The Case of the Missing Ruby

Miles Sharplake, better known as Detective Sharp, was busy playing on his Wii U when suddenly his partner, Patrick, hollered in his ear.

“Sharp, come here, take a look at this.”

Sharp, who was tired and wanted to relax playing Mario Kart, walked over. “What is it?”

Patrick told him to look at the other TV. The newscaster said there was a ruby worth 11 million dollars that had been stolen from the museum. Police had studied the scene of the crime, but no evidence was found. Sharp, who was really smart, knew what to do.

“Sharp, I think you can solve this,” said Patrick.

Sharp said, “Well then, let’s do this. But this is my last case. Oh crap, why another case?”

Sharp and Patrick went to the museum to check out the crime scene. When they looked at the dome featuring the ruby, they saw that it was gone. The tour guide was there, along with the police chief. The police chief was questioning the tour guide about what happened the night before since the tour guide has to help the janitor with cleaning up.

“Last night, I was asked to stay for a few more hours. When I went near the ruby, I swear I saw the ruby float. Then, something hit me, and I was knocked unconscious,”  said the tour guide.

“Say, is there anyone who knows about this ruby?” asked Sharp. The tourist told him that Bob could help.

“Bob isn’t here right now, but I know his address.”

“Well then, next stop: Bob’s house,” said Sharp.

Inside Bob’s house, there was a person with chips and soda on his couch. He was watching TV. The newscaster said that new, advanced technology had been invented, specifically gravity guns. The museum would put gravity guns in the displays. That segment immediately shocked Sharp. Gravity guns, museum, what did this all have to do with the ruby?

Sharp and Patrick immediately went to the police chopper. “Here comes the big experiment,” said the chief. There was a scientist who was using a gravity gun  for testing purposes. The gravitational force shot at the rock, pushing it.

“Perfect. Tomorrow, meet me at the museum,” said Sharp.

Sharp and Patrick went to the museum that night in night guard disguises and snuck into the building.

“Have you got the magnifying glass?”

“Yep, I do.”

“Quick, get to the ventilation system.”

Inside, Sharp and Patrick went and crawled under the laser security all the way into the famous display of minerals. “The thief is ready to go.” Suddenly, a voice was heard. “Ready aim― what the…” The whole room went pitch black.

“The power’s out,” said Sharp. “Quick, get me the flashlight, Patrick.” Suddenly, the power came back on. Police were surrounding the criminal. “Hey, we don’t know who we’re dealing with,” said Patrick.

“But I do,” said Sharp.

“Sharp, you know who this is?”

“Well well well, if it isn’t my old friend Thomas,” said Sharp. “Let me explain. A long time ago, when I started going to college for my degree, I met Thomas. We did experiments together, we helped each other in math class, we were basically best friends. Until one day, tragedy struck when Thomas went broke.

He had no money and no job. But, this was after our graduation. He moved over to Texas, and I never saw him again. Or did I? When I was playing on online mode of Mario Kart, some guy hacked on my account. He referred to himself as an old friend. When I heard that the ruby was stolen, I remembered the tragedy. And to this day I know what happened. Thomas knew that the ruby was worth 11 million bucks. He tried to use the gravity guns in the safe room to steal the ruby.”

“So you knew who the thief was, but you kept it a secret,” said Patrick.

“Yep, I did.”

“Sharp, you’ve done a wonderful job,” said the police chief.

“Yes, yes. Thank you, but please call me Miles. I will no longer solve crimes, I need to focus more on relaxing.”

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