Pilla and Pimilla

Pilla and Pimilla were sisters who lived in a small town by a great big mountain called Mount Zilla. There had always been a town legend of an evil queen of snakes, Quilla, who lived atop the mountain. After their parents died in a “mysterious accident,” Pimilla and Pilla were each other’s only family. As they grew older, they noticed that they had strange powers to transform into animals. One day, the two girls went to their favorite restaurant, and Pilla suddenly disappeared. 


“Pimilla! Wake up sleepy head! Come outside with me and get some lunch! It’s 1:00! You have been sleeping for 16 hours,” she said.

“Just five more minutes,” she replied.

Five minutes later, they were on the path to Bear Burger.

“What am I going to eat? When I get to lunch, I’m going to have a turkey sandwich with a brioche bun and avocado on the side,” she sang.

“Pilla! Stop singing that annoying song!” Pimilla roared.

When they got there, they sat down, and it took over an hour for the waitress to deliver their food. They both fell asleep at the same time. Then Pimilla was so bored that she went to the bathroom and transformed into a beetle, then a horse, and back to a human. Then she finally walked back to their booth. She realized that Pilla was not there!

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she thought. Maybe she was kidnapped… hold on.

There was no time to lose, and she set off to the waitress, and even though she was just nineteen, Pimilla had a credit card.

“Hurry up!” she said… People were like sloths.

“Sign this, please,” the waitress asked patiently.

She held up her screen and Pimilla signed it very quickly, and the waitress gave Pimilla her card. Since Pimilla was 10 years older than Pilla, she could drive a car and she had a license. However, she was too hurried and forgot all about her car. Instead, she ran. Since the cement was still wet, she made out straight lines where something had been. She could also make out Pilla’s footprints, and she followed them for an hour until she found a mountain where the footsteps stopped. Pimilla transformed into a horse, and she galloped to the mountain. She knew all about the stories, so she predicted that Pilla was hidden there. The mountain itself looked pretty scary. On top was a big stone snake, and it looked very old, and then it came alive! 

“What do you want?” it asked.

Pimilla was too shocked to speak. Was she really seeing a stone animal speak to her? 

Answer!” the stone snake said.

“I came here for my sister,” Pimilla answered.

“Ahh. Well, that’s not going to happen. If you want your sister, you will have to get yourself and whatever-her-name-is out of prison.”

Before Pimilla could answer, there was a rumbling sound, and she could feel herself being dragged into the mountain! Then she heard a high-pitched squeal. She turned, and she saw Pilla. Then a huge snake pushed Pimilla into her cell and closed the door behind her. Pimilla pushed with all her might, but the door didn’t budge. Then she looked around the cell to find a way out. Instead, she found an old silver dagger.

“Don’t worry, Pilla,” Pimilla said. 

“I am never worried,” Pilla said.

Not paying attention to what her sister said, Pimilla freed herself from the cell by digging into the metal with the dagger. Then she freed Pilla next. Pimilla hugged her very tightly.

“Oh, Pilla! We will escape together! I just know it! As long as there’s magic and hope in the air, we know we can escape from these brutal, scary, and mad snakes! Now, let’s get a move on!”

They started to run away when one of the snakes stopped their path and the twins skidded to a stop.

“Oh! You are not going anywhere. I’ve heard that you can transform into a horse and beetle just like your mom! We captured your dad and your mommy who traveled to Mount Zilla. Lucky for us, our God Villa day is tomorrow, and on God Villa day we will murder you. This is because Quilla will awake for a sacrifice. And if we don’t feed you to Quilla, she will destroy Mount Zilla!” said the snake, seeing the confused looks on their faces.

Then he took a deep breath. These words struck Pimilla. What did the snake mean when it said that her parents had been here? Had the snakes killed her parents?

“Did you really say all of that in one sentence?” asked Pilla.

Pimilla jumped as she had forgotten that Pilla was even there, and she shrieked.

“What?” asked Pilla

“I’m sorry, I forgot all about you. You scared me half to death, also,” she added.

Pimilla cut the snake in half with the dagger and cut out the door. Over 1,000 snakes came chasing them, and they were poisonous too! It was turning dark, and Pimilla knew that in the morning the snakes would try to feed them to Quilla. There was a door at the base of the mountain and a button to close the door to the outside. The snakes pressed it, and the door slowly started to close. Pilla and Pimilla ran at full speed and slid under it just as started to close.

“We made it,” Pimilla spluttered.

They started to go back Bear Burger, and none of the snakes followed them because they were dueling Quilla. Quilla had awoken and was eating the snakes because she was angry that she hadn’t received a sacrifice. Now the snakes were defeated! When they got back to Bear Burger, there were two ghosts sitting in their booth. They were the sisters’ mom and dad. 

“I was so worried, so your father and I thought we should come and visit, so here we are. We also want you to know that no one else can see us except you both,” said their ghost moma.

Pimilla told them about their adventures, and they believed every single word of it. They were so glad that their daughters had defeated the evils of Mount Zilla once and for all. Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!

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