The Color of the Sky

Many moons ago, there were two colors named Blue and Turquoise. They both claimed to be the color of the sky. 

One day, they both saw a flyer on the wall that said, “Prove that you are the color of the sky and you can win a hundred dollars! Come on December 8th, 1876.” Blue and Turquoise were very intrigued by this flyer so they both ran home to ask their parents if they could do it.

 Blue got home first and asked, “Can I go to this event?” Blue showed her parents the flier. Her parents said, 

“Sure, why not.”

Blue jumped with joy and ran all around the whole neighborhood.

Meanwhile, Turquoise was trying to convince his parents that he should go to the event too, but Turquoise’s parents were a lot stricter than Blue’s parents. 

“Please let me go, please,” Turquoise begged. 

“What is the meaning of this event?” asked Turquiose’s dad.

“The meaning of this event is to finally answer the question that we have had for centuries, what is the color of the sky. Plus you win a hundred dollars if you can prove that you are actually the color of the sky.” Turquiose’s parents were in a group huddle, probably talking about if he could go to the event.

“Your father and I have decided to let you go, plus we also talked about dinner. We are ordering McDonalds.”

“YAY YAY YAY!” exclaimed Turquoise. He was super happy.

Chapter 2: Practicing

Blue and Turquoise both realized that they needed to practice for the big event. They had two days until the big event. Turquoise saw Blue practicing. She was really good but Turquoise was not scared so he walked up to her and said,

“Do you want to practice with me?” 

“Of course!” Blue replied. “ Maybe the park could be our practice spot!” 

“Sure!” Turquoise responded.  So they practiced for the rest of the day.

The next day, Blue was at the park waiting for Turquoise but he did not show up until 20 minutes after he was supposed to show up.

“Why are you so late?” Blue said. Blue was frustrated because they usually had an hour to practice, now they only had 40 minutes to practice.

“Sorry,” Turquoise said, “I was, umm, umm… walking the dog.”

“Stop lying to me,” Blue said with an angry voice.

“I am not lying!” Turquoise exclaimed.

“I know you’re lying because you don’t have a dog!” Blue said. “So why were you really late?!”

“Because you are so much better than me I was worried and lost track of time.” Turquoise was telling the truth. “I am sorry.”

“I accept your apology, but why didn’t you just tell the truth in the first place?” Blue added.

“Because I thought you would laugh at me or be angry,” Turquoise said.

“I would never do that to you because you are my friend,” Blue said, “Now are you ready to start practicing?”

“Of course!” Turquoise said with joy. So they practiced for 35 minutes so they could get a little extra sleep for the big day tomorrow. 

Chapter 3: The Big Day

Blue woke up so happy because it was finally the big day where you got to prove that you were actually the color of the sky.

Blue got ready and ran down the street to Turquoise’s house to make sure he was ready. He was all good to go so they ran four blocks to get to the arena. They got there just in time.

So many colors. They saw Royal blue, Black, Gray, Baby blue, Light blue, Sky blue, and White.

They definitely did not think that White was going to make it but they were super nervous because they saw Sky blue, she basically already has the title. I guess she just wants to be the best.

“Ok, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!” said the computer.

“We got this!” Blue whispered.

“Remember you are NOT on a team,” the computer added.


Chapter 4: Surprising Events

“In the rules, it does not say that you can’t be on a team,” Turquoise argued.

“Yes it did, way down in the corner so very small, see.” The computer showed them the flyer again but this time it was zoomed in super close.

“Oh yeah, I see it now,” Turquoise said.

In the corner, it said “No teams allowed.” The computer was right.

“I guess we have to go against each other for now,” Blue said with her sad voice.

“But but but we practiced together, we know each other’s moves and everything else,” Turquoise added.

“Rules are rules and we cannot change them,” the computer said. “I am sorry, but now we have to get on with the game. Does anyone want to leave?”      

“I want to leave, goodbye everyone,” Black said.

“Please don’t leave, I thought we were in this together but now I realize that that was a lie the whole time.” 

“Good bye.”

“Ok, bye, Black,” Turquoise and Blue said at the same time.

“Ok for real, let the games begin!” the computer said. “#1 obstacle. If you are the color of sky, you probably know how dodge clouds, so dodging clouds is the #1 obstacle.”


“I am sorry but you’re out of the game,” the computer said.

“Awwww man,” Baby blue cried.

“Since someone already got out, let’s move to the next station, which will be a question,” said the computer. “If you are the color of the sky, you will know how many times the Earth spins around in one year.”

“I think I know the — ” Blue got interrupted by Turquoise.

“We are not supposed to be a team, remember?” Turquoise added.

“Oh yeah, I forgot,” Blue said with her sad voice again.

“Write your answer down on a piece of paper and put it in this box,” said the computer while pointing his fake finger at the box. “Royal Blue, your answer is correct, Light blue, I am sorry, but your answer was incorrect, Blue your answer is correct, Gray your answer is incorrect, I am sorry. Sky blue your answer is correct, White your answer is correct, now last but not least Turquoise your answer is…”

Chapter 5: Your Answer Is…

“Correct!!! Good job everyone, the correct answer was 365!” said the computer. 

“Ok, at the beginning of Round 2, we had 7 players, now we only have 5 players!” White said, sounding kind of happy.

“Only 3 more rounds left,” added the computer. “Now, let’s move on to the next round which will be an obstacle,” said the computer. “The sky is full of birds and dust so you have to get through all of that without goggles. Let’s begin!” 


  “Royal Blue, you are out of the game, I am sorry,” said the computer.

“AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” yelled Sky Blue.

“I am sorry, but Sky Blue, you are eliminated.” The computer made it clear that Sky blue was out. “Are you ready for the next question?” 

“We’re ready!” the competitors said. 

“Alright, let’s begin,” said the computer. “If you are the color of the sky, you must know a lot about clouds so in this question you have to tell me something about clouds. White you go first.”

“Clouds taste like cotton candy!” said White. 

“I’m sorry, but that is incorrect,” the computer said. “Blue, your turn.” 

“Clouds are heavy because they’re filled with tons and tons of water.” 

“Good job Blue, that is correct,” the computer said. “Turquoise, your turn.” 

“Clouds are slow, slower than a sloth,” answered Turquoise. 

“I am sorry Turquoise, but that is an incorrect answer.” 

“Hello, I am Violet, and I am the color of the sky!” 

Chapter 6

The computer said, “Sometimes, people think that the color of the sky is purple. And some people think that the color of the sky is blue. So, you guys both win!” 

“No, I want to win!” said Violet. 

“Okay, you take the trophy and all the money!” said Blue. Blue walked home to see her best friend Turquoise sitting on the steps. 

“Do you want some ice cream?” Blue asked. 

“Sure,” Turquoise replied. 

The End!!!

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