The Everlasting Love Story

This tale starts in a world called Minecraft.

Once upon a time, there was a man named Steve (Steve is the main character in Minecraft). Steve had a house and in that house, there were two girls, Gina and Dana. Dana and Gina were in love with Steve. But Dana didn’t know Gina was dating Steve and Gina didn’t know Dana was dating Steve. But Steve was in love with both of them, so he didn’t know who to choose. It was a love triangle! (Gasp!) Steve kept dating Dana and Gina and suddenly he had an idea. He would have a contest. Since the ball was coming up next week, he would bring both of them there and he would see which one would dance with him more and whoever danced with him more would be his wife.


Next week

So Steve took Dana and Gina to the ball. Dana was wearing a white dress with white fabric with flowers on it, silver highheel shoes with diamonds on them, and bracelets that were white. Gina was wearing an orange dress with patches on it, brown flat shoes, and old, rotten bracelets. They went to the dancing area. Gina was the first to dance. She danced like a sick chicken. They danced for 15 minutes. Then Dana wanted to dance. Dana didn’t know that Steve liked Gina, and when she saw them dancing, she felt mad.

“Umm, Steve. Can I talk to you for a minute?”


They walked to the corner, leaving Gina on the dancefloor.

“So what’s happening, I thought you loved me! Not Gina.”

“It’s probably time I give it up. Right now, I’m having a competition between you and Gina. I’m seeing who can dance longer. And whoever can dance longer will be my wife, because I love both of you.”

“Okey-dokey…wait. Are you serious?”

“Umm, yeah.”

“I thought you loved me.”

“I do, it’s just that I love both of you.”

“And besides, you didn’t even tell me that I was in this competition. And you lied to me about Gina. How disrespectful! I’m done with you!” She walked away.

“Wait, come back!” But Dana looked at him, and then turned away and walked out of the door into the cold night.

Steve went back onto the dance floor. Gina was still dancing. Now she looked like a dead cow. Steve said, “Gina, come here for a second. I want to talk to you. This whole time you and Dana were dancing, it was a competition between you and Dana. The person who danced the most would be my wife. Even if you did dance the longest, I actually wanted it to be Dana, but I didn’t know who to choose. It’s difficult to choose between two people. But now, I’m gonna go for Dana. I’m sorry. She has way more talent and danced way better than you. You danced like a sick chicken and a dead cow.”

“What?” said Gina, “What is wrong with you? You should have told me this was a competition this whole time. I’m done with you. You are rude. And first of all, I don’t even care about Dana. Why were you dating her anyway? You could have told me you were dating two people and that it was a love triangle, but you didn’t admit it to me. Don’t ever speak to me again.”


Next day

The next day was Sunday. Dana went to Mount Everest to ski. It was her hobby. She learned to ski from her dad. His name was Mike Modica. When she got to Mount Everest, she climbed to the top. It felt like it took her two days, but really, it took two hours. Meanwhile, she was putting new pink nail polish on her fingers and brushing her hair. Then, she saw it…a boy. A handsome boy. And he was combing his hair in such a beautiful direction, but she had a funny feeling about him. She felt like she couldn’t trust him. Just then, she felt a tingle in her head. She remembered when she ditched Steve because she couldn’t trust him. But anyway, she went over there. Suddenly, Dana tuned back. She thought to herself, “I can’t do it.”

The boy said, “Haven’t I seen you?”

Dana said, “Hey. I saw you at the ball!”

“That’s where I know you from!” he said. “Oh, I forgot to tell you, my name’s Madrid. What’s your name?”

“Dana. Why were you at the ball when no one was there with you?”

“I had no one to go with, so I just went alone.”

“Oh, you should have taken my friend, Gina,” Dana said, laughing.

“Wanna go skiing with me? I’m here all by myself.”

“Ok,” said Dana.

“Let’s go then,” Madrid said. They went up to the top of the hill and went on a triple black diamond.

Dana said, “I’ll race you down.”

Dana went before she said go, so she cheated.

Madrid said, “You cheater.”

“I’m sorry,” she said sarcasm-ly.

Then Madrid said, “Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Okay,” she said. “But only if you’re not judging me all the time.”

A week later they got married.


The End

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  1. Sharon Irby – The pictures are onudtatsing! Thank you for taking the time to bring out the very best of Emiley & Joe, friends & family in each picture. Will be anxiously awaiting the rest of your work.

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