Star, My Doll

Star is nice.

She looks like and feels like rose petals.  

She makes me feel home.

When I go to sleep I go to sleep

with my little Star

that cuddles me tight with love and joy.  

Sometimes I feel like I’m alone and I remember

she is there.

You might think this is crazy but

I think Star is my Sister and she is my





If people say she looks crazy

I don’t care,

I love her because of the way she is.


If I know I’m in danger

I run back to her

and she makes me calm.

If you think she’s just a doll

you should get to know her.


You’ll see, she feels like a human.

3 thoughts on “Star, My Doll”

  1. My little cousin has that “it” factor and I can’t wait to see her blossom. It’s working in your favor.

    Love you,

    Cousin Keitcha

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