The Adventure of Princess Awesome!!!

Princess Awesome was in her castle when she heard Silverback, the King’s speaker, outside in the courtyard.

He yelled, “There is a 100 dollar bill.”

No one had ever had a 100 dollar bill before. The richest person had 99 dollars.

Silverback said, “It could be found in another land called THE TOWN OF AWESOME.” Then he said suspiciously, “I definitely don’t have it.”

Suddenly an arrow flew from a bow and killed him. Someone killed Silverback because they thought he had the $100 bill. People came rushing towards Silverback, searching his coat. Princess Awesome thought, Greedy people, killed a man and now searching him. Something urged her to set off on her adventure. She had never done this before.

On his tombstone it said, “Born 1832. Killed 1855. Born in the town of Penekise.” The next day, a man named Lame Person captured the man who had killed Silverback. His name was Sank Wan. He was only the man who looked like the man who killed Silverback! He disappeared after he was captured, and no one really cared.

Then a mighty eagle swept across the castle. The great eagle was the symbol of the castle. This meant that good luck would happen to those in need. The castle’s name was AWESOME. Princess Awesome knew Silverback was lying about the hundred dollar bill being in the town of Awesome. He wanted to keep the money for himself.

She set off on her adventure. She got a boat and sailed to the island named Gummies. There were a million islands, and she guessed that this was the one. The island had only one tree, and she thought she saw a box. Suddenly, she heard a box fall behind her, and she jumped in horror. She saw three chests. She saw a hundred dollar bill inside one of the chests, then another. There were two of them. She grabbed them and left. She was filled with joy and excitement, but then her boat went loose and sailed by itself.

She was so nervous that she was running out of options. So she swam home. She was miserable and worried that the hundred dollar bills would get soaked. It took her a couple days to get home, and she felt relieved that the money was dry.

When she was in her town, she showed it to everyone and gave it to charity. The charity bought tacos for everyone. All the hungry people, who acted like they hadn’t eaten in 70 days, loved tacos. She felt so good that she partied and ate a taco.




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