Sugar on Her Quest

Once a upon a time, there was a giant named Sugar. She lived on top of the clouds. Sugar had very curly hair. She was 53 years old. Her favorite color was dark blue. Her whole life she had been looking for a dark blue sandal. The sandal was special because her great-grandmother wore it everywhere. Her great-grandmother lived far, far, far away in a different part of the sky.

One day, she decided to look for it. So she went into her closet and pulled out the box that her great-grandmother left for her, and then she found the map. She also found a note that said, “Go down to Earth, and make a left, and you will find the guy who sells the sandals.” Then, she packed her bag with something to trade with the guy who was going to give her the sandal. She also packed food just in case.

Just then, a wind blew past. Then the map flew away! She also was only a quarter of the way down the ladder! She felt stuck. She was thinking about the dark blue sandals and missed wearing them.

Then she saw bluebirds. Sugar knew how to speak bird language.

She asked the birds, “Can you help me?”

The birds said, [tweet translation] “Yes, do you have any food?”

“Yes I do.”

Sugar gave them the food. So they went on. They helped her get down from the ladder. Sugar said bye and thank you to the birds, and they flew away.

She looked around and saw a bunch of small people. Even though she was born on Earth many years ago, she was confused. All of a sudden, she shrunk. She felt like one of her toy dolls. Sugar knew that she was smaller because even though she was a giant who lived on the clouds, now she was on Earth. So now, she started to look for the sandals salesman. Then she saw the man who sold them to the left of the ladder. She went up to him.

She asked him, “Can I have those sandals?” 

The man said, “Yes, do you have something to trade?”

“Yes, I have a pair of white shoes that make you fly.”

The man said, “I’ll take them.”

Sugar gave the man shoes, and she felt upset because she was going to use those shoes to fly back up to the clouds. The man gave Sugar the sandals, and she put them on, and she started to fly. She thought, Wow! I’m flying! These are even better than my rocket shoes!

Sugar got back to her home in the clouds happy and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

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