Super Max

SuperMax was one little, very fast boy who got lots and lots of trophies and medals from places like the running championship. He won every time and also did karate. He was a white belt in his second class. He got two for free because everyone knew that he won. He learned taekwondo, kickboxing, and regular boxing. He decided to quit racing but he still practiced. He was a blue belt and then started to learn some techniques. He was so focused that his brain hurt. Whenever the teacher said to go to blue square number one, he did it in one second! It took 500 steps to get there! 

Then, after they talked about courage, they went to the boxing bag, got their boxing gloves, and started punching them. The teacher taught SuperMax that you have to jab, cross, kick, overkick, and then hook. Then he was actually getting up to a yellow belt, but when he started to get focused, his brain started to not hurt. Then he saw a famous game of jujitsu. After that, he decided to do a trick on the jiu jitsu thing, but he didn’t know any of the things, so he didn’t do that. He saw that there was a king. Someone needed to defeat him but SuperMax wasn’t strong enough yet– he had to be a black belt at least! 

He started leveling up to an orange belt and started to learn the upper hook, side hook, and side kick. He was so good that he thought he could take the king over, but he had to be a black belt. After he got his 5th star, he got a new belt and then learned a new hook and back kick. He went to a karate competition and won. Then he had one yellow stripe on his belt. Now that he was a professional, he didn’t know if he should go. Then, he was a purple belt. He learned so many things that he couldn’t remember all of them. Then, he was a brown belt. He had to get 100 stars to get a black belt. 

He learned 50 more techniques, so he got 50 stars. He was too tired but he did it every day, and he started to be a black belt. After he got 99 stars, he had to do one more class, then he could get a black belt. He decided to do another class on the same day, and then he got a black belt.

Then, he went to the king. The king looked like his dad who died one million years ago. But his dad was a ghost. Then SuperMax started punching the king. After a million punches the king hit him back and did some damage, but SuperMax did not give up. He remembered that he had to say one word but forgot. He also forgot the paper and then his brain hurt. But he punched him once, and the King fell into lava. The crowd came to their feet in applause. 

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