Spank Union

Once upon a time there lived a tennager named Lenwood Heath. He was a big troublemaker. He burned his neighbor’s trash can and knocked down trash cans while he skateboarded. His parents got so sick of what he did so they sent him to the Spank Union Military Academy.

Lenwood really hated to go to a military academy but his dad said, “It will get  you into good shape and change your behavior!” So Lenwood started to pack his bags  but  he didn’t pack the right things. This is what he packed: five bottles of grape soda, 99 candy bars, his computer, iPhone, and iPad.


“Yeah Dad?”

“You packed the wrong stuff. What will the Spank Union say!?”                        Imagine…

“Private Lenwood!”

“Yes sir.”

“I am going to kick you out of Spank Union.”



So later his dad emptied everything in Lenwood’s bag and gave him his military uniform and he boarded the bus and went to the military academy.

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