The Adventures of Peroni and Stella: Syrup Stopper

Once upon a time, there were two dogs named Peroni and Stella and their owner Nicole. Peroni and Stella were not ordinary dogs. They looked ordinary, but they did not act ordinary. For starters, they were talking dogs. They had a super secret device that can translate from dog to English, but it’s secret so don’t tell anyone, okay? P.S. they choose who will and will not hear it. But, Nicole did not know that. She thought they were ordinary dogs.

One day when she went to work, Peroni and Stella went under their bed, and underneath there was a tube. They went in the tube, and it led them into a lair. The lair had an automatic kibble dispenser and a rocket car in a garage.

It had a huge screen with two seats. They went to the seats and looked at the screen. Then, a person came on the screen.

“Hello, Agent P and Agent S. Bombshell is working on a new plan to take over the world and will use his teleporter to teleport to all the syrup in the world and make it cost a lot of money. Bombshell wants to poison all the maple trees in the area so that there would no longer be real maple syrup. Good maple syrup makes people happy, and Bombshell doesn’t like happiness around him.

Peroni and Stella are on the case. They went to the rocket car and drove to the maple syrup factory. Then, they saw a sign saying No Dogs Allowed! And then, they saw Bombshell, and Bombshell just walked in. Then, a worker saw Bombshell and looked at the dogs and made them leave. Peroni and Stella were kind of upset because the factory allows evil turtles that want world domination but not dogs.

Luckily, Peroni and Stella had a human disguise backpack on the back of the rocket car. They put the disguise on, then went in, and passed by the guy. So then, they see Bombshell using his price bombs and throwing them onto the barcodes, which switches their price by adding two zeros to the dollar area.

They had an anti-scanner which could make it back to the normal price. But they had to hide because Bombshell was about to see them. They hid behind a giant box of maple syrup that Bombshell had already changed.

The factory smelled very sweet, especially because they were right next to a box of maple syrup. And Bombshell had accidentally dropped a real bomb, so syrup was pouring everywhere.

Stella whispered, “That was a waste of battery for the scanner.”

Bombshell was using his bombs to up the price of more boxes, but Peroni and Stella think they actually found out his entire plan. They thought his plan was that he would make the prices really high so that no one could buy syrup from there anymore and they couldn’t pay to have the factory anymore, so they’d have to close down. And that was the only artificial maple syrup factory. Then, there wouldn’t be any more artificial syrup in the world.

Then, Bombshell teleported to the the maple patch, and Peroni and Stella followed and heard Bombshell chuckling because he knew they were there the whole time.


Chapter Two: The Maple Wars

Bombshell turned around and then gave kind of a boring speech. Stella just barked at him. Bombshell got scared of the barking, and when he gets scared, his shell panels become bombs. He bumped into one of the maple trees. Then, the tree got poisoned, and then Stella realized those were fake trees. Bombshell thought they were real trees (at least that’s what Stella thought…)

So they scared Bombshell into blowing up a bunch of the fake trees. Every time Bombshell gets scared, he loses a shell panel, and he becomes weaker. Eventually, his shell will just be an outline and then shatter. Then, they found something cool on their scanner. It had a portal gun, which allows them to move places within a certain distance, and it stays on that item even if it moves. The portal keeps going forward until it hits something. It moves if what it lands on moves.

So, they shot Bombshell, kept scaring him, got to the end of his shell, broke his shell, and then he teleported to the regeneration room.

Then, he came out but got teleported into the throne room where he saw his leader. And then, the leader said, “I thought I told you to destroy the syrup.”

Then, Bombshell said, “I tried, but the S.A.O.A. had the two best agents against me. I didn’t stand a chance.”

And then the leader said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to regrade you.”

Then, Bombshell said, “No. Not regrading.”

Then, the leader created a cloud over Bombshell’s head. Then it made some thunder go onto Bombshell. Then, he had golden bombs and golden claws. And it made him stronger, even though it hurt.



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