The Big Fright

“So, you’re planning to stay over Mr. Moore?”

Mr. Moore and his companions were desperate to make sure this wouldn’t go wrong. Staying at the house, and the only place while in their travels, surely wouldn’t be that bad. I mean, what could go wrong? It was better than staying at a hotel.

“Sure,” said Mr. Moore.

But what they did not know was that the house was haunted.

The owner directed everyone to their rooms, including Mr. Moore. His room was perfect, as usual. It was complete with a king size bed, decorative walls, and large work tables. Mr. Moore put on his pajamas and went to sleep.

At night, Mr. Moore was rocking back and forth on his bed. He could hear knocking noises and strange sounds from other guests’ rooms. He noticed that someone was coming up to his room. He got so scared that he jumped up and realized it was morning. It was all just a dream.

When Mr. Moore woke up, he hadn’t noticed anything unusual, other than the light bulb was on the floor, broken, but that may have just been from him waking up so violently. Mr. Moore went to the dining room, where he went over for breakfast. Mr. Moore moved to drink his cup of coffee when the owner went and made an announcement.

He said, “Listen up, I know most of you witnessed or heard of the violent break in last night. I am trying my best to find what is going on. But you must be patient.”

Mr. Moore continued with his coffee while looking suspicious.

That night, Mr. Moore went to his room. One of the main differences was that there were guards at his room. He went to bed to look out for anything going wrong. That night, Mr. Moore had more violent dreams. He spent most of the night rocking. When he woke up, he noticed the guards were missing. He also noticed that one of the guests was missing.

During the next night, Mr. Moore decided to try something different. He decided to get his friends and go find some clues. He looked around the house, and he couldn’t find anything. Just when Mr. Moore was about to lose hope, he suddenly stopped. One of his friends noticed a hidden code in one of the walls. In the wall right next to the piano, if you shined your flashlight, you found some secret writing on the walls. The secret writing was a weird language he couldn’t understand.

Mr. Moore then touched the symbols and it opened a secret passage. Inside, Mr. Moore found lots of cobwebs. He also thought he could see a shadowy figure. He then continued moving until he found a box of decaying skulls. When he shined his flashlight at the box, he saw the shadowy figure. He then decided to walk along the corridors of the alley. Everything was dark and deserted and seemed to be remnants of an old area, almost like an extra room in the house. Mr. Moore could find beds, broken table lamps, and he even found blueprints of the rooms, including a map of the area. He found a door and when he opened it, He was terrified. He found a decaying body, and it was moving like a zombie. Mr. Moore immediately went out and closed the door. He started running away, only to realize he didn’t know how to get out. Panicking, he quickly decided that if he wanted to get out, he had to stay alive. He quickly went over and looked around, shining his flashlight to look for clues. As he was looking around, his flashlight lost battery. He quickly ran to the entrance, and he heard a mysterious sound. Once he turned around, he was grabbed by the shadowy figure.

When he woke up, Mr. Moore found himself in bed with his usual cup of coffee.

“We mysteriously found you last night,” said the owner. “You would have died. We haven’t found any of the others. Out of all the guests who disappeared, you’re the only we found,” he added.

Mr. Moore, despite being in perfect condition, still wanted to find out what was going on. Why was there a secret area? What was it for? These questions would remain a mystery. Mr. Moore decided to pass off the investigation. Mr. Moore felt that everyone was in danger and decided to get the police.

When he told the police, they didn’t believe him. They forced Mr. Moore into a court trial to prove what he was saying was correct.

“What is this, Stephen King!?” said the police chief. He also added, “Get me the best judge.”


It was the day of the court trial. Mr. Moore was on one side with his lawyer, while the disagreeing side went to one of the top attorney. The court trial began. The judge smashed his gavel, and the jury was watching.

“This man is lying,” said the top attorney.

“Why?” said the judge.

“Who would believe a story like that? I can prove it to you,” said the top attorney.

The judge said, “Why don’t we have the other side deal with it?”

Mr. Moore’s lawyer said, “It is true. I can prove it to you. Bring me a witness.”

The first witness was Timmy, who was visiting out of the country and staying at the house. Timmy said, “I don’t know anything.”

Mr. Moore’s lawyer decided to get another witness.

The next witness was Jake, who had come over because the owner was his friend. Jake said, “I’ve heard about the attacks. I don’t know much.”

No one, not even the jury, would believe him.

Mr. Moore finally decided to get one more witness, who was the owner. The owner first presented a picture. The jury thought it was fake. Then a video. They thought it was fake. Then, the owner decided to do one last presentation.

He told Mr. Moore to get out because it was something personal of his.

Mr. Moore could hear in the waiting room. The owner showed them the blueprints. The attorneys didn’t understand and sent police to check it out. Mr. Moore was very suspicious.

Meanwhile, the police were with the owner and saw the secret room. They noticed everything and started believing him. Before they could say a word, they were grabbed by the shadowy figure.

The judge was shocked that it was midnight and the police hadn’t come. Mr. Moore left, concluding his suspicions. He finalized his thoughts, and came to the conclusion that the owner was causing all the mishap in the house. Quickly, Mr. Moore did something no one else would do. It turned out that the people who disappeared were stuck in a vault, all crammed together. Before they could do anything, a tank blew up the back of the vault. It was Mr. Moore in the tank. He was contacting a local boat crew on a ship. He blew up the other parts of the room, including the skulls and hallways. It was only then that he noticed that the owner of the house was fixing the area.

“You are a traitor,” said Mr. Moore. “You made the guests disappear. You are bad,” he added.

The owner said, “No I’m not. I noticed the accidents going on and felt that there was something I needed to do. You were strolling around and I went and saved you.”

Mr. Moore said, “So you were the shadowy figure.”

The owner said, “Yes, I was.”

Mr. Moore answered, “But what happened to the police.”

The owner said, “I don’t get it, the police disappeared?”

Mr. Moore said, “Yeah, you didn’t hear? The shadowy figure took them. You were the shadowy figure I saw multiple times.”

The owner said, “I was only there once.”

Mr. Moore said, “Wait, wasn’t one of the guests your twin? He should know about the secret room. But if it wasn’t you, was it him?” Mr. Moore was watching in horror as he noticed something terribly wrong. Something very terribly wrong.


The End?

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