The Doll

Chapter One

At Home

It was 8:00. It was time to sleep. Tomorrow was my birthday. My dad said that if I didn’t go to sleep, I would be tired and miss my birthday, so I went to sleep. 

The next morning was my birthday. My dad was about to leave when he saw me walking downstairs.

“Happy birthday, dear! Your family is going to be here in just a minute, so you’ve got to get ready,” he said.

“Ok, Dad. So you said that the family is going to be here in a bit?” I asked. 

“Yes. So you and your mother better get ready,” he replied.

My dad went to the store. My mom and I went upstairs to get ready.

Chapter Two

At the Store

My dad went to the store. This is what happened.

What doll should I buy for my daughter? There is an aisle for kids, he thought. Why don’t I go there? Those dolls look like old antiques. I will buy one of these for my daughter. I hope she will like it. I will buy other things for my daughter.

“Hello, I would like to buy this for my daughter’s birthday,” he said.

“It will be 135 dollars because it’s an old antique,” replied the cashier.

“Ok, I will buy it. But do you know why the antique is expensive?”

“Yes, sir. It is because in 1895 an inventor created this doll. One night, the creator was sleeping. The doll came alive and killed the creator.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

“Have a nice day.”

Chapter Three

At Home

“Hello dear, I brought you a present,” said my dad.

“Really, what is it?”

“You’re the one who has to find out.”

“It’s a doll! Thank you, Daddy!” 

“No problem. But it’s time for you to go to bed so you can be full of energy.”

“Ok! Good night.” 

I went to bed. I pulled my doll in my arms and fell asleep.

The doll woke up, ran downstairs, and grabbed a knife. It ran back up the stairs and woke me up.

“Why did you wake me up, Dad? You said that I would need some rest,” I said.

The last thing I said was, “HELP!”



Mr.’s Maid

A long time ago, there was a maid. She worked at a mansion, which meant that she had a lot of work to do. She would take care of a child because the parents didn’t care about their child. One day, the child saw the parents yelling and smacking the maid. When they saw the child watching, they started chasing the child. The child started running to her bedroom, but she ran straight to the dungeon. The parents stopped running to her and went back to the maid. The child thought that they were too tired or afraid of her, but she was wrong. 

A voice came from one of the jail cells that said, “Come my dear. I won’t do any harm. I won’t hurt you I promise.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. Now come to the darker side of the jail cell.”

She went to the other side of the cell and saw the maid down there. She had been down there for months, but the maid had been taking care of the child since she was born. She figured that the maid had an older sister. The older sister looked just like the maid that was taking care of the child. The child started screaming but no one came to help.

5 years later… 

Everyone in the mansion stopped thinking about the screaming from years ago. They also had a legend that whoever had a maid would be killed by their maid. 



Miss Doll

Long ago there was a doll named Miss Doll. She lived in a happy town with flowers and all that, but one night someone attacked the village. It was the doll creator. He was looking for Miss Doll. He left an hour later. Many people think that he didn’t find Miss Doll… but… they… were… wrong!

Many people were afraid of Miss Doll. But others were curious about her. One night, Miss Doll woke up. The doll was alive. Instead of purple eyes, she had red eyes. Instead of a pink dress, she had a white dress with stains on it. Instead of straight hair, she had curly, sharp hair. 

2 months later… 

Miss Doll grew up. She still had her outfit and stuff. The store was open and lots of people came in to see Miss Doll. So everyone searched for Miss Doll, but she was nowhere to be found.

2 days later… 

An old man was working on a new doll to replace Miss Doll. He brought it into the store. Her name was Miss Library. She was the prettiest doll anyone had ever seen. Every kid would fight over one of these dolls. The parents had to stop them. 

One day, a kid came to the store to find a doll to give to her sister to play with. She found Miss Doll laying in the corner of the store. No wonder no one could find it. 

She picked the doll up and said, “This doll will be perfect!”

She ran out of the store and gave her sister the doll.

Her sister said, “What kind of doll is this?! This doll looks so ugly!”

“Sorry! That was the only doll in the store. Miss Library sold out!”

“Fine. I will only keep this doll because that was the only one they had.”

It was night time and everyone was asleep. The doll woke up once again. The doll went upstairs and killed her older sister. The doll came back and started singing. It was like “a ring around the rosy,” but different. 

“Lalalala. Lalalala. Lalalala. Lalalala,” the doll sang over and over again. 

The doll reached the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife. The doll ran back upstairs and killed the little girl. Beware, if you find a doll named Miss Doll… DO NOT BUY IT!



The Mall

There was a mall that had everything you could ever need or want. Everyone would go there to see what they would have next. One night, a group of tennis players came and started stealing from the mall. 

A man in black came out of the shadows and said, “I have food for free.” 

The three boys started getting worried and ran out of the mall. They told their parents. The parents called the police. The man was never found. They figured that the man was not a man… He was a doll looking for someone to replace his body.

5 years later…

Everyone is now afraid of men, so all the men are in jail. They are testing them one by one. Some of them are positive and some are negative.