The Amazing Fluffy’s Adventures

Once there was an orange kitten named Fluffy. And she wanted a lifetime supply of cat treats. Salmon flavored was her favorite. But there was an evil kitten blocking her way. She had a superpower, so she shot lasers out of her paws. And it got in the evil kitten’s eyes and blinded him. Fluffy, by the way, found an envelope on the ground. And what was in there were two 1,000 dollar bills.

She thought, Wow, that’s enough for two lifetime supplies of cat treats. But the problem is, I don’t have two lifetimes. She had magic, so she made herself another lifetime. By the way, how she got magic was she was born with magic because her father was a cat and her mother was a unicorn. She thought, I’m so happy! And then her owner went to the pet store, and she bought the two lifetime supplies of cat treats.

The End! (Oh no!)

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