The Big Cat Adventure

One day Justice and her best friend Kimberly were working on their science project about cats, because they loved cats. The only thing that they wanted in the world was a cat.

They were almost done with their project when all of a sudden, a trash can tipped over and fell on Kimberly’s head. Justice stood up to see if anybody was in the classroom, but she did not see anybody. So, they rushed to the bathroom to get all the stuff off of her. The teacher came in the bathroom and told them that they could go home.

As they were walking down the street, they saw the same man that they saw every day in the candy store talking to the merchant. But as they were crossing the street, they saw the same man in neater clothes. They also heard people saying that he was the richest man in the city. Kimberly and Justice were so confused.

They opened  the door to Kimberly’s house and went to her room to get ready for their sleepover. After they ate dinner, they worked on their project. There was good news and bad news. The good news was that they completed their project, and the bad news was everybody in the city was sick with a stomach virus.  But, Kimberly and Justice were not sick.

Kimberly and Justice went for a walk. They noticed that the cat adoption center was closing down. They went inside to see what was going on. They asked the storekeeper why he was closing down. The man said that he was sick and all of the cats were gone.

For two minutes they were staring at eachother. They asked why the cats left. The storekeeper said they did not leave. They were stolen by the most wanted person in the world. His name was The Black Dove.

For a moment it was silent. The storekeeper also said that everywhere The Black Dove went, he would put a curse on the city with his magic wand. Justice told Kimberly that they had to go and find The Black Dove. At first, Kimberly said it would be too dangerous, but after a few minutes, she changed her mind. They went to their houses, packed everything they needed, and went off to find The Black Dove.

As they were walking,  they found out that they were in a swamp. Kimberly said, “OMG, it smells like a  mix of rancid mayo, pickles, and a local dumpster, rotting in a hot garbage bag in July.”

Justice actually liked the smell of the swamp. A few minutes later, they were in the in the deepest part of the swamp. Halfway out of the swamp, there was a note on a strange rock that looked like a plate of cheese. The note said, “BEWARE OF TRAPS PLEASE.”

This could not be true. They took the note with them anyway. As they were crossing a very old, long log, the two girls got caught in a net. It must have been one of the traps to stop them from finding The Black Dove. They looked in their bags to see if they could find anything to get them out of the net.

“This is all your fault, Justice!” said Kimberly.

“My fault? What did I do?” asked Justice.

“If you did not want to come here and get your stupid cats, we would not be stuck here,” Kimberly said.

“STUPID? I thought you loved cats,” said Justice.

They were fighting for fifteen minutes. After they were done fighting, they continued looking for things to get them out of the net. Kimberly decided to turn back and go home but Justice chose to keep on going.

Before they could leave, they had to get out of the net. They found a rope in their bag. They cut the rope in half, cut the top of the net, and wrapped the rope around a tree. They used the other half to slide down the rope.

So, Kimberly went back home and Justice went to find the lost kittens. Justice was really scared and felt bad that she had no one to encourage her. She started to get so scared that she almost thought of turning back. But she had to save those kittens. As she was walking, she found herself in another city. And there she saw the same man in the candy store talking to the merchant. She went inside to get a closer look at him. She noticed that it was The Black Dove, because she remembered that the man in the cat store said that he pretends to be someone he is not. So, she thought that he was pretending to be poor, so he could fool the merchant and steal things.

Justice said to herself that she should just follow him, and maybe it would lead her to the kittens. She followed The Black Dove and he lead her to his hideout. While The Black Dove  was sleeping, she found the cats and took them back home.

Everybody was well,  and it was all because of Justice. She called Kimberly and said that she was sorry. And they became best friends again.

But, all of a sudden, The Black Dove came for the kittens. Kimberly went up to him. She looked at him. She was the first one ever to scare away The Black Dove. He had a black outfit. His face was half white and half black. And he had a curly mustache. Just by looking at him, The Black Dove got scared and ran to his hideout. Justice felt really upset that she did not scare The Black Dove, but she felt happy for her best friend because she helped the city.

Everybody was safe, and Justice and her best friend Kimberly finally got their cats that they wanted. And they lived a happy life.


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