Sprinkles the Donut

Once there lived a donut, and her name was Sprinkles. She had chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles.

Sprinkles really wanted to take a bite out of a muffin, but they were far away from where she was. She tried to roll, but the glass was blocking her. She was in a bakery. She was also next to one mean cupcake who did not let her move. The cupcake was too busy teasing her about being a donut and saying that they were better than her. She sometimes cried, but she learned to ignore them. Sometimes she wished she was a cupcake.

And then someone picked her up and put her in a brown bag. She was happy that she was leaving the cupcakes. But she was wondering where she was going. Sprinkles was a bit nervous but happy at the same time. Then she thought that she was moving for a long time. She was not happy anymore—she was scared.

Sprinkles didn’t know where she was going. Until she got put on a plate. She looked around and saw that she wasn’t in the bakery anymore. She didn’t recognize this place at all… until she realized that someone was making coffee. She didn’t know what they were doing. So she started rolling off the table, and then she saw a dog under the table. It looked like it was a bulldog. She froze. The bulldog chased her. The guy looked at Sprinkles and picked her up and… put her in the trash can. Ahh!

Sprinkles landed in a big pile of brown stuff. She sniffed it to see if it was a muffin. It smelled terrible. She didn’t know what it was… until she remembered that she had poked a hole in the brown bag before she was on the plate and saw the bulldog pooping. She screamed.

Sprinkles went to the opposite side of the trash can. She tried to climb out. She failed the first time, but after she tried a few more times, she did it. She pushed on the lid, and it worked! Sprinkles got out of the trash can so she hopped upstairs, making sure the bulldog didn’t see her or smell her to go take a shower.

She was thinking that the bulldog would find her any minute now, but no one came in the bathroom. When she saw the sink dripping, she went on the toilet, on the toilet paper, and then hopped on the sink. And she took her little shower. 

After she took a shower, she went to the edge of the sink and rolled to the other edge of the sink and jumped through the nearest window. She wouldn’t dream of living with a bulldog! She was terrified of it! She landed on a soft pile of grass. Then she saw the Bulldog sitting behind the back door screen—she didn’t care because he couldn’t get out.

“Do you want to go outside, Pumpkin?” someone said.

She quickly hid in a bush. The screen door opened and… Pumpkin ran outside and started chasing a butterfly. It was beautiful—it was purple with black swirls. She wanted the Bulldog to leave because she wanted to go back to the bakery and find the muffin. The dog stopped chasing the butterfly and started sniffing the floor. Sprinkles suddenly felt scared. When the dog came to the bush, she got very nervous too. So she backed up. The dog went around the bush and saw a little, tiny brown spot, and he went closer and saw Sprinkles. 

Sprinkles ran out of the bush and started going to the bakery. The person in the house started chasing after Pumpkin and brought him back to the house. She slowed down her pace. She didn’t know where she was going, though. So she tried to retrace her steps. When she got back to the house, she remembered the way to the bakery. So she went to the bakery. She had a problem when she reached the bakery. The door said, “Closed.” When she tried to open the door, it was locked. So she found a tree and climbed it. It was a small tree, so she jumped into one of the bakery’s windows. She landed where she remembered she was made. She thought it must be the kitchen. She went out the door and looked for the muffin. The muffin was sleeping, so she was very quiet so that the muffin wouldn’t wake up and get mad at her. She was about to take a big bite out of the muffin when the muffin woke up and looked at her. 

The muffin asked, “What are you doing?”

So she told the muffin the truth. The muffin wasn’t very upset, but the muffin said not to do it again. So Sprinkles said okay. Sprinkles could see that they were starting to make friends. She liked the muffin very much, so she asked if they could be friends. The muffin said yes, and she was very happy because now she really liked the muffin. The muffin asked if she could go back to sleep, and Sprinkles said yes because she didn’t want to lose a friend. She was very tired, so she fell asleep too. In the morning, she saw the bulldog and the man. The muffin was still sleeping, but she hid behind the muffin. The man was picking cupcakes next to him, and Sprinkles was glad that he didn’t like the cupcake because she knew what would happen to the cupcake. The muffin finally woke up, and he said that he should’ve introduced himself, so he said his name was Blueberry because he was a blueberry muffin. Sprinkles said that her name was Sprinkles. Now she realized that she didn’t want to eat a muffin but that she wanted to make friends with a muffin.

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