The Coat of Nature

Chestnut is from the bark of the towering trees, in the forest yet to be explored.

Bay is from the rich soil on the ground in that forest, dark and wild, not yet trodden on by foot or hoof.

Palomino is from the golden rays of sunlight peeking through the leaves of the trees

and buckskin from the light dancing across and illuminating the shadow underneath the branches.

Paint is from the splotchy patterns of the leaves and the sky, the light and the shadow, the trees and the ground

as you spin around and around in the forest, the colors mix together like an elaborate painting.

Roan is from the earth and the water, the ripe wild berries growing in small clusters, and the river reflecting the bright blue sky.

Black is from the darkness of the night as the sun sets under the horizon, the moon and stars decorating the night sky as shadows embrace the forest.

The color of all the forest at peace, blending together into the darkness, to be awoken again by the rising sun to show the coat of nature once more.   

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