Super Mouse and the Diamond Thief

Ring! Ring! Ring! Ring!

“Hello, this is Super Mouse talking,” said Super Mouse into an old-fashioned phone.

He was a white mouse that never took off his superman costume. He was sitting in his brown living room and calling himself on the phone because he never had anything to do.

Today was a special day because today, he could convert his weapons into cheese. This happened two days every year. Whenever he put a bullet into his weapon today, it would turn into cheese. He just remembered all of this and put his phone down. He had to find all of his weapons. He was hungry, so he took a cheese block with him to his cheese cave, which was where he hid all of his vehicles and weapons.

The walls were made of stone and painted to look like cheese. Sometimes he forgot that the walls weren’t actually cheese, and he tried to eat them, just like in a cartoon. Everything, including the vehicles, looked like cheese.

Super Mouse’s phone began to ring in the cave. He was confused. Who’s calling me? he wondered. He hadn’t gotten a call in over a month. He then remembered that he was Super Mouse, not an ordinary mouse. Someone was probably calling him because they needed help.


“Quick, Super Mouse! A robber is stealing diamonds from the diamond store,” said a screaming little boy with a mouse voice.

“Okay, I’m on my way.”

So he flew to the crime. But it was foggy, so none of the cops or Super Mouse could see the robber.

He flew back to his cave and got one of his weapons that cleared away fog. So then he flew back to the city, where the robbery happened, and the fog was still there. So he cleared back the fog, and the cops took the robber away.

“Thank you so much!” the mouse who owned the diamond store said.

And he gave Super Mouse a billion dollars because diamonds were very expensive. Super Mouse took the money and just flew away.

The next day, Super Mouse spent the money, that he got from the mouse who owned the diamond store, on a billion cheese blocks! Each cheese block was just one dollar, and he loved cheese.

Super Mouse suddenly heard screaming coming out of the diamond store.

A mean rat came flying on a jet pack and took the diamonds from the diamond store again. So Super Mouse flew to the rat and talked to him instead of fighting. But the rat just shot him with a sleeping ray.

Super Mouse dodged it, slapped the sleeping ray out of the rat’s hands, shot the ray at the rat, and took the diamonds. So, the rat just fell on the stone floor of Mouseville.

Then, Super Mouse flew to the diamond store and gave the diamonds back to the mouse who owned the diamond store again! Then, the mouse who owned the diamond store gave Super Mouse two billion dollars. And Super Mouse spent the money on two billion blocks of cheese again. He felt rich and excited to eat the cheese blocks!  

But… what happened to the rat who fell on the stone floor? Find out what happens to the rat in Super Mouse Two!


The End… for now.

Dun. Dun. DUNNN.


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