Blobby’s Problem

“Pack your stuff, Blobby! We’re going soon,” says Blobby’s mom, Blobba.

His sister, Blooba, says, “I’m finished packing!”

“I’ll be there in just a sec!” says Blobby.

He’s bringing clothes and a suit that can fly, and if he falls out of the thing that goes, he can fly. He’s feeling like he doesn’t want to go, and that’s why he isn’t finished packing and everybody is. He brings the stuff downstairs, and he sees all the seals waiting in the car for him. There is his father, Blapa, his grandpa, Bloopa, and his grandma named Blocka. And he sees his brother, and his name is Bloobo. They’re in a limousine, but it’s called Bloopausine. 

As they drive, they play slug bug. So first, Blobby sees a bug and picks Blooba. He hits Blooba. The first person to find the bug does it. Blooba starts looking, and then everyone does. Then, Blooba finds a bug and hits Blobby, and then Blobby’s mad at Blooba.

He says, “You hit me harder than I hit you!”

And then Blooba and Blobby keep on hitting each other until the car stops at the Cliff of Doom. Then they all go out, but they need a flying car! Luckily their Bloopausine has a thing where it drops the wheels and it brings up jets. So they fly their Bloopausine off the cliff, the Cliff of Doom, and it falls through the Hole of Doom and it goes through a pathway, the Pathway of Doom. Then it falls through another hole, and it crashes at a store, but the Bloopausine starts failing, so they have to walk with flashlights. 

Blooba says, “Where are we?”

Blobba says, “The pathway to the forbidden world.”

Bloopa says, “How long will this be?”

Blapa says, “It will take about a blobuy year.”

The floor starts rumbling, and then this huge tentacle comes out of the floor, and it grabs everybody except Blobby. And then Blobby is scared, so he tries to get back on Bloopausine and fly back out of the Cliff of Doom. When he flies out of the Cliff of the Doom, the Bloopausine is way too fast, and it goes all the way around to the North Pole. That is where he builds his house. 

Twenty years later… 

Blobby wants to eat his stomach.

Blobby is mad at himself because he can’t find the forbidden world. Blobby goes to a store in Tennessee with lots of sweets, but he forgets his wallet, so he has to go way back to the North Pole to get his wallet but has to get back before all the sweets run out at the store. He’s blobbing by, bouncing up and down on his belly. He finds the Tennessee store, but they ran out of everything, so he goes to another galaxy named Blobby-Bloo-Bloo.

He takes this magical train that can transport him to the other galaxy. The train looks like a normal subway 2 train, but it has sparkles around it.

It says, “Blobby-Bloo-Bloo Express.”

It goes 20 million miles per hour. Blobby is shaking really fast, and then it stops at a sudden point, and it booms him to the back of the train. That’s when he gets there.

Blobby walks off the train, and there are magical stairs going down to North Blobbie. He’s in Blobby-Bloo-Bloo, and instead of countries, there are bobbies. Bobbies are like countries, but they’re a different name.

Blobby goes to a bobbie, and this bobbie is named North Bobbie, and he goes to this place to find more sweets. North Bobbie has Bobbie Chocolate, Bobbie Popsicles, and a famous sweet called Blobbies Blue. Blobby goes to find it because it’s the most unhealthy, so it can make his stomach much bigger and faster. It’s made of seal stomach and dots of chocolate and vanilla and milkshake poured in and made of dough. He finds it, but it’s 22 billion dollars! Right now he has 22 million, and he needs 100 times more money than he has now to get that. So he tries to find a job in North Bobbie. He gets a job bloobing, which is like cleaning but it’s called bloobing on North Bobbie. He’s cleaning a window in a top house with his paw, but he has a problem. For every year he gets $10,999, at the end of the year he has $22,010,999, but it’s still not enough. So he has a solution of running for president! Then he realizes that in this country there are already two other seals running for president. So he tries to protest that there can be three seals running for president, and he wins the protest with other seals. Blobby gives a speech.

He says, “Blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah blah bloo blah blah blah blah.” I will make so many sweets in North Blobby that everybody will be happy!

They all clap for him and cheer!

Then, the professional Blobbie that used to be president counts up all the votes that the other seals did and says, “Blobby wins!”

Then, Blobby throws the microphone up in the air like how you would throw your hat up in the air if you won something. He gets elected! He makes lots and lots of sweets and gets lots and lots of money! One year passes with him as president, and he gets lots of money, and now he has a really good life. He realizes he doesn’t want to eat his stomach anymore because he’s president of this galaxy, and his life is so good, and he doesn’t want to die anymore. 

So, maybe Blobby thinks he doesn’t have to always eat his stomach. Instead he thinks he could just eat his hand!

So Bloby is in the White House with his bandage around his hand. And he is in bed. The blood is dripping out of his bandage, and he decides to go to the hospital. So, he goes to the hospital, and they say that he should have another bandage to have protection over his hand. So, they give him another bandage to put around his hand, and they give him an extra one in case the blood comes dripping again. That night, it isn’t dripping, so that is good. During the day, he goes to see all of his money in the huge room that all of his money is in. When he opens the door, the money is gone. He blobs up and down in disapointment, and then he realizes he put all of his money in the bank. So, he blobs over to the bank. So, he goes to the bank, and one person is very, very, very mean and shoots Blobby. He is lying on the ground.

Blobby wakes up in the hospital. He finds himself wrapped all in bandages, and he looks like a mummy.

He asks the doctor, “When will I be back at the White House?”

“Never for the rest of your life,” he says.

And he says, “Do I have to pay for this?”

They say, “Yes, you have to pay two million dollars for this.”

But then, he realizes he forgot where all his money is and that somebody stole it. And payment is due on Monday. He has two days. So, he races out of the hospital before anybody can catch him. With all bandages around, he can’t blob anymore, so he’s just rolling around the street. He thinks he should go to the jail to see about the guy who shot him to figure out where his money is.

So, he’s at the jail. The jail has bars that looked like a tic-tac-toe board. One person is in a room, and the bars are going up and down. Blobby is really small, so he is able to climb through a hole in the tic-tac-toe board. But, he decides not to because somebody could just smash him, and he’s already really hurt. He is just looking around to find the guy. 

He passes people, and randomly someone says in a hoarse voice, “Hey yo, help me!”

Blobby looks at the guy. This guy looks like a seal that has goose bumps all around him, and his hair is all crinkly and going down. He doesn’t have shoes. He does not look like the guy who shot him. Blobby is looking for the guy who has a black hat with the brim in the back and Tony Stark glasses.

He asks that guy, “Do you know where this seal is with a cap with the brim facing on the back of his head and Tony Stark glasses?”

He says, “I’ve seen him around at lunch, but I don’t know where his jail cell is.”

And then he coughs. He starts having a conversation about stuff that he was innocent of. So, Blobby just walks around looking for the guy who shot him. Then out comes a seal that actually looks like him. He has all the same things he remembers him wearing! 

So Blobby is talking to the seal who shot him, and he says, “Do you have any idea where the money is?”

The seal who shot him says, “I have no idea where the money is. I also didn’t know that I shot you. I might have been hypnotized by someone else to do that and the other seal might have your money, but I don’t know who that other seal is.” 

So Blobby rolls out of the jail, and he rolls to the White House, and a quarter of the money is at the White House, and he’s rolling towards it to jump in it, but a creepy, huge tarantula swoops up all the money and starts crawling away. Blobby is too frightened and just stands there and then faints. When Blobby wakes up, he’s in his North Pole bed, back at his home in the North Pole, and realized his whole journey had to be a dream!

Blobby says, “Blah bloo!!!”


Blobby’s problem… do todo da do Blobby’s problem… do todo da do 

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