The Calf Who Lost Her Mom

Once there was a calf who lost its mom, and he needed to pass an obstacle full of lava. It was a river, and the calf thought he would have to swim through to get to the other side. 

But the lava was actually water that lights up. The calf stayed at a hotel to sleep for the night. The next day, the calf was ready. He was ready for the challenge up ahead. He was going across the world to the ex-lava river.

He went to the ex-lava river, and it felt comfortable and warm. He swam across, but he didn’t know he was starting to drown. And then he sank down under the ex-lava river. He could still see the water, and then he walked under water and spotted a ramp at the end. He climbed up the ramp then got to his mom.

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