copy and paste adventure: part one

Once upon a time there was a robot chicken, and he looked like a normal chicken.

He lived in a robot village. It was Earth, but robots. Robots took over Europe, and they turned French words and food and other French stuff that’s in France into English.

“Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodledoo! Cockadoodledoo!” the chicken said.

And by the way, his name was Copy And Paste. His nickname was Copy. He had a friend named Rainstorm. He had powers that were the same as his name was. And one day, they went on an adventure with weapons. He met the elemental powers, and they chose him. He was lucky because the powers stated that they would go into the wrong hands. But they always saw Copy And Paste do good things.

Then they met a random goblin. And Copy And Paste tried to use his new powers. Fire came out of his hands. And then when he killed the goblin, he got a random whiteboard. Then he tried his teleportation and jumped off a cliff and teleported back up.

When they walked around, they found an evil Santa. They killed the evil Santa because he was about to kill them with their lightning powers. They then earned a marker for the random whiteboard.

After the long journey beating up monsters, they found a powerful demon, and they had to fight it because they had seen him try to kill people for many, many years. Then they used their magical swords to fight the demon, but the demon blocked them. They teleported to the back of the demon and used their firepower on the demon’s back. It hurt him a little bit, but then the demon punched them. They fell down and almost couldn’t get up. They got up and made their hands giant and punched the demon super hard.

“This is how you’re going to live now!” they yelled.

The demon exploded, and they found a spaceship! They flew to the moon with their space helmets.


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