The Castle of Love

Once upon a time, there lived a princess, queen, and king. They wanted to be very rich, but they did not have much money. They became king and queen because they were rich. Other people had $10, but they had almost $100,000, but there was someone way richer than them. They had $100,035, but that was from their army for fighting against England.

They became a little rich because they worked very hard for the high jungle every day to see plants and animals. The family had eight pet unicorns and 50 pet dragons and three horses. The first dragon was named Rainbow, the second was named Pretty, the third was named Beauty, the fourth was named Rainy, the fifth was named Rosie, the sixth was named Uni, the seventh was named Nature, and the final one was named Yummy. The unicorns were named the color hair they had. The first one was named Gold, and the next one was named Silver. The third was named Pink, the fourth was named Purple, the fifth was named Turquoise, the sixth was named Brownie, the seventh was named Rainbow, and the fifth was named Rainbow Gold. The army was named the Rich Army on Earth. Rainbow was a generous and kind unicorn. She could do anything for the family, but she was usually mean to everyone else because she didn’t like anyone else talking to her. Her friends didn’t know how this would happen. If she didn’t know anyone and she didn’t want to meet anyone new, how did she make friends?

Rainbow was almost a teenager because she was nine years old. Her next birthday was tomorrow. Maybe she must be magical. And the princess was very happy, but they had lots of money because they took care of all their pets, so they had been richer than ever. And they lived happily ever after.

The end.


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