by Natalia Marquez and Audrey Grueber-Hoang, age 11
THE BEST PLAY EVER Natalia and Audrey enjoyed writing this play together. Natalia and Audrey both love sports. Natalia plays volleyball and Audrey plays basketball.

“Ali: Okay, I’ll pay for the food and the dessert because Uber Limo is expensive.
Cam: Fine. I am a billionaire, so it’s ok.
Ali: Well I’m a trillionaire so I insist.”

Audrey’s character: Ali

Natalia’s character: Cam

Relationship: Cousins

Scene One: Subway

Ali: Hey, do you want to go get a sub sandwich?

Cam: No way. You are buying me Shake Shack!

Ali: Ugh! Fine. But you’re paying me back. 

Cam: Can I not pay you back and just buy you ice cream?

Ali: Umm… no? Ice cream is a lot cheaper! I want the money I paid for Shake Shack back.

Cam: Fine! If you are going to be that way!

Ali: I’m going to be that way. Oh my god fine. Just buy me ice cream.

Cam: Ok what train do we need to get on?

Ali: I mean, we could take an Uber. The train is delayed.

Cam: I will pay for the Uber, let’s take Uber Limo!

Ali: Okay, I’ll pay for the food and the dessert because Uber Limo is expensive.

Cam: Fine. I am a billionaire so it’s ok.

Ali: Well I’m a trillionaire so I insist.

Cam: Let’s order the limo now.

Ali: Okay.

Scene Two: Street

Cam: It’s 39 minutes away. What the heck ahhhhhhh!

Ali: Okay let’s cancel and just ride in my BMW.

Cam: On the way back we better get a limo. If not I will be depressed. 

Ali: Oh wow. That’s not dramatic at all!

Cam: Whatever dude!

Ali: What?! I didn’t say you’re dramatic.

Cam: Can we just get the food? 

Ali: Yes. 

(They walks to Ali’s car. Ali looks in her pocket for her keys)

Ali: Uh oh… I left my keys in the car.

Cam: That’s helpful huh?!

Ali: Oh wait! I just remembered that I can unlock it with my fingerprint.

Cam: Then do it. 

(Ali put her fingerprint on the door handle and the car unlocked.)

Scene Three: Inside Car

Ali: Go to the other side and get in the passenger seat. I’m driving.

Cam: Ok.

(Ali started driving and a cop stopped her)

Cop: Miss, can I please see your license?

Ali: Sure. 

(License says: Age, 12. Name, Ali Smith)

Cop: Okay! Thank you!

(Ali continued driving)

Cam: There’s a chicken on the road

Chicken: Bok bok bok bok

Ali:  Oh my god!!!


(Ali drove into a trash can while she was trying to avoid the chicken)

Cam: Really, a trash can?! I think I should drive.

Ali: No! It’s my car and I didn’t want to drive into the chicken.

(Ali and Cam look at the car and it is not damaged at all, no scratches or dents)

Cam: Ummm you can’t drive. No offense.

Ali: Like you can drive better!

Cam: Just let me drive for a couple.

Ali: Oh my god no.

(Ali ran to the car and got in the driver’s seat before Cam. She turned on the car) 

Cam: If we don’t get food then I am going to be hangry.

Ali: Okay fine. 

(Cam got in the car and Ali drove to Shake Shack)

Scene Four: At Shake Shack

Cam: I will order for both of us. What do you want?

Ali: I’ll get a cookies and cream shake, a shack burger, and cheese fries.

Cam: I’m going to get a strawberry shake, a shack burger, and bacon fries. Let me go order. 

(Cam went to order and Ali got a table. Cam brought the food over.)

Ali: Ooh yum! I’ll get some straws.

(Ali went to go get some straws. She came back to the table, sat down and gave Cam a straw. They finished eating)

Cam: Let’s go shopping!!!

Ali: Okay, let’s go to Bergdorf Goodman. 

Cam: Gucci!

Ali: Versace!!

Cam: Jimmy Choo!

Ali: Dolce and Gabbana!! 

Cam: Let’s walk there.

Ali: Okay. It’s on 57 st and 5 ave.

Cam: Okay.

Ali: Let’s go.

(They walked all the way to Bergdorf Goodman.)

Cam: This store is horrid, let’s go to Gucci! 

Ali: Yeah, I agree. Fine we can go to Gucci but after that we go to Louis Vuitton.

Cam: Ok.

Ali: Let’s go.

Scene Five: Gucci Store

Cam: I have to buy a new pair of pants at Cucci so we need to be able to have enough time. 

Ali: Ooh okay!! We can get matching pants!

Cam: Ew, but ok. 

Ali: You’re so mean! That’s just a normal thing that cousins do!

Cam: It’s cringe.

Ali: Um… I was just kidding in the first place! You’re the paranoid one. 

Cam: Let’s buy what we want and go to Nike please. A new store opened close to here.

Ali: Ooh yessss! I need a new pair of Air Forces.

Cam: Yeah my Air Max 270’s just broke. 

Ali: Oh god. Yeah I don’t think I want a bag or a pair of shoes from Louis Vuitton. I was just kidding.

Cam: I agree let’s go!

Ali: Okay.

(Ali and Cam walked to the Nike store)

Scene Six: Nike Store

Cam: Ok the guide says floor two for teens let’s go!

Ali: Okay, I’m going to get a pair of shorts as well.

(Ali and Cam pick out their stuff and bring it to the cashier, two pairs of Air Force 1’s and 6 pairs of shorts)

Cashier: That will be $12,500 please!

(Ali and Cam pay)

Cashier: Thank you kind ma’am!

Cam: Let’s go to our mansions.

Ali: Okay. Mine or yours?

Cam: Mine!

Ali: Okay, okay.

Cam: Where’s your car? It’s pouring outside. Take this umbrella and go get the car. I will wait here for you. Leave your bags with me.

Ali: Okay.

(Ali goes to get the car, she drives back to the nike store and Cam gets in the car. Ali starts driving)

20 minutes later… 

Scene Seven: Cam’s Mansion

Ali: Your house looks like my cats’.

Cam: Teehee! I’m a cat lady. 

(Ali slaps her forehead)

Ali: You mean, crazy cat lady!

Cam: Sure!

Ali: Anyway… want to watch TV?

Cam: What do you want to watch?

Ali: Umm… Barney!

Cam: NO!

Ali: *chuckle* I was just saying that to see your reaction! I took a photo! *starts laughing*

(Ali shows Cam a photo of her face while saying, “No!”)

Cam: Fun, fun, fun in the sun.

Ali: Ummm… okay?

Cam: Ali, go follow me on insta.

Ali: I only follow my friends, or celebrities.

Cam: I’m more important than your friends. Follow me!!

Ali: Fine, I guess.

Cam: My account is cam.lopezz

Ali: Okay, mine is alis.graciie

Cam: Let’s take my Bugatti.

Ali: Okay.

Cam: I’m driving.

Ali: Okay, I’ll sit in the passenger seat.

(Ali looks outside the window and sees a robber)

Cam: Where should we go first?

Ali: Robber!!

Cam: Aaahhhhh!!!

Ali: There’s a robber in our houses!

Cam: Run!!!

(Ali and Cam run into their houses)

Ali: Get out of my house you evil robber!!!

Cam: All our money!!

Ali: He’s getting away!!

(Cam and Ali are worried and furious)

Cam: Run!!!

Ali:  No!! Call the cops!! We won’t be able to get him!!

Cam: I don’t have my phone!

Ali: I Do!! Well, I have mine… but it’s not charged.

Cam: He has my phone and is calling the cops!

(The robber calls the cops on Ali and Cam and frames them for robbing the houses. The cop comes)

Cop: Hands up and do not move!!

(Ali and Cam put their hands up)

Cop: You’re coming with me!

Cam: What?!

Ali: What? We didn’t do anything, this man robbed our mansions!

Cam: Exactly!

Cop: Well a man called and said two females identified as the famous Ali Grace and Cam Lopez robbed him! How do you explain that, huh?!

(Two police put handcuffs on Ali and Cam and take them to juvie)

Ali: Let me go! Let me go!!

Cam: Stop please!

(Ali bangs on the window)

Cam: What should we do?

Ali: I don’t know! I guess we have to deal with it.

Cam: Ugh ok.

Scene Eight: Court

Ali: We swear that we didn’t do it!

Judge: Where is your lawyer?

Ali: Here sir.

(Lawyer walks in)

Lawyer (Mr. Chimmins): Hello sir.

Judge: And why might your clients not have done this crime?

Mr Chimmins: You see, I was doing a photoshoot with Ms. Ali’s sister. She is a model and I am also a photographer. I just happened to take some photo evidence of the robber and the scared crying faces of Ms. Ali and Cam.

(Mr. Chimmins shows the Judge the photos)

Judge: Case closed! You two are proven not guilty but you have a fine. Ali: $1,000,000 and Cam: $1,000,000 as well

Cam: Let’s go Ali.

Ali: Okay fine. I guess I still have more!

Judge: Oh then I’ll take that too. 

Ali and Cam: Ugh!! We’re broke!!

The End

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