The Caught Happy and Sad

Chapter 1


A monkey lost its bananas. He wanted more because he was King Monkey. He traveled a long long distance and finally found pineapples and he thought, “Are pineapples good?” He tried and he puked. He said, “I need a companion,” so he robbed a store and took a big fat cat named Pig. Now King Monkey had a friend. They journeyed long. Back at King Monkey’s old forest the animals were really happy because King Monkey left and King Monkey ate all the bananas so the animals hid the bananas. Now the animals ate the bananas. So King Monkey returned and said, “Me and Pig are so hungry.”

The animals gave Pig and King Monkey lots and lots bananas and everybody was happy but then God Monkey slaved everybody. They ate all the bananas and King Monkey said, “We want freedom,” but the God Monkey said, “Never!”

So the King Monkey said, “We’ll leave,” so all the animals traveled and found a new forest with lots of bananas and the Monkey God was gone and everybody was happy. Parades happened and the King Monkey was a god.


Chapter 2


Pig the cat stole something really cool but a bad guy named Grok wanted it because he was the last Gorilla. But nobody knew that so he was a bad guy. So a Pig knew that he was lonely and he knew that in that gem there were more Gorillas. So one night Pig took the gem and when Grok came Pig gave Grok the gem and Grok spilled out baby Gorillas and so Pig was the hero and Grok was not lonely and everything was peaceful. Then another Monkey came and tried to overthrow King Monkey so he burned the forest but just in time Grok and his huge spaceship saved the Animals so Grok and the Animals split the ship in half.


Chapter 3


Now the Animals starting planting trees and they built a huge tree fort and then the Animals got their own ship. Then the God Monkey came and started a war. You’re asking me, where are the guns? Well the animals had blow pipes with darts and catapults would launch rocks. The animals were going to lose but Donkey Kong came and smashed the ship. The animals thanked Donkey Kong, then Pig and King Monkey went to the pond and a ghost went out and said, “I shall give you two powers, Pig fire and King Monkey water. You shall lead your kingdom to peace.” Then the ghost handed the two heroes pipes, one for Pig and one for King Monkey. One was fire and one was water. A god king tried and tried to win. They lost as the animals wanted to go back to earth.

They did and created a huge tree fort which was guarded by a river that surrounded the fort. There was one way across and started a guard system but to ruin the party, the God Monkey attacked and got his house on fire and his army got splashed with a tidal wave. The God Monkey surrendered after two years of fighting.Then the animals attacked the God King and won then left. Now they were emperors. Pig said, “Let’s have a party,” but they now that the god monkey will attack and dig underground and they set a trap and they won easy peasy. Then they were extremely powerful. Pig Mice and King Monkey went on their spaceship and found a new planet and they went back to earth and moved all the animals to the planet and they owned their own planet built fortresses and were happy. Then Grok visited and attacked and won but a huge rebellion came and won. Now Pig and King Monkey started a huge war and won. Then a ghost  came and talked to King Monkey and Pig.


Chapter 4


When Pig talked, the ghost said, “If you find a mouse you shall get powers.” So King Monkey and Pig found a mouse but it was guarded by a huge shark. So King Monkey got its water and took it out of the shark. Now the shark was dead. They ate the mice and got powers. Now there was a new bad guy. They were enslaved and lost their powers. There was no hope. So it was a lot of years and sadly King Monkey died so it was up to Pig. Before you knew it they were free back to their planet. Pig was the King Pig and he was unstoppable as he aged past things called humans. They attacked and lost. Then Pig went to earth and went to the place where King Monkey got him and there was one cat that he loved. She loved Pig too. They went together back to Pig’s planet came and had a baby cat. Then a witch came and tried to take the baby but when the witch was flying on her broomstick. Pig snapped it and the witch died. Then the modern ages came and the animals were using phones. It was crazy. Then the ghost came but it wasn’t the ghost, it was King Monkey. Pig’s jaw dropped and said, “You are King Ghost.”

“Yes,” said King Monkey. “Pretty cool.”                                                                                                                           

Then Pig went to the laser of death and ran through it so fast that it burned half of his face off. Then King Monkey came and healed Pig then left. Pig got some more powers. Then Grok came for a visit and never attacked, but then there he was, an old enemy with a huge army. The God King came again. The animals got their real tanks and machine gun. It was an easy win because Pig just splashed them with a huge tidal wave. Then Pig went to the river which was dried up and found the only animal that lived. There was a dead fish that was two centimeters big and was filled with bones which Pig hated but Pig had water powers so he just took out the water and killed the fish then put the water back for no reason. Then they had a problem. Dog God destroyed the city but just in time Pig escaped. He had to face his fears. He tried and but he couldn’t and it was so tough. Finally he won and got his animals back to life but they had really good news: God Monkey was dead.

Then God Dog came and attacked Pig’s village. Pig had to run away because he was afraid of dogs. He went to his most favorite place in his life, which was in the middle of the planet. That was his hideout against God Dog because God Dog hated bugs and Pig the cat loved bugs. He went there and found God Dogs and splashed them with tidal waves. Then he took his real water gun, which could kill animals. Now he wanted to form a group so he went back to earth to search for more cats. When he got back from earth, he had a whole group of cats with water guns that had bazookas that if you press for a long time it would shoot a long shark. So they had a plan and that plan was to dress up as dog guards of the palace and hopefully enter the palace and go into the throne room. By the time they got to the city, it was night time. That was good for them, because that means a lot of dogs were on guard and it made sense that they were on guard.

As they went to the palace, they had a huge security check and their plan worked and they were in the palace. Pig showed all the other cats where the throne room was and they had a little radio which connected to a helicopter that would fly on top and land on the roof. And since it was night time, guards couldn’t see them. As the two groups met up, Pig’s group and another cat’s group, they started charging to the throne room. When the busted open the doors with a grenade, they saw that the God Dog knew they were going to come. There were two tanks and five billion people and Pig knew that they were outnumbered, but since they were fighters and they wanted their freedom, they charged still. The first move that Pig did was his usual huge tidal wave, which knocked out half of God Dog’s army. As the war continued, Pig’s teammates started falling and dying. More than half of Pig’s group had been dead. There was only like twenty of them left. They kept fighting and they finally killed the last twenty dogs. Then Pig and his teammates ran out to the stairs that leads to the real throne room. They realize that they would always be outnumbered so they called for reinforcements.

But now Pig wanted at least five snipers on the roof so that Pig wouldn’t get attacked from behind and they could start working on the army that was in the throne room. Pig had one idea left to do, which was his plan B. It was to throw a huge bomb into the throne room and explode all of them except for God Dog and as the plan finally worked successfully, they asked for more reinforcements. They entered the room. The guards made up a huge wall in the middle and none of the God Dogs could get in and they would starve to death. Now when Pig and his teammates walked up the stairs, they saw that God Dog was sleeping. This was perfect because now God Dog couldn’t call for more dogs. Pig finally wanted to bring him home and torture him until he was dead. Right when he was about to die, the ghost of God Monkey came up and told Pig to finally finish him off. Pig took the knife that King Monkey gave to Pig when he was about to die and stabbed God Dog.

They went back to the city and threw the body into the throne room and all the God Dogs still thought he was sleeping. Now Pig had an excellent plan, which was to wait until the God Dogs made more medicine and when they had a lot, Pig would attacked and finally recapture his planet. And Pig’s plan worked. His people were free. They put all the God Dogs in prison where every day they would go in a room with a tarantula and if some of them survived, they would put them into a firepit and if they survived that, they would drown them and then if they survived that they would get tortured until they die. And the worst would be to make the feel like they were drowning until they would give evidence. Then they would be fed food and they would do it again and again.

As Pig and his teammates got more and more information about where his team was, they finally headed to where the dogs had said it was and they saw how it was a happy planet. It had a lot more guard dogs than on Pig’s planet. So Pig attacked and won. As they got more information about the God Dog, they went to this river that the dogs had been talking about that only God Dog could talk to. The dogs said if you take a bath in there you would become special. So, Pig took a bath in there, but it was a lie. Pig became a villain. Once Pig was about to destroy earth with a laser cannon, King Monkey showed up and said, “You are being fooled my young Jedi.”

“No I’m not,” Pig said.

“Yes you are!” said King Monkey.

“You are too weak minded. I must teach you the right ways to be a true emperor,” said Pig.

But King Monkey was too strong and wise.

Then Pig tried to get a knife and stab King Monkey, but since King Monkey was a ghost, the knife went right through him. King Monkey reached to Pig’s forehead. And Pig saw how earth was really a good planet and shouldn’t be destroyed. King Monkey showed Pig that he had been fooled by dogs. Now that Pig was in the dogs’ huge spaceship, he clicked two buttons, which no one noticed. Only his teammates. Those two buttons were to self-destruct the ship and the earth. So his teammates and him went into the space ship just before the dog’s planet and ship exploded.

Pig now had all the things he needed to destroy the galaxy, but Pig was a good guy so he didn’t. But there was only one more emperor that could destroy the galaxy. His name was Soy Sauce. The reason why he was dangerous is because he could use soy sauce to flame everyone.

Pig knew that his final destiny was to destroy Soy Sauce. When Pig traveled to his galaxy, he saw that Soy Sauce’s base was really guarded and no big ships would be able to pass. Only Pig’s transportation ship would be able to pass. So Pig knew that to destroy the force field, he would need bigger ships and he would have to go to the command center. Pig and his teammates quickly went through the force field and started attacking the force field base. But Pig didn’t really attack, he only used his big fat babies. With his big fat babies, he catapulted them into the base and squashed every body. Now that the base was destroyed, Pig was ready to attack, but he also wasn’t ready. He went to his usual dried up river, went to his base and started building a huge ship. Now Pig just had to make a huge army. Now that Pig made a huge army and huge ship, he attacked and lost but Pig realised that Soy Sauce was actually God Monkey. Pig farted when he realized that and he was so mad he kept on farting   

Pig kicked but said a baby animal Pig went to the planet and won so Pig was a really awesome but he went back to earth found the burned-down forest. Then he met four brothers: Nicholas the air, Matthieu the lame water, Gaetan the lamest earth ever, even the not flames. Pig gave them a new house but the house was filled with explosives. Pig and his teammates easily destroyed them and then went to the Doom Forest and met a girl named Ruby, but Pig was so fat that Ruby’s town fell to the Doom Forest and the villagers said to kill them. But Pig splashed them then left. Then Pig went to Siberia and learned magic and Pig went to the ghoulish and learned magic but blew the library then visited Siberia and when Pig never thought twice and kind  of made the town fall then Pig summoned Matthieu and Nicholas. Then the three men went to Ally’s house and Ally told the secret to Pig but Pig could not help it so he told everybody, and then gave Ally more food and a tent that would inflate if you pressed a button. Then the three men followed Matty and her sister to the forest and when they were trapped in the cave, Pig took a bazooka and blew up the exit. Then the tree went to Ally and he knew that Ally’s house would be attacked and get destroyed so Pig came and killed the bad guys then left. Pig had one more plan. First he summoned the rest of the brothers and people and had a huge party and everybody was happy.

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