Josh and the Bully

There was a boy named Josh. He was nine. He liked video games. He woke up to find that a new one came out! He was watching his favorite show when a commercial came up that said a new video game had come out called The Assault on Mars. He wanted it bad. He was jumping off his seat!

He zoomed to the store on his skateboard. But it was sold out already! He asked one of the workers if there were any left, but there was no more! He was beyond mad. He walked out, stomping and growling. He went to the next store. It was still sold out. He rode from store to store, but there were none left! He was tired, hot, and sad.

At that moment, he realized he was lost! He started to shiver in fear. He sprinted quickly to the snack store because it was near his house. Then he ran down the street because it was in the direction of his house. Then he finally found his house, sitting on the corner of the street. He walked inside. Then he pulled out his laptop and saw they had one left on Amazon! He dashed down stairs and snuck to a note that showed what his mom’s password was. He needed it to buy the video game off Amazon! He ran upstairs and hit “insert password.” He put in the password. It would come in three days! He started dancing around in circles!


Three days later…

Nothing had come!

He was bored. There was nothing to do. He was spinning his fidget spinner and sitting in a chair. He looked on the internet and saw it was a total scam! He was so mad. It was a scam to steal money from people. Josh stomped his feet and clenched his fists. He stole his mom’s wallet and ran to the one store he had not checked. He zoomed in. There it was. It was sitting on the counter. Josh and another kid spotted it. They raced to the counter. Unfortunately, the other kid got there first!

The kid said, “Heh, lil punk,” as he blew a bubble with his bubble gum and leaned on the counter. The kid pulled out a metal baseball bat. Then he threatened the person behind the counter, “Gimme this for free, or get hit with this!” as he shoved the baseball bat at the man behind the counter.

“Y-y-yes,” shuddered the man. “Here you go.”

The man handed over the video game. The kid walked out, sticking out his tongue at Josh.

“What a jerk!” mumbled Josh.

Josh walked out mad, annoyed, and sad. He walked home. He was happy to be home. He sat in his room, feeling terrible.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Josh opened the door, and the next thing he knew, he was on the floor, knocked out. He woke up to hear the noisy sound of sirens. He realized he was in an ambulance. There was a bed. He felt dizzy, nauseous, and his head hurt. He fell back asleep.

Josh woke up in the hospital. He heard the sound of his mom saying, “Josh, are you ok?!”

“What happened?” moaned Josh.

“I saw you on the floor, the door open, and a metal baseball bat on the floor!” said Josh’s mom. “You have a concussion!”

Josh went home after a little while at the hospital. As they were going home, Josh thought, I think I know who did this… the bully!

Josh’s mom said, “Once we get home, you have to stay in bed for two weeks.”

“Noooo!!!” shouted Josh.

“Yes,” said his mom.

They went home. Josh was sitting in bed, sad that he could not go outside. Josh was crying in sadness about how everything was going downhill. He could not fall asleep.

In the morning, he had enough of this. He ran outside and found a homemade crossbow aimed at his head…

“Don’t move!” screamed the bully. “I made this by tying pencils together in a crossbow

shape and using a rubber band for the string! This uses needles for ammo!”

The bully shot the crossbow at a house, and the brick shattered. Then the bully turned around and shot at Josh’s head, but he missed. The bully pulled a knife and slashed it towards Josh. Josh dodged the knife. Josh picked up the lid of a garbage can to use as a shield. The bully shot the crossbow, and it bounced off the garbage can lid.

Josh was shaking in fear. His head hurt badly. The bully kicked Josh in the stomach and pushed him to the floor. The bully then sat on him and pointed the knife to Josh’s throat. His mom came in at the last second and screamed, “Hey!!!” The bully chucked the knife into the bushes before the mom could see.

“You boys were just playing play fight? Huh,” said the mom.

She went inside, and Josh was up by now. The bully lunged at Josh.

“Come’ere!” scowled the bully.

Josh dodged a knife whirling towards him and caught it midair by the handle. Then, he chucked the knife to the floor so it would break and the bully couldn’t use it. The bully shot his crossbow and missed by an inch. Josh ran inside and told his mom before the bully got there.

His mom put Josh in bed to fully heal his concussion and dealt with the bully. His mom told the bully’s mom. The bully gave the video game back to Josh. Josh felt relieved from that madness.

(P.S. Josh loved the new video game.)




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