Sleeping Beauty (by the Evil Fairy)

Once upon a time, there were a king and a queen. The queen was about to have a daughter, the princess. After a while, they had an ugly, spoiled daughter. They decided to have a christening for the princess, hoping that the fairies could change her. Since they only had six gold plates, they only invited six fairies. Obviously, the court could have easily afforded to buy one more set of golden silverware and plates, for the seventh fairy, but the king and queen were too lazy.

After having a delicious dinner it was time for the princess to receive her gifts. The first fairy gave her beauty, so on the outside, she would be a beautiful maiden, but on the inside, she wouldn’t. Of course, the princess, being as horrible as she was, became super vain.

The second gift was wit. The princess misinterpreted it and became so witty, that she knew everything that was going on and if the maids were following her every order.

The third gift was grace, and it made her so dainty that she couldn’t do anything for herself.

Then she received dance. Being an amazing dancer, she could fool any prince to love her and then break his heart.

Then she got the gift of song. She was like the sirens and drew everyone in.

The last fairy gave her goodness, but she did the spell wrong, so the king and queen’s wish wasn’t fulfilled.

The seventh fairy felt horrible for being left out, but being the good fairy she was, she came to give the princess a gift. Since she more powerful than the sixth fairy, she thought she could do the trick to make the princess good.

When she entered, everyone looked at her in awe. She took long strides toward the crib. It rocked back and forth, lulling the baby to sleep. The princess looked beautiful, with one cute tuft of jet black hair. As she peeked over the crib, the baby opened her gray eyes and slapped the good fairy. Then she grabbed the wand from the fairy’s hand. She gripped the wand viciously and cursed herself. The spell she performed made her prick her finger at the age of 16 and fall asleep for 100 years. Of course, no one ever suspected the princess. They all blamed it on the fairy.

The king and queen were very worried about their daughter because of the curse. They sent their daughter to live with three fairy godmothers until a week after she was 16. They also collected all the spinning wheels in the kingdom and burned them until all that was left were ashes. That way, they destroyed the forest that the seventh fairy had created for them to apologize for bringing the wand and letting the princess get cursed. The poor fairy got so angry that it made her  bitter, angry, sad and lonely, and she became an evil fairy with horns, a scepter, and dark robes.

The young princess grew to be a beautiful girl, though she was the most spoiled brat that had ever existed. One day, she met a young prince riding through the woods. She tried to impress him, but the prince had been there at her christening and knew how spoiled she was. In the end, the princess, now named Briar Rose, was almost able to charm him, but he had to ride off to go hunting. That day, the princess was returned to the castle. She wandered around and explored all but one tower. She left that tower for the next day when her parents had to go to do some royal business.

The princess went up to the top of the tower, her dress draping behind her. Sitting in the circular room, there was a woman with a wooden spinning wheel. She motioned for Rose to try. When Rose tried, she pricked her finger and fell asleep. The whole court fell asleep with her, and when the king and queen entered, they also fell asleep.

You may have heard that the seventh fairy kept the prince away from the princess because she was jealous. Actually, the fairy did not let the prince reach the princess because that way, he didn’t have to suffer the fate of marrying the horrible princess. Sadly, she failed.

Of course, the prince didn’t want marry the princess anyway, so he died of depression, died some other way, or murdered himself. But, I know that you readers wouldn’t like that, so I will just say that “THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.”

(Even though I was hated for the rest of eternity.)


The End


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