The Explosion of the World

Henry had to sneak into the store and break into it at night. They had to prepare, to make weapons, like spears and guns. They were all busy working into the middle of the night until they broke in. They went to the orphanage and they started building these things in secret so that way the guardian didn’t see them. They were molding and making metal and very busy melting it, getting supplies to melt it. All of this stuff. They took the radiators out and put them under and started them working again.

They were all super tired by the middle of the night.

Henry said, “It looks like we’ll have to break-in tomorrow night until the fourth day comes.”

His friends said, “Yes, we must do that. We are too tired.”

“We can all sleep in my bed since we’re in my room,” said Henry.


The next morning, somebody starts to scream because they find out that there are guns in Henry’s room. They think that a robber broke in and that the boys killed the robber. So, the guardian ran out of the room and went to go tell the headmaster of the orphanage. While she was away at the office, they picked up their guns and spears and thought there was a robber in the house. The boys heard screams coming from the office. They ran to the office and the headmaster said, “What are you doing up? You know it’s only 6:30am. You know you’re only supposed to stay in the rooms until 7am!” He was super surprised, his mouth was dropped wide open because they had guns and spears. And the headmaster said, “You naughty boys, did you make them?”

“Yes,” They all said.

“Give them to me.”

“No! After we break into the computer store, we’re going to leave earth.”

“Ha ha ha, you’re not going anywhere until you turn 18. You crazy boys! Get back into your rooms, right now, before we start picking you up and throwing you in bed! Now leave!” yelled the headmaster.  “Now!” So, they left Henry’s room through the window, and the guardian made them throw them out the window. Then, when the guardian left, the boys bent and stretched to get through the window. They got their weapons.

“Why do we have to wait until then tonight to rob the the computer store? It’s still closed,” said Start.

They all agreed because it was only 6:40 AM and it was still dark out because it was winter. It was snowing, and they had white snow coats, so no one would notice them. They painted their weapons white, so they would look like snow falling, too.

They had to use the A train to get to the computer store. They used their white-painted hammers to bash into the windows. The alarm did not sound because it was too wet and the snow got into the alarm. The electric circuits went out.

The security guard said, “Halt! Who goes there?”

“It is us. The new security guards!” said the boys.

“Well, while you’re the new security guard, fix that window!”  The security guard yelled. “A robber must have broken in last night.”

“Do we have to?” said the boys.

“Yes you have to,” said the security guard. So they picked up the blow torches from the security guard’s room which were there to fix the window if somebody broke in and started working.

After they fixed the window, John said, “Let’s just steal the computer when the security guard’s not looking.”

And Henry said sarcastically, “That’s a great idea. We’re here to rob the store, not fix a window!”

Then they took the computer off the shelf and out the door so they didn’t have to fix the window again and took the train back to the orphanage. And then they looked up how to build a rocket ship to get away from Earth. They took their big pot out to make the metal for the rocket ship. They took out the radiators once again and started melting their guns to turn them into flat pieces of metal and that was enough metal to build the engine, but they still needed more metal. They snuck into people’s rooms to steal their radiators to melt more metal. And then they got to work hammering the metal, bending it into shape, making the pipes for the rocket ship, and putting in the leftover radiators so that it wouldn’t get too cold. They went to the water room and they took a bucket with them and they took out scoops of water to make steam to heat up the rocket ship, and then they went to go get some paint at the corner ‘cause there was a paint shop there. They bought red and white paint with the money they took with them that they had earned doing chores. Then they took some wood and ashes to make the fire and it became morning and they were allowed to come out of their rooms, but they had already come out of their rooms 33 times that night and they were so tired because they had been roaming around all night that they went to sleep. The maid woke them up an hour later and said, “Time to get up, lazy bones! You know you have to go scoop some water. Your buckets are right on your night tables.” The rocket ship was safely hidden in the closet. They had drilled holes in the ceiling so that it could extend out to the roof. And then they went out and got their buckets and did all of their chores. They got $10.  They said, “We’d better go to a different place, now, because it’s the 3rd day already.

“Ok, 3…2…1…blast  off!” said the boys.

As they were flying away, they felt the rocket ship shake because the Earth had blown up. It shook the whole universe. They knew that Earth was gone. The boys weren’t sad about the people, but they were sad that their homeland was gone and they had to go to a different land.

So, they blasted off to Planet OOsiki BOOsiki. They met some aliens. They landed on the most scary place on OOsiki BOOsiki. There was so much fog, and aliens saying, “We need your braaainnss,” like alien zombies. They looked like human zombies except that they looked like a Hershey Kiss, and they’re made of chocolate like a Hershey Kiss. They said, “We are the rottenest chocolate in the worrrldd!!”

Start says, “I have a great idea! RUN!” So they start running as fast as they can with the rotten chocolate right behind them. They found a little cave and they hid in it. The rotten chocolate ran right past them.

They said, “Phew! That was close. What’s that hole over there?” They went to check it out and they accidentally fell into it! That’s where all the good, yummy, delicious chocolate was.

“Let’s eat,” said John.

And they dove right in. But then, the general said, “What are you doing in that ice cream house?”

And then the general said, “Not another mistake or else you’re gonna go to the dungeon.”

And they said, ‘We can’t go to the dungeon, we’re only 17 years old!”

“No, you’re going to the dungeon. Right now, actually, ‘cause you just complained to the general. Guards, take them away!”

Then, they were locked up in the dungeon. They didn’t really care because the walls were made of chocolate. So, they said, “Eh, we’ve got plenty supplies of chocolate. I don’t know why they call it the dungeon because the candy cane bars look so delicious!”

Little did they know, that the aliens were actually alive there and they would be baked if they tried to bite into one of the walls. The aliens that live there are made of that wall, so they were looking at the boys every single second. John was about to bite into the dungeon, but Henry stopped him and said, “These walls look like they’re trying to look down at us. Do not eat them, no, no, no!” Henry saw a pair of eyes on the ceiling.

“At night we will chomp through the candy canes. We can eat those because they are just stabilizers,” said Henry.

It was getting darker and darker, until finally it was night. The boys hadn’t slept for 33 hours and they were feeling tired and gloomy, but they still said they needed to escape. They chopped into the candy cane bars and they began to escape, but then the guard came. Then they said, “Attack! Eat the guard!”

And Henry said, “We should wipe this place clean and we’ll make it safe for us to live on! We’ll eat every single alien on this planet, including this general. Three, two, one, attack this place!” said Henry and John and then they  tried to attack, but they failed and got sent back to the  dungeon with their rocket. They had a saw in their rocket.  And John said, “these  Ooskee Boosceeins  are stupid.” Start and Henry agreed and said, “We should cut a hole in the top of this dungeon.” Then John said, “You know that’s a bad idea, you know all the rotten chocolate is up there. We need to make weapons out of the candy cane bars if we want to go up there.” The reason they didn’t get sent back to their other dungeon was because it had a loose candy cane. This dungeon didn’t have any hershey kiss things that had ovens looking down at them.

“Okay,” Henry said. “But we don’t have anything to make the weapons.”

John said, “Henry’s right. We don’t have anything to make the weapons with.”

And all the boys agreed. They said, “Let’s make fire, we can burn bars in there.”

And then John said, “We have enough candy cane bars that we can start a fire with them.”

“Okay,” said Henry. “But, we need to build the fire circle. We’ll make a fire circle out of dirt.”

They said, “But, we have to choose somebody to be the fire tender.”

John said, ‘I’ll be the fire tender.”

“Let’s get this fire started!” they said.

They took away the candy bars and rubbed them together until they made a fire and then they took chunks of candy cane bars, about ten or twenty in it, and then they melted it and they had good spears. And John put in another chunk of candy cane and they went to their rocket. They opened the door to their rocket and they blasted off the planet Ooski Booski. They killed all the rotten chocolate and they were out of Ooski Booski.

They were in the middle of space, where they didn’t know where anything was. Their water supply was low. They needed to find another planet fast. Their food supply was freezing.

John said, “What do we do? We don’t have any food or water! We should use the radar.”

They used the radar to look for a planet. They plugged it in and turned on the switch that makes it spin super fast and send vibrations out to find planets. There was a vibration right away. They found a planet, one mile away.  They went to the planet. It was called Hazzumidoom. There was a sign that said, ‘Welcome to Hazzumidoom.’

And they went all the way to the middle of Hazzumidoom until John said, “This planet looks deserted. Does it have another hole like Ooski Booski? I hope not.”

It was cloudy and foggy and there were no people to be seen except for them. Nothing to be seen.

“Now how are we supposed to find food and water? It’s time we took out the super secret supply of food and water. I know we shouldn’t use it, but we have to use it now, we don’t have any food and water.                        ”

But then, they were walking all the way to the middle and they accidentally fell down a hole.

“Ahhhh!” they all screamed.

And then they fell down to the real planet of Hazzumidoom. It looked like it had so much food and water.

They said, “This is the perfect place! Better than Ooski Booski!”

There were red trees and milk streams. There were honey puddles and water bottle trees.

They said, “This is the most perfect ever, perfect, perfect, perfect place in the whole world.”

“Well, much better than Ooski Booski,” John said.

They found a town, a village, that looked very weird. It was in the middle of the forest and there was only a stone house.

There was a person standing outside in the middle of the woods.

All of the boys walked over to him and said, “How are you doing? What’s your name?”

He said, “My name is Mooshi.”

He was an alien that looked human. They knew he was an alien because he was from three galaxies away.

He said, “Welcome. Come in. Have a drink.” His voice sounded like a person that had just choked on a duck. “You shall be my pets.”

John said, “Okay. Um, we don’t want a drink.” He turned to Start and Henry.                           “Anybody have good ideas?”

Start said, “RUNNNN!!!”

They ran and ran until they found the best supply of everything they needed. The guy just let them run. They took some mangoes that were growing on a tree nearby, and then they went back to their rocket.


Chapter 2: Searching for the World

“I think we should really take out the supplies and the secret food,” said John. “But we don’t know the password. The only person who knows it is the headmaster because it’s the heating code to make the heat go.” The boys stole the headmaster’s lock to his office door and made this secret supply cabinet.

Next at the rocket, they found another person looking at it. The person was peering through the window. The boys were freaked out.

“Ahh, help me, save me!” They thought it was the same alien, but it wasn’t.

“Maybe we should blast off,” said John.

“No,” said Henry. “We’re not going anywhere until we get everything that we need.”

The person knocked on the rocketship, and John said, “Maybe we should blast off into the hole.”

Henry agreed. They went to the hole of Hazzumidoom. They went back up to the hole where they went last time. But, this time it had a sign that said, “Hole of Hazzumidoom.”

“How did that sign get there?” They said.

“Maybe it was that person we saw!” John said. “Let’s just go in the hole anyway.” They went back down because there were no food and supplies on the upper level, so they had to go back down, and when they got back down the hole, they decided to go far away from the house with that evil person alien. Now, they arrived at a pond with a duck. The duck could eat them in one little slice. It had sharp teeth. It had laser eyes. It was chopping down a tree with his eyes.

They got out of the rocket and dodged the laser eyes. There was a golden beak behind the duck. The golden beak would do any wish they wanted. They read about it in a book. Then, the duck tried to bite them. It shot out its razor teeth, still attached to the gum. The boys went behind the tree to hide.

John said, “That was very weird.”

“I agree, that was so weird,” said Henry.

Then, the duck was sitting peacefully in the pond.

“We should get that golden beak. One of us can distract the duck in the pond and the other can get the golden beak,” said Henry. “Two of us will be on one side, and Start will be distracting the duck because he’s a very fast runner.”

“No way, no how, I’m not going even near that duck!” said Start.

“You’re doing it or else I’ll throw you into the pond with duck,” said Henry, mad at Start.

Scared, Start said, “Okay.”

So, Start went right over to the duck and said, “Hey Duck, here I am, bet you can’t catch me!”

It glared its eyes at Start and ran after him. Start said, “Come on, you’re too old to play the game ‘Try and Eat the Human’, you waddley old duck!”

By now, it was so angry, it didn’t use its gum technique, it ran after him and tried to use its laser eyes at him.

The two boys stuck around the pond and went in the water and got the beak, and sneakily made their first wish.

“I want that duck to be gone.” And it was gone forever.

Start got safely back to the boys. But then, the golden beak disappeared. They didn’t notice the writing that said, “If you make the duck disappear, the beak will disappear with it. It will wither away to dust!”

“Oh my gosh, this is horrible! I wanted a wish that I could be king of Hazzumidoom!” John said. He was going crazy.

“That’s not important right now. What’s important is that we go lie and down and find some supplies before night,” Henry said.

They had to relax, they sat in the shade of palm tree, sweaty.

John said, “Hmm, it’s been a long time since we’ve been away from earth. I wonder what happened to that spicy korean food that we used to eat Saturday night.”

“Yeah, I wonder what ever happened to the movies we used to watch,” said Henry, sadly.

“I sure miss the video games!” Start said.

They all sighed.

“And I miss the animals,” Start said, as they ate a mango.

They stood up, and Henry said, “We should maybe get a fire going, it’s almost night.”

They made the fire. They cut down a tree with what was left of their saw, and they sat by the fire.

“Are there any animals on their planet? I haven’t had meat in so long,” said John.

Henry volunteered to go hunting. The other two started getting pails of water and getting fruit. When Henry came back, he had a sheep in his hand and said, “I found it over a hill. Let’s roast it.” Then, they all roasted it. They used the wool of the sheep and make beds and they slept all night.


Chapter 3: Exploding Every World


The next morning, they found something very particular. They found footprints on the ground and followed them all the way back to the stone house.

Henry gasped and said, “We can’t go back into this house again! We know it’s haunted by that creepy person who is standing right outside the door like last time.”

John said, “Maybe we should just sneak in the back and he’ll never know we were in and steal the supplies.”

Henry said, “We’ll have to put new supplies in so he doesn’t notice.”

John said, “Whatever, he’s never going to notice that we stole the supplies.”

They saw the person standing right outside the door. He didn’t notice them because they were hiding behind a tree. They took their hammer and broke in. They shattered glass of the window. It looked like a normal house but with lots more food! They took food supply, the guy’s bed, and they snuck off with it.

“Okay guys, I think it’s time to leave Hazzumidoom.” John said.

They went to the top of Hazzumidoom and went out!


They took the radar again, turned it on, and looked for another planet. They went to the planet called Razamkidam. But a cat alien stopped them with slime balls shooting at their rocket! It had an antenna and it was green with no hair. It was about the size of a sheep.

When they saw the cat, they were so surprised that they jumped out of their seats and fell on the floor!

“Get the missiles ready!” said John. “Get ready to fire in 3, 2, 1, fire!”

Then they saw a whole army of cats!

“Uh oh, we’re going to need a lot more stuff,” Henry said.

John said, “No we don’t. We have a lot of water bottles and cats are afraid of water!”

“We don’t know that. These are alien cats, not pussy cats!”

Henry gets so mad at John for always bragging about himself that Henry finally punches John.

John said, “Oh! So you’re being a smarty pants. You get back here and I’m going to punch you in the face again.”

“No you don’t!”

Start yelled, “Stop! You guys stop it now. You know there’s an army of alien cats trying to shoot slimeballs at us! Get… to… your… stations!”

Henry and John stopped fighting and went back to fighting the cats. They saw so many more cats. John decided to blow up the planet Razamkidam in midair. It blew up in a circle and asteroids came flying out.

“Oh no! We just made another asteroid field,” Henry yelled, mad at John for firing the missiles at the planet.

“Oh, somebody’s mad at me for firing missiles at a planet, you big idiot!”

“You are the one that’s stupid for exploding the planet and making the asteroid field!”

“Okay, that’s enough!” Start yelled. “You’re both getting thrown off this rocket!”

Henry and John both stopped fighting.

They steered their way out of the asteroids and the boys started fighting with each other again.

“Okay, if you’re going to be idiots, then get out of this rocket,” said Start.

“Oh? You want to join the fight?” Henry said. “You get out of the rocket, you fatty!”

“Maybe you’re wrong, Henry. And he’s good, you’re bad.” John said.

“You’re the worst one! You’re worse than him, idiot.”

“You think that you’re going to throw me out of the rocket?”

“You’re such a big idiot that you’re going to be thrown out of the rocket, and you’re so faaat,” said Henry in a mean voice and stuck out his tongue at John.

Start said, “You boys! You stop it now! Now! Now! Now! There’s another planet on the radar called Razamkikalagam. We’re going to see if it’s good. We need to stop fighting if we’re going to find another planet.”

When they see the planet Razamkikalagam, they see an army of happy people. They look like they’re smiling and that’s their worst and meanest faces, smiling. The boys try talking to them, but it doesn’t work.

The happy people say, “You will be killed!” The happy people wanted to kill the boys because the boys weren’t smiling which means they weren’t happy.

The happy people saw them, flew over to them and the boys said, “We’re going to take you down with our high-tech guns!”

They shoot the happy people and go onto the planet. The planet looks like a cherry with a stem and lots of red. Everybody on the planet is a cherry except for the happy people.

They talk to one of the cherry people, the wisest of the cherry people and the wise one said, “You can only turn into a cherry if you do not smile. You turn into a happy person if you do smile.”

“But there’s so many cherries and smiley people, I really think this is not the planet for us,” said John.

“Yup!” said Henry. “I think we should leave.” And they left the planet.


They found another planet in the shape of a donut! They landed on the planet, but all they saw for food was donuts. They saw the biggest donut tower in the world. It was 30,000 feet tall. One of the donut people welcomed them to Donut Land and said, “This is a place of donuts. All you can eat is donuts!” He was smiling.

John groaned. “Oh no, I can’t take all that sugar…”

Henry said, “We cannot last off these donuts. We have to get off this planet right now!

They blasted off. Then John said, “Maybe we should go back and see if they have some fruits and vegetables.” They got back on the planet and then they saw their little donut friend walking around the streets. He saw them and he recognized them at first sight. He was jumping up and down.

“Ooh! Welcome back!” he said. “Maybe you should have a donut, because that’s the only thing on the planet.”

Henry said, “We can stay at your house, but we’re not gonna eat any donuts.”

“Okay, fine, go ahead, leave, I don’t need you here anymore…” He was frowning and his hands were hanging below him. “Get off the planet…I guess I’ll just go to being alone again…”

Start said, “Maybe we should help him…”

And John said, “No.”

And Henry said, “No.”

They blasted off the planet. They found a new planet in the shape of Earth. It looked like Earth, it had things on it like Earth, and it was just like Earth.

Henry said, “Hey, I think we should stay on this planet.”

The people on the planet said, “That spaceship looks very weird with three boys that look seventeen.”

When the boys got off the spaceship, the people asked, “Where did you come from in that rocket?”

The boys said, “We’re from Earth!”

The people said, “You can’t be. This is Earth! We’re the biggest planet in the solar system.”

The boys gasped.

“Welcome to Earth,” said the people. “Since you are human, you are allowed to come on this planet.”

They stayed on the planet forever.




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