The Dream

I wish I could go on the Empire State Building! I’ve never been on it. I first found out about it when my mom and dad went on it.

They came home one night and said, “Guess what we did? We went on the Empire State Building.”

I was like, “What’s that?”

“It’s the tallest building in New York City.”

And then, I started reading books about the Empire State Building. I thought it was so cool because it glows and it’s so tall. It’s one hundred feet tall. It has different colors every day. When it’s dark, it glows. My favorite color is purple, so I love when it glows purple. My name is Anna. I’m six years old. For two years I’ve wanted to go on the Empire State Building. I live in New York City. If I haven’t already told you, I really want to go on the Empire State Building.

I told my parents that I really wanted to go to the Empire State building. They were like, “You don’t have time. You have school, and we have work.”

“How about on the weekend?”

“Oh yeah, we forgot about the weekends. We could go this weekend if you want to. You can only go if you are six and up, so that’s good that you are six.”

I was so excited, and I couldn’t wait. The next day, I went to school and I told all my friends that I was going to the Empire State building this weekend. My friends all started talking over each other.

“Wow that’s the tallest building in the world!” said my best friend Grace.

“That’s so cool!” said Jennette.

“You could come with me! And then you guys could come to my house and we can play,” I said to Grace and Jennette.

“Yay!” they said. “That will be so fun!”

I felt good because Grace is my first best friend, and Jennette is my second. I’ve known Grace and Jennette since I was in nursery. They have a lot in common. They love talking and playing. Jennette talks the most and Grace likes to play, and I like to play board games. We go to Central park, we have picnics, and we hang out in school. And then, Ruby overheard that we were going to the Empire State Building. Ruby is not that nice. Everyone wants to be friends with her, but she says no. I decided to invite her. It wouldn’t be nice if I just invited Jennette and Grace and not Ruby.

“Ruby, do you want to come?” I said to her.

Ruby was just jealous because she didn’t want to go with Jennette and Grace. “Ehh. It’s just a building,” said Ruby.

“What? It’s just a building! No, it’s the tallest building in the world! And it glows at night!” I felt upset that Ruby would say that, because it was my dream since I was younger. I was just trying to be nice! “Well I like it and I want to go with Grace and Jennette.”

“Thanks for inviting us, we will always come.”

Ruby ignored them and said, “Ugh, I don’t care anyway.”

During school, we played and did projects. I loved making projects. I was making a project about the Empire State Building. I got black paper, lights, scissors, white paper, and a glue stick. I cut papers in the shape of the building. Then, I cut windows. Then, I put lights on it. I made twenty mini Empire State Buildings! I’m going to show the people in the Empire State Building too! I thought. I’m going to show them that it’s my first time going there. I gave a mini Empire State Building to Jennette and to Grace, to my teacher, and to my parents.

Finally, it was Saturday. The day I was going to the Empire State Building! I couldn’t wait! I woke up early and woke up my parents. I got dressed. I wore my favorite hot pink pants and light purple shirt. I put my light milk chocolate brown hair in a bun and put diamond barrettes in. I saw an Empire State Building clip in my drawer. I’ll wear that instead of my diamonds, I said! So my dad and mom woke up and got dressed. We were going to eat breakfast at the Empire State building with Grace and Jennette. We picked them up at their houses. They were really excited! We were all wearing our light purple shirts, and Grace was wearing light pink pants and Jennette was wearing sparkly pink pants. And then we drove back to our house and went to the subway.

On the subway, I was so excited. It was only one stop, so I could wait. I screamed, “EEEEEE.”

“I know you’re excited, but you can’t scream on the train,” said my parents.

There was a train station at the Empire State Building, so we got off at that stop. We got out of the station, and we were in the lobby of the Empire State building.

“We’ll miss you! Have a good time! Don’t talk to strangers! And stick together!” said my parents.

I dropped my mouth. I felt like it was going to hit the floor. “This is amazing!” I said.

We took the elevator to the top floor. On the elevator, I felt like I was about to happy-cry. I started dancing with Jennette and Grace. There was no one else in the elevator except the security guard.

“We’re going to the top floor!” I said to the security guard.

“Okay! I’ll press the button!” he said.

The elevator went really fast, but it felt like it took forever. It was moving as slow as a snail. We finally got to the top.

“Have fun!” said the security guard. “Wait! Where are your parents?”

“They dropped us off because they wanted us to have fun by ourselves.

“Oh, I thought you lost them,” said the security guard.

We stepped out of the elevator, and I saw so many buildings. Good thing I don’t have a fear of heights, and good thing that Grace and Jennette don’t either! We ran over to the telescope, put in the quarters I had brought and looked down. We felt like we were going to fall! I felt like I could see everything. I felt really really happy. It was everything I wanted. I saw people down below really really small like ants. But ants wearing pants! And shirts. Maybe some wearing hats, because it was early June. We stayed there for hours, but it felt like it was only a minute. I bought a snow globe with the building inside it, and I bought two other ones for Grace and Jennette. We went to another area to take some pictures. And then we took the elevator back down. In the lobby, my parents picked us up.

“How was it?” they said.

“Great!” we all said at the same time.

Grace and Jennette were tired, so we went back to my house. We had lunch and then drove my friends home.

“Did you really like it?” my parents asked.

“Yes! Maybe next weekend we can go back!” I said.

“Maybe once a month,” said my parents.

Back home, I put my snow globe on the night table next to my bed. I shook it and it glowed pink, purple, red, and green. I fell asleep, dreaming of going there every single day.




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