Spat’s Big Adventure

Once upon a time, there lived a spatula named Spat. She lived in a fridge because her parents were a head of lettuce and a tomato. She felt like she did not belong in the fridge. She was not fed metal or other things a spatula would eat. She was fed vegetables or fruit.

Spat wanted to be used to make a cake, but before that ever happened, she had to get past the meat warriors. The meat warriors were all different types of meat, like pig, steak, and filet mignon. Something about Spat was telling her that she could never get out of the refrigerator, but she knew that she could, and she was not afraid of the meat warriors.

So one day, she had a plan to escape during the nighttime. She made a fake clone of herself so she could get out of the fridge. She made a fake by getting a cookie for the head with two pieces of black licorice, lettuce for the skirt, and a popsicle stick for the body. The clone was ready, so she went to sleep.

In the morning, she put the clone on the bottom of the fridge so the clone would draw attention and she could get out of the fridge.

Finally, she got out of the fridge onto the counter to be baked with, but she was not going to be baked with. She was going to be cooked with.

“Now I know why Daddy Lettuce and Mommy Tomato would not let me go out. There are so many ways to get hurt,” she said.

She thought it would be the same as in the refrigerator, but not at all. She saw a garlic being squeezed. She thought that it was a garlic squeezer and didn’t like the smell.

“OMG, the garlic is being killed, and ummm, did I see that garic in the fridge the other day?” she said. Spat thought this was terrible, so she hid from the cook.

The next day was not much different, so at the end of the day, she found a schedule for baking. She read that next week, on Sunday at nine o’clock in the morning, the chef would come to bake a cake. So she stayed out all night and all day for a week.

The day finally came, the day she would be used to make a cake. She was so excited that she would be used to bake a cake. She was really excited. When she was being used to bake the cake, she got really sticky, so sticky that it was peeling her skirt. Metal color was coming off. It was the worst thing. She checked the chart to see if it was cake day because she had never been used to make a cake before and didn’t think it would be so sticky.

So this was supposed to be a cake, but then she realized that the bowl the chef used to make chicken was clean. All of the food was off, and then she saw the sink and realized that there was nothing to worry about. At the end of the day, her wish was granted. Everything came off just fine, and Spat lived happily ever after out of the fridge. The End!


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