The Boy Named Dave

Dave was a very special boy. He had powers. When he saw something he liked, all he had to say in his head was “Get it,” and he used his magical powers and got whatever he saw. Dave was very, very, very rich. He had 90 houses and 60 beach houses. The house he always lived in was in America. It was 120 feet tall, and inside, it was 500 square feet. He had everything he wanted, except a friend. He went to school, and no one ever wanted to sit next to him because he thought they would brag to them too much. Dave was sad most of the time because he didn’t have any friends. He always tried to make friends, but no one wanted to be friends because they thought he would always brag.

He opened his lunch box and said, “I want a friend.”

This girl named Matthews said to him, “I am not going to be your friend. And that’s it!”

Everyone in the lunch room said, “Yeah!!!”

Then the teacher, Ms. Roses, said, “What’s all this yelling about?”

“That was Dave, he was yelling and bragging about his house,” Matthews said.

“Dave, why are you bragging about your house? We know you’re rich, too,” Ms. Roses said.

“You can’t yell and brag about you, Dave,” Ms. Roses said. Ms. Roses was a sweet delight.

“Dave, I will cut off your recess,” she said. “And while you don’t have that much recess time, you will be doing extra homework.”

“But it wasn’t it me, it was Matthews. She said she would never be my friend and everyone started screaming ‘yeah.’”

“Well, I think most of us say that you did and it’s not very nice to lie so it’s two extra minutes.”

Dave is really mad. Then he sees this girl named Julia. Julia was Dave’s age, they were both 12 years old. Julia never knew that Dave was rich. She only had five friends and they were very nice. Dave said, “Hi, do you have any friends?”

“Not much, but yeah,” she said.

“Hey, do you want to–”

Chuck, the biggest bully in the school came over and said, “Look, Julia’s talking to Mr. Fancy Pants.”

Everyone laughed. Dave felt very sad. “Don’t be sad, Dave. You can be my friend.”

Julia was really sweet, she said, “Come on, you can meet my other friends, Percy, Sparkle, Peter, Diamond, and my sister, Jules.” They call it the friends club for people who don’t have that many friends. Peter had glasses. He never liked girls, and he always thought that girls were just, like, weird. But then Peter met Julia and then he started liking them. Percy loved riding horses. Her mom named her after her horse, and she is really calm and doesn’t talk that much. Sparkle and her sister, Diamond, live in a beautiful house. Diamond and Sparkle want to be famous fashion designers. When they work together, they make beautiful dresses with diamonds and sparkles. Jules loved reading, and she was very smart. Julia liked reading too.
“You can come to my house and help me build a treehouse,” Julia said.

“Don’t worry,” Dave said, “You can come to my tree house because no one is ever in there.” They decided that was a good idea. Once they got to his house their jaws were open. They felt amazed. He said, “Come this way to the house.” They saw the inside of the house and were even more amazed. They saw everything and a movie theater. When they were looking around, they bumped into something. It was his tree house. It was beautiful! They went upstairs and saw that the inside was beautiful too.

They closed the door, and everyone sat on the couch inside the tree house. “Now all we have to do is make a sign that says the friends club,” Dave said. They went in the club house.

They started making signs, the signs said “Friends Club.” Dave said, “Next thing we have to do is make a secret handshake to make sure that no one goes in our clubhouse.”

They said, “Let’s do it!”

Dave said, “Is there anything that you guys want to do?”

Jules said, “Yes. I want to put bows on the treehouse so that it could be fancier.”

Peter said, “I think that would be just too girly. We need something cool! Like rocket ships and aliens.”

Just then Dave said, “No guys. We’ll just keep it as it is, not too girly and not too boy-y.”

Just then Sparkle said, “Well you might want to add some sparkles.”

Diamond said, “You might want to add some diamonds.”

Dave said, “Let’s just leave it as it is.” Then they went in the clubhouse. Dave said, “You know, a talent show is coming up. We could practice for the talent show.”

Sparkles said, “Good but I want to go to Grandmas.”

So they went into the tree house and Dave said, “Oh, there you guys are!”

“And we got you a cinnamon muffin” said Sparkle.

“I know what we should do!” said Dave. “We should sing. I’ll be the singer, Peter will be the drummer, Sparkle will be the harp player, Peter drummer, Diamond will play the bass, Jules will be the other singer, and Julia will be a dancer.”

Julia asked, “Why are you being so bossy?”

“Why are you telling us what to do?” said Peter. Diamond, Sparkle, and Jules agreed too.

Dave said, “No! You can do whatever you want! I think the song should be slow, like a slow song.”

But nobody listens. “Guess what!” he yelled. “I don’t need you in my club.” But, secretly, he cried when they left. He said to himself, “I still have to do the talent show. I have three weeks.”

He wrote a song at his music studio with music teacher, Colongo. But the song that he was writing was bad. He ate lots of apples, he let his wire engineer person test the microphones. He let his costume designer make five costumes in case his friends showed up. They were blue with sparkles. The dresses had diamonds and sparkles, so he hoped that Diamond and Sparkle would like them. He was being nice and caring again. He let his artist designer make a beautiful scene. It was blue, there was a canoe, the canoe was blue, and the moon was singing too.

Then he said, “Colongo! That’s my song!”

On the last day, Dave practiced as much as he could. And then, it was the morning of the contest. He drank some water just to warm up. Then Tappidy Toes Shows came up with Tina and Tania. The Applause Meter said that they were right in the middle. And then all the other shows came up. He started to become really nervous because all of them were so good. And then the host announced, “Dave and Blue Moons!”

So then, Dave looked behind him. He saw his group. He saw Diamond, Sparkle, Julia, Jules, and Peter. Dave felt happy.

Diamond said, “We’re here to do the show.”

Then Dave said, “Here! Put these costumes on.” He throws them the costumes.

Sparkle saids, “Very sparkly!”

Diamond saids, “I like the diamonds on it.” They could tell that he was now thoughtful and caring, and they appreciated it.

Then Jules said, “Nice costume but we have to go on.”

Dave said, “Yeah, come on. You might not know the music but Julia, you are the best dancer and you can do any dance. And the rest of you guys, you can do whatever you want.”

They sang the song and they won first prize!

“Congratulations!” said the host. “You win fifteen million dollars!”


Dave said, “Guys, it’s your choice. What do you guys want to do with the money?”

They said, “Hmm…”

“Buy new outfits!” said Sparkle and Diamond.

Then, Peter said, “Buy a real live alien pet.”

Dave said, “First of all, I don’t think we should do that. Second of all, I don’t think we could do that, anyway.”

Then everyone said, “Yeah, I don’t think we can do that.”

And then, Jules and Julia said it. “I think that we should buy new decorations for our clubhouse. We can buy books and desks.”

Dave said to Peter, “I know! We can make rocket ships and make them blast off with science.” He said to Sparkle and Diamond, “And we can have some Sparkles and Diamonds.”

Dave said, “We’re gonna buy all of that.” And they went to the store.



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