The Adventures of the Puppets

Once upon a time, there lived someone named Puppet 3. He was always scared. The thing that scared him the most was the witch. She lived in a cave in a forest.

One day, Puppet 3 got chased into the woods by a lizard that was only one inch tall. On he ran and left Puppets 1 and 2 behind.

On the way, he got frightened and almost fell in poop! While Puppet 3 was off, the witch caught Puppets 1 and 2. She carried them off to her cave! Puppet 3 was still on the hike. He checked his lunch box to see if there was any food.

“No,” said Puppet 3, “I forgot to pack myself food!”

He kept going on the trail, but he still didn’t find any food or houses.

Puppets 1 and 2 were now working for the witch, and then, after one day, she planned to eat them up. Puppets 1 and 2 were not scared. They were brave! Then, she locked them in a cage. Puppets 1 and 2 were really scared now.  

After 100 minutes, it was nighttime, and in the night, the cave looked even scarier because there was a statue on top that glowed green and looked like a bear! Meanwhile, Puppet 3 got to the cave. Then, he got frightened by the green statue and he almost fainted. Puppet 3 went inside to look for food. Then he saw Puppets 1 and 2 in a cage.

He asked, “What happened?”

Puppets 1 and 2 said, “A witch locked us in a cage while you were away!”

Puppet 3 asked, “How can I get you out?”

Puppets 1 and 2 whispered, “You need to get the key.”

Puppet 3 asked, “Where is it!?”

“I don’t know!” shouted Puppet 1.  

“Shhh,” said Puppet 2.

Puppet 3 went deeper inside the cave until he saw a small office. And inside it, there was the key. He tried pulling the door, but it was locked! After ten minutes, the witch came inside her office. Then, he remembered he found a gold coin on the hike. He put it next to the window so the witch could see it, and he hid by the wall.

The witch went out of the door and said, “This is my little day! I found a gold coin in my cave! I’m going to put it in my collection.”

Then, she left, but she left the door open. When the coast was clear, Puppet 3 went inside, he got the key and ran to the front door step.

He said to Puppets 1 and 2, “I got the key!”

He unlocked the cage and Puppets 1 and 2 got out. Then, the witch came running out.

“Hey! What are you doing with my dinner! I was just about to eat it.”

The witch got angry and she made the statue come to life. It turned into a big bear with horns! It was forty feet tall.

“Hey!” shouted Puppet 3 to the monster. “I heard that you’re the fastest monster that can run in circles. I don’t believe you. I don’t think you can do it.”

“I can,” the monster said with a grunt.

“I don’t think so,” said Puppet 3.

“I’ll show you,” he said.

And he ran in circles ten thousand miles per hour. Before the monster was running in circles, the witch had gone inside. She didn’t see what was happening. He ran for one hour.

Then, the monster said, “I need to sit down.”

And he thought the witch’s cave was a stool, so he sat on it and broke everything!

Puppet 3 said, “I also heard you can jump through the sky into outer space. And I don’t think that’s true, either.”

“I can do that!” and he jumped all the way to outer space.

But then the witch came back to life!

She was so angry!

Then, the monster came falling down from outer space because he was too heavy to float. The monster crushed the witch again. The witch was so tired that she fell back asleep.

She said, “I’m so tired, I’m going to sleep for ten million years!”

Then, the monster tripped over a ten foot boulder and crashed into one hundred trees. Then, there was the biggest tree in the world that was ten million feet tall. The monster touched it with one finger and it broke and fell on his head.

Puppets 1 and 2 asked Puppet 3, “How did you do that?”

Puppet 3 said, “I didn’t do anything. I only tricked the monster into running in circles and jumping into space.”  

They walked back home as they talked about the day they had!!! They lived happily ever after…The End. Or is it?


Once upon a time, there lived someone named Puppet 4. He was very lazy.  He spent most of his time sleeping and never helped anyone out! His friends, Puppets 5 and 6 once went on a road trip.

They asked Puppet 4, “Do you want to help us get the car?”

Puppet 4 said, “No,” with a grunt.

Puppets 5 and 6 did not know what to say, so they just went and got the car by themselves. They felt sad. They went on the road trip without him.

On the way, they called Puppet 4. Puppet 4 didn’t even bother to pick up the phone. He got up, walked slowly to the refrigerator, got some yogurt, and went back to bed. He turned on the TV. He watched “The Baby Dora” show.

While Puppets 5 and 6 were on the trip, they found a diamond. Puppet 4 was fast asleep and spilled his yogurt on his head and on his blanket. He had put cherry in the yogurt and the stain wouldn’t get out of his bed.  

Puppet 4 woke up and said, “Oh no! My blankets! My bed! It’s covered in cherry stains. I’ll go to the store later and get the stain remover. Actually, I’ll ask my friends.”

But he couldn’t reach the phone, so he just stayed in bed.

Puppets 5 and 6  were still in the car trying to call him. Finally, they just gave up. While they were driving, it was nighttime, and Puppet 4 was still fast asleep. Then, the car lights went black and they couldn’t see anything. They saw green glitter in the air going by really fast above them. Then blue, then red, circling above them. They heard a whoosh. They didn’t know what it was. They switched the car to autopilot and looked at the glitter, but autopilot broke because they were driving too fast. They crashed into a really big tree and some bushes, and they flew out of the car all the way to a tower.

“Hey, where is the diamond that we found?” asked Puppet 6.

But then, ropes came out of the sky and tied them up. They didn’t know what to do. Then, Puppet 5 had an idea.

He said “We can use that spiky plant to cut our way out.”

They pulled the plant out and cut the ropes open. And then, they walked a little bit closer to the tower. But then, a chain came out of the ground and held them. Puppet 5 took out his phone and called Puppet 4 again.

Puppet 4 shouted, “Stop annoying me when I’m sleeping!”

“But we’re stuck in chains,” answered Puppets 5 and 6.

“I’ll rescue you later,” said Puppet 4.

But then, the towers doors opened and three witches came out. Then, in the tower, they saw a blue light for one second. Then, they saw one of their really sharp car parts on the floor. They cut the chain with it. Puppet 6 ran. Then, two witches grabbed Puppet 5 and locked him up way way way up on the 100th floor of the tower.

Puppet 6 was still running around. The third witch tried to find him. Finally, the third witch caught Puppet 6 and locked him up too. After thirteen minutes, Puppet 4 got up and started sleep walking. He made himself some snacks and banged himself against a wall. Then, he opened the door and got out of the building. He ate his snacks and rented a car. He drove and drove and drove.

After eighteen hours, Puppet 4 finally got to the tower! He snuck into the tower on the first floor. One of the witches was making potions. Then, next to her, there was a diamond. She put the diamond into the pot. While she was stirring the diamond in the pot, he quickly and quietly ran up the stairs. When he got to the second floor, he saw an elevator button. He pressed it and then, he heard the doors open on the third floor. So he walked up to the third floor and got into the elevator.

He said, “I wonder what’s at the 100th floor.”

He pressed the 100th floor button and the elevator went up 4, 5, 6, 7, 8…100. The doors opened and Puppet 4 got out of the elevator. Then, on the floor, he saw a potion, and he quickly put it in his pocket. He lifted his head up and saw two witches walking by. He hid behind a wall, but then, the witches turned around and saw him.

They pointed their wands at him and they turned him into a dolphin. At the same time, he also shot his potion onto one of the witches. That made the witch disappear. Then Puppet-Dolphin (Puppet 4) jumped up and grabbed the third witch’s wand out with his mouth. He turned the third witch into a microscopic animal. Then, he pointed the wand at himself and turned back into Puppet 4. He went into the witch’s office and grabbed the key and unlocked the cages. Puppets 5 and 6 got out of the cage and got into the elevator with Puppet 4. They pressed the button for the third floor and went down, 100, 99, 98…..3.  

They went really quietly down to the first floor. The witch was still there making a potion. Puppet 6 went down to the floor and crawled to the pot. Luckily, the witch didn’t see him. Puppet 6 took the potion pot and held it with all his might. He dumped it on the witch’s head. It covered her whole body. Then, the witch slowly got bigger and bigger and bigger until she was 1,000 feet tall. Puppets 4, 5, and 6 ran outside the building. The witch got so big, she was too big to fit into the tower. Then, she crushed the whole tower, and it fell into pieces. Then, Puppets 5 and 6 saw the car pieces on the floor from when their car crashed, and then, they found the engine of the car. They climbed onto the engine and turned it on.

The engine roared. It went super fast, but Puppets 4, 5, and 6 were too scared, so they jumped off. The engine went so fast, it ran into the giant witch’s leg. She wobbled and fell to the ground. She crushed a lot of trees. Then, Puppet 4 took the potion out of his pocket. He had a little bit left. He zapped the witch and the witch disappeared. The witches were never heard of again. Finally, Puppet 4 woke up.

He asked Puppets 5 and 6 “Where am I?”

They said, “You were saving us.”

None of the puppets figured out how Puppet 4 got there. They lived happily ever after…


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