavan Anderson, age 10

Kyla, Lena, and Debby: The Fight to a New School

by Mbene, age 10

The Room Escape and the Employment

by Kiran Tikoo, age 10

T-Shirt Trouble

by Luca F., age 8


by Ezra Mellor, age 10


Hannah Diker

Humans and Food, Finally Together

Luz Del Alba


Sienna Lee

The Fight

Leila Zilko

Emoji Sisters

Leah Marquardt

E.V.I.L. Chronicles: The Opponent

Benjamin Azencott

The Poison Hotdog

Jacqueline Rose

A Jail Play



Grace Steiner

Lost Kids

By Bina Klein (age 11) and Dahlia Shapiro (age 11)

Creme Brulee

By Niamh Flynn-Niedner, age 9

Odysseus and the Cyclops

By Siena Quinn, age 10

The Road to Fame

by Sofia Vaccaro, age 10

The One Ring

by Santiago Soto, age 11

The Bachelor of Oz

by Sophia Von Kerczek, age 10

Stupid Cow – A Play

by Owen Harris Sade, age 8, and Gabe Schierkolk, age 8

Mystery Characters

by Leyla, age 10

HMS Biggles

by Richard Gimbel, age 10

Gods and Goddesses

by Audrey, age 10

Jack and She-Jack and Shredder

by Wyatt Mitchell, age 8

Roman Play

by Ava McKeever, age 10