The Adventures of Bub (Book 1)

Once, there was a guy named Bub. He made pizza for a living. He loved pizza. He worked on weekends. One time, he went skiing. He was skiing a lot.

Then, one day, there was a giant snowstorm. He needed to go into his house in the resort. He ran into the resort. He couldn’t get to sleep because there was snow and ice pounding on the window like a bear. He thought, I hope nothing breaks.

Then, all the electricity for the hotel went off.  He went under his covers and stayed there for a long time, thinking, This is horrible service.

He made a little hole for air, so it smelled like his room — his room smelled pretty good.

Then, a lot of ice hit the hotel, and the wall collapsed like sand. Bub took an air mattress and a blanket, and he went to the first floor and he under the hotel’s desk.  When the storm finally stopped a few days later, there was nobody else to be seen.

There were a few dead bodies and others he didn’t see.  He was really scared. He was lucky.

He went outside, praying that there would be something useful.

“I hope there’s some way to get out of here and get back home.”

He thought of his friend Bob, who made pizza too.  He wanted to be with him, because he was his friend. Then, he tried to clear his mind because he needed to think about what to do.

Then, he remembered the parking lot. He went and found his car! His car was not working well! Then, when he was near a Ferrari store, his car stopped working! So he got the Enzo Ferrari! He paid with his credit card, and what should have been a seven hour trip was only one.

Then, he watched the Super Bowl on TV. He also invited his best friend, Bob. Then, they they watched the Super Bowl. They watched the Broncos win, there was a big celebration and they were really happy cause they were rooting for the Broncos.

Bub and Bob screamed, “Yes!!” at the same time.

They both made pizza, just as a contest to see who could make the best pizza when they are tired.

Bob almost fell asleep, and Bub smacked him across the face to wake him up. In the end, Bub won. It takes a lot to get Bob mad, but if you manage to, he loses control of himself.

When Bub won, he said, “You look really tired, but I feel more tired.”

Bob said, “Thank God you woke me up, or else my head would have been on the stove.”

Bub said, “What happened? You actually fell asleep standing up? I could never do that. And I’m a very good sleeper.”

Bub felt happy because he won the contest.

Bob was happy for this friend, and he wasn’t such a sore loser, especially since they had many contests and each of them won a lot.

They ate their mini pizzas.  Now it was time for Bob to leave, ‘cause it was late.

When they both went outside, there was a huge thunderstorm. Lightning struck, and one just missed Bob. They went for cover under a tree, but then the tree got struck and it was a flaming torch.  Bob and Bub just jumped out of the way.

Bub said, “Holy cow, that was close!”

Bob said, ‘Run towards the house!”

When they got to Bob’s house, the door was locked, but no one had keys. There was a window that was slightly open, and they crawled through it.

He was happy he survived, and his house was okay. He couldn’t say that was the luckiest he had ever gotten.

Afterwards, Bub decided to get a few lottery tickets. If you won the lottery, you would get 200 million dollars. Bub was just thinking that there was a one in a thousand chance he would get it, so why not go for it.

I have been really lucky, he thought, why don’t I test my luck in the lottery. He’d never done the lottery before, and he purchased a ticket, two for himself and two for Bob just to increase his chances. Just two more dollars for more lottery tickets wouldn’t be bad for increasing their chances for getting two hundred million dollars.

He had no idea what to do with that money.

Bob also had no idea.

Bub scratched off his first lottery ticket. And so did Bob. Then, he let Bob do the second one first, Bob got nothing. There was one ticket left. Bub was scratching off the ticket, and he was really scared and his hand was shaking. It took him a few minutes to take off the ticket. He was right to scratch off the bottom 3. He scratched off two, and there was nothing. One more thing. He was doubting he was going to win, he was still shaking and he was sweating. He scratched off the last one and held up the ticket.  

Bob and him started celebrating when it said on the corner, “Jackpot!”

They were parading around the house, and he ran to the lottery store. When he handed it over to the manger, the manager couldn’t believe his eyes.  

“Okay,” said the manager, “We’ll send it to you in the mail next week, okay?”

Bub said, “Okay.”

Next week, he was standing at the mailbox, and he was waiting for mail. Then, Bub finally got a giant package from the lottery. He knew it could only be one thing. He took it home. He was looking for something to spend it on.  

Bub found a really nice yacht called “Okto” and told Bob about it. He bought it, and he realized that it was even better than it looked in the picture. It looked great in the picture, and standing right in front of it, he felt great owning it.  

Bub went inside. It was such a nice place. As he walked up the steps, he thought, I’m so glad I bought it. He had money left over. What should I spend that on? he thought.

He took it out and set sail a few days later. It was really nice. When he came back, he was thinking of doing something else. He was thinking of sailing around the world. There was a challenge to offer five million dollars to go around the world. He did it with his yacht. He was at sea for many days, stopped in some places, and went through the Panama Canal. There were some nice views, but he got bored of seeing water all the time.

There was a TV, a swimming pool, a hot tub, and anything else you could imagine.  When he got back, he thought, I still got a lot left over.

He thought, There are so many more things I could spend this on. And on top of it all, there’s still so much left. There’s still so many things I could do.

He started looking at Youtube videos, thinking that he’dl find something. Then, he looked at his wallet. His pilot license that he won a while ago was still there. Then, he got a great idea.

I could get a private jet — then, I’d still have a lot of money left over!

He found a really, really good looking, futuristic jet, and he had enough money to buy it from a jet show. He had no idea who the owner was. He got the first one in stock. He needed to find a car that could tow it. The company didn’t have service to do it, so Bub’s private jet was thirty miles away, and his house was five miles away from that. They gave the plane a full gas tank. So he took the plane out.

The plane looked like it could be easily maneuvered and was really fast. Bub had no trouble taking off, but then, a storm approached! The clouds were black. Bub took a weird approach. He went high speed towards the storm. Then, he started getting pushed around by the wind a bit. He was landing the plane, but at dangerous speed.  Then, he shifted to the side of the runway. The wind pushed him a bit, and then, he was completely lined up. He landed, but then, he started to slip around. The ground was so slippery, that his plane wouldn’t stop. He pulled on the breaks. It slowed down, and he still headed towards the edge of the runway.  He was going towards the grass, not at such a high speed because his plane was slowing down. The ground was slowing down. When he was about to miss, he turned the plane, escaped to the side of it, and ended up making the turn off the runway.

Then, another plane was landing after him. That plane landed, and it was going straight at Bub’s plane. Without thinking, Bub put the throttle forward — not too much — it wasn’t going as fast as it was supposed to as there was so much water. The other plane landed and missed Bub’s plane by an inch. He went to his hangar.  

Then, he took a ride home by taxi. It was still pouring, and by the time he got home, the water was up to his ankles. He called Bob to come over. He came over, and together, they just watched a football game. He liked just talking while watching a football game with the rain pounding on the door.

After the football game, Bob and Bub made pizza together.  He and Bob were talking while they were making pizza.

Bub was talking about his adventures, and Bob told him about what happened while he was gone.

Bub was having a good time with his best friend, and he was glad to be home. Bob slept over at Bub’s house just because the water was really high, and he didn’t want to go home in that weather.

By morning, the rain had stopped, but they had to stay inside because there was so much water. So the next day, there were floods in a lot of places. And then, out of nowhere, the water pressure on the door made the door fall over, and water spread all over the house.

Bub was walking from the kitchen to the couch to talk with Bob.

Bub ran and jumped onto the couch with Bob. Then, the couch started to float!

After the flood, they found themselves in an abandoned building. Bub thought it was a nice building, but it needed some fixing. Then, Bub said he liked the building.

Bob said, “Why not call the Mayor to see whose this is?”

They called the Mayor (Bob had his phone,) and it ended up being nobody’s. It was really close to Bub’s house. So, since it was nobody’s, Bub and Bob were allowed to have it.  

Bub had the idea for “Bub’s hotel.” Since their names were so close, Bob agreed.  They renovated the building, which surprisingly cost a lot, but Bub could afford it.  After a lot of planning and hard work, the hotel was finally ready and established. It was the nicest hotel in the area and the only hotel in the area, but it was a nice hotel.

They earned a lot of money on the first day or two, which was pretty surprising. They had so many guests since it was a tall building. The hotel was full for a week, and Bub was really happy because he was making a lot of money from it.

Bub decided the hotel should go worldwide. They established another hotel in New York City, and that was even more successful. Bub was about the happiest man on earth at that point.  He was thinking of maybe even another hotel.

He established one in Hollywood, which took a lot of traveling, which was pretty nice.  That one got even more people, even a few celebrities.

He thought, “I thought this would be hard.”

Bub had a few problems with the hotel, like one time, when somebody brought a pig into the hotel. The pig swallowed the soap bar and ate all of the snacks in the snack bar, including the wrappers. The pig was sick, and they tried to sue the hotel. And then, Bub pointed to the sign that said, “Only dogs, cats, or regular pets allowed.” Then, the people who sued the hotel actually had to pay fines for all of that damage. Bub knew there’d be obstacles. But he was also focusing on a new hotel in Florida that would be perfect. There were always lots of people in Florida, and he would get a lot of natives there.

The hotel opened in Florida, and Bub went there a few times, just to look at the hotel, and to see how it was going before it went out in public. Finally, it opened on the first day, and it was fully booked. It was crazy. Now, Bub was opening one up in every place in Europe.  In Greece, he opened one up near the Parthenon and in Crete. In Athens, he walked on the Parthenon, and in Crete, he was on the beaches. He also drove through twisty roads in the mountains. He felt really nice, especially since he rented a black Camaro convertible.  

He passed by a town every few minutes. They were all old. Then, he went back to the airport. He found a direct flight back to Albany. He got first class tickets. He’d never flown first class before, and he liked it. It was so comfy. They had a bumpy landing, but the plane landed decently. He had a private jet, but he didn’t bring it to Europe. He didn’t think it could fly so far. He wanted to see how business was going in New York City. He took off with his private jet.

He also knew that Bob was staying in New York City for a bit. He meant mostly to bring Bob back from New York to his hometown. It was a lot of work because New York had a lot of airplanes in the air. He was circling around the airport for one hour when he finally got clearance to land. He landed perfectly. He started looking for Bob at the hotel where he found him. He asked the people at the front desk if they knew where Bob was.

“How do you know Bob?” one of the people asked.

“I am Bob’s best friend and owner of this hotel.”

“Oh, you’re the owner? Sorry, sir.”

“It’s fine,” Bub said.

He knocked on the door, and Bob answered.

“Oh, hello,” Bob said.

“Hey, I think we need to go back home. You told me you wanted to go home.”


Then, he found Bob. So he took off. He did pretty well with the take off. He was always changing where he had to go because there were so many planes. He saw many cool airplanes.

They were headed home because some people were doing bad stuff in New York, and Bob didn’t feel so comfortable. They went to Awesome Town in Ohio.

They went to Bub’s house and made some pizza. Bob and Bub felt happy to be home. No crime, nobody mean, nothing bad. Then, Bub went on a flight. Then, there was a weird sound. Bub checked the controls. The left engine was failing.

He started to descend very quickly. He went from 25,000 feet to 1,000 feet in 20 seconds. Then, he realized he had to turn on the failing engine. It turned on at 100 feet, and then at 10 feet, when he was about to die, it exploded. The explosion boosted it up a bit, and the plane wasn’t in good shape, but was alive. Bub couldn’t believe, it but he didn’t know where he was. He climbed to the top of a tree and saw the airport around a mile away. So he started to walk. It was hard finding his way, but after one hour, he finally stumbled into the airport. And then, they found him right before they were about to launch a search.

Bub thought of something that he never thought of before. He could make his own plane! He got a lot of scrap metal for free and started building up. He made a perfect airplane with two engines in the back that used electricity. He tested it out, and it flew perfectly. He was having a perfect time, and on landing, he realized that the landing gear wasn’t that good. He flew right back up and asked air-traffic control to make a straight path for him. He got onto the wing and attached himself to the door that he closed. He dropped down and started fixing it. There was only a small flaw: he accidentally forgot to make the thing split in half to make an opening for the wheel. He got his pocket knife and slashed through the middle of it. He could be forgetful. After he landed, he made some adjustments with his airplane.

It took him months. He slept at home, and he had a little workshop. It was electric and supersonic. He named it the “Bubflyer II.” He took it for a test flight, and it flew perfectly the whole time. It could do some spins too. The plane was very light, so it did get pushed around by the wind. Afterall, it was considered “ultra-light.” With his new plane, he could go anywhere. When he landed at the airport, he was very happy it worked. Then, he showed Bob. Bob thought it was awesome.

After a week, when Bub was away presenting his idea to the government, Bob got mad. Why does Bub get all the money? he thought, And he names everything after himself. Then, Bob knew what to do…

He went to New York City and found Bub’s hotel easily. He secretly had a bomb. Before he had made arrangements with ISIS, so he had a big bomb. Then, he went into Bub’s hotel and exploded it. The building crumbled down, but Bob didn’t know that Bub was in it. Bub jumped out and seconds later, medics appeared. They didn’t know if Bub was alive or not. They took him to the hospital, and they found out that he was barely alive. The heart rate monitor was barely moving.

National Security wanted to see why this massacre happened. Hundreds of people died. Some survived. One survivor who was on the first floor recalled hearing Allahu Akbar. National Security found out that it was Bob, and Bob was sentenced to death.

Bub went to visit Bob in prison. He was wheeled there in a wheelchair and told Bob, “I never knew you would do this to me, old friend.”

“Sorry,” Bob said.

Then, Bob went to court and explained the whole situation about why he did it. “It was both of our money,” Bob said.

Then, Bub went to court. And he was sentenced for 100 years because the money was supposed to be both of theirs.

Then, Bub argued that he was the one who bought all of the lottery tickets, and that the one who had gotten the jackpot was him.

After that, Bob was found guilty.  

So two days after, Bob was being executed. At the moment when he was about to be executed, Bub went into the court.

“Why is he being executed,” said Bub. “I thought he was going to jail.”

And then Bub started arguing with the people who were executing Bob. In that time, Bob escaped. Bub knew that Bob was going to escape, and he had wanted that to happen.

“Okay, bye,” said Bub.

“That was easy,” the executioners said. And they went to execute Bob only to find that he wasn’t there.

On the street, Bob and Bub saw each other. They were pretty stunned.

“Hello, old friend,” said Bub.

“Hi,” said Bob.  


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