Kevin was a nine-year-old soccer player from the USA. His dream was to win the World Cup. Right now, he played on a Little League team called Simply Sports FC. He played striker. He won the State Cup Finals, and he was now in Red Bulls Academy. His best friend, Shane, was also in the Red Bulls Academy. Shane was his strike partner. Shane hung out with him a lot, and they both made the USA U-Thirteen team, and they won under 13 Olympics.

On his 18th birthday, the USA team called him up for the World Cup team.

He screamed, “Best present ever!”

Shane, who also had the same phone, the iPhone X, was called right after that to also be in the World Cup with the USA.

They both went to each other and said, “Guess what just happened?” at the same time.

And both said at the same time, “I’m in the World Cup for USA!”

They said, “That’s what I was gonna say!”

Once they got to training, meeting all these famous players, like Pulisic and Tim Howard, would be hard. But once the real training started, they felt fine. They had all the skills to match the other players. When it came to shooting drills, the only person who could get the ball past Tim Howard was Pulisic. Their best achievement was scoring at least one goal on Howard.

The team was so good that they qualified for the World Cup! They had to play Messi, the great Ronaldo, Pogba, Griezmann, and David de Gea. So far, Kevin and Shane were doing well. They had three goals, and they were feeling great. USA was undefeated because of the “Stonewall,” Tim Howard. When they made it to the semi-finals, their match against Germany would be really hard because they would play against the “Keeper Sweeper,” Manuel Neuer. But they managed to score a few goals and win 3-1. When they made it to the finals, they had to play the hardest opponent, England, and they won. The score was 2-2 USA. Kevin scored once, and Shane did too. It was a really close match. When Kane scored two for England, the US team got nervous.

When it was overtime, both teams scored one goal, Kevin for USA and Sterling scored for England. It went all the way to penalties, and it was down to Kevin to make the winning kick for the USA. He was feeling so nervous. He made his run up short and smashed the ball into the top right corner of the goal. England’s goalie dove to the bottom left. He was so happy that they had won the World Cup finals. When he scored, he screamed, “Yes!” He did it. He finally won the World Cup.



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