Summer Feet (Excerpt)

Climb. In the backyard is a small mountain, big enough to climb. I am really good at climbing, so my best friend Andrew tells me. The thing is this isn’t the colored rocks they have on the wall at school. This is real.

I have no harness but I don’t care. I lift my body off the ground, reach for the rock above, my body pulls itself up. I try to calculate the way my arms and legs will be for my next move, but it isn’t easy without the colors. I manage to imagine the colors like at school but it isn’t easy.

But somehow, in my next three moves I am at the top. I look down at Hope, Jance, and Caleb. Since the jump isn’t that high I jump to the ground. letting my bare feet hit the hard roots. I hesitate to show pain, but after a while I just smile.

“You know you just did that in less than a minute,” Hope says.

I seem shocked myself. “Well, it was fun.”

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