Speed Runner

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Arnold. Arnold loved dogs. He wanted to be one when he died, so when he realized doctors were testing dogs, he went to one of the labs. When he was at the lab, he found all of the shots, but he didn’t know what the shots did so he grabbed random shots and injected them into himself and passed out.

When he woke up, he could see everything in slow motion and he could run very fast. So he wanted to use his powers to help people and to keep his city clean, but there was someone always standing in his way.

Doctor Lance Booper Dooper made everyone in the world sick, so Arnold had to stop him. They were throwing left and rights and Arnold threw Doc through four walls by lifting him and spinning him around, and when he let go he was already at the end of the apartment, yet they were on the rooftop so all Arnold had to do was tap Doc and he would fall from the four story building to his death.

After that, he destroyed the Slickinator with c4 and everyone came out of their houses to see what was different about the air. Arnold was running threw the street yelling, “You’re safe everyone, Arnold has saved the day.”                                                          

P.S. That’s how he got the name Flash.    

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