The Fish

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there lived a fish named Fishy. He had pink in his outline and was gray everywhere else. His eyes were black. He had gills and fins. He swam very fast. This kind of fish is called a Pinkalish. He was in the ocean with seaweed and rocks. His favorite color was pink. He loved to eat smaller fish. He was 5 centimeters long and 4 centimeters wide. He loved the ocean. He was sound asleep. He was in a good dream when suddenly his mom woke him up. He yawned and said, “I was in a good dream.” He went down into the dining room and ate his breakfast. His breakfast was cereal shaped like fish, in a bowl, with some milk. After he ate, he flossed his teeth and rinsed his mouth. He opened the curtains of the house because inside the house there are no lights. Then he suddenly remember that he forgot to brush his teeth. So he went upstairs, brushed his teeth in one minute, and looked in the mirror again. He said, “I have to wash my face. My face is so filthy!” So he took his napkin, and put cold water on it, and washed his face. When he looked in the mirror he said, “Look, at that handsome fish!” He went to his closet and put on a bowtie. He put on a black sweater with buttons and walked to the sofa. He sat down and watched television.

Then, when he opened the television, he saw his daddy making funny faces behind it. Fishy said, “Oh my gosh, my dad tricked me!” Fishy and his dad always played pranks on each other. He made a television out of cardboard, and pretended he was part of the television! Fishy laughed and laughed and fell over and rolled around. Then he suddenly called his dad “Freakout!”

His dad said, “Don’t call me Freakout! I’m your dad, not a Freakout!”

“Okay,” said Fishy. “I won’t call you Freakout, I’ll call you daddy!”

“Good, now you’re not making fun of my name!” said his dad.

Fishy went outside in the water and started to play ball with one of his friends. One of his friends was named Tom and another friend’s name was Eel. He was an eel. The eel could control his electricity and not shock anybody. Fishy was the eel’s BFF. They played together everyday at recess, they sat together at Lunch Time, they played the same game at Choice Time, and they always high fived each other.

Tom looks fat, and has a fin on the top and bottom. He swims fast. His favorite food is shrimp. He is really strong. Then, suddenly, a war between Fishy and Tom happened. Fishy and Tom got mad at each other because Fishy threw the ball right into Tom’s face on purpose. Eel was on Fishy’s team, but Tom had another friend named Al. She was a rainbow fish. Suddenly, the bell rang very loudly so they couldn’t fight. Everyone swam quickly to school. Fishy said, “Oh no, I left my backpack at home! I must swim five miles back to get it!” So he quickly swam back home, grabbed his backpack, and got in school just in time before the doors closed.

Chapter 2

When Fishy was in his classroom, he sat quietly listening to his teacher, Mr. Steve. Mr. Steve was made out of wood. He used sign language to speak, but he could never speak English. Whenever he took a bath, he fell apart, but whenever he was done he put himself back together. He didn’t fall apart in class because he glued himself together. Suddenly, the bell rang again. That meant it was time for recess and lunch.

In recess, there were no rules about fighting or pushing, but there a was a rule that you were not allowed to run or skip. You could only speed walk or walk. So Fishy and Tom went outside and looked at each other suspiciously. Eel and Al was gonna fight next. Fishy took out his chainsaws, swords and guns. Tom only took out his hat and put in on head. The hat was really soft, so he could get hurt a lot.

Tom said, “No fair, you have a lot of weapons and I only have a hat! It’s not fair, because I know how to do karate, and you know how to do karate, but you have more strong weapons than I have. You have a gun, sword, things that could kill people already!”

Fishy said, “So what? You didn’t say we couldn’t bring them! Three….two…one…let’s start the battle!”

KA-CHING! Tom was cut in four pieces, then eight pieces, then 12, until he was chopped into a hundred little pieces. Fishy was angry because Tom said, “I’m never gonna be your friend again, so let’s battle and I’ll kill you for sure.” He was mad with rage!

Fishy then roasted Tom and ate him. It was Eel’s and Al’s turn to fight. Eel used his electric shock and shocked Al a hundred times and into a hundred pieces. They ate her up, and were really full, so when they got to lunch they just talked and talked and high fived each other.

Suddenly, someone came out, and said, “Where’s Tom and Al? They were my bffs, did you kill them? Because I heard someone roasted and killed them and ate them all up, and you’re the only one who didn’t eat their lunch, so you’re probably the one who ate and killed Tom and Al!”

“Oh, we just finished, we just threw it out. That’s why we’re not eating our lunch anymore.”

“Oh, that means you didn’t kill Tom and Al. Bye!” Fishy and Eel both said bye. They whispered into each other’s ear, “That was just a trick. That person was so funny!”

“Maybe we can tattle tale and tell the principal that he did it!”

“Yeah, I think I remember his name. Yeah, I do remember his name. His name is Croc!”

“Let’s go!”

So they walked upstairs to the principal’s office and said, “Croc ate Al and Tom all up! I feel sorry for them, and I miss them very much!”

The principal was kind of a goldfish. He looked really pretty and was gold. His eyes were kind of weird because they’re orange inside of black. Inside the ocean, it’s very dark. He looked confused. The principal said, “Okay, I will punish Croc! Croc is in really big trouble! I will talk to his parents. He must have consequences!” So Eel and Fishy went out and went back home because it was time to go home. When Fishy went home, he went to the bathroom, flossed his teeth, and washed his face again. Then he went sat on the sofa and sat there until it was dinner time.

Chapter 3

His mom called his dinner, but Fishy pretended not to care. His mom called again, but Fishy, instead of responding, pretended not to hear, and hid somewhere his mom could never find him. Then he put his sneakers behind the curtains, to pretend that he was behind the curtains. His mom angrily stomped up to his room and she opened the curtains and said, “Oh my god! My son tricked me. I must punish him!”

So, when Fishy got out and scared his mom, his mom said, “This is your punishment! Go down into the basement and dust the floor!”

“Why do I have to, mother?” said Fishy.

“Because, you tricked me and you pretended not to hear me. Remember, no dinner for you tonight!”

“Okay,” said Fishy. So he went down to the basement and started to dust, dust, dust. When he was done he was all dirty and tired. He wanted to eat some food and take a bath, but his mom didn’t let him because his mom was really mad. His dad came to the rescue and brought Fishy to the bathtub and brought him some dinner to eat. Then he went to bed, but when he laid down, he fell to the floor, because his mom moved his bed and threw it in the garbage. But his dad let Fishy sleep with him.

Then, the mom punished Fishy and his dad by throwing them outside the home. So Fishy and his Dad went to find some materials to find another home. They tried to find materials by asking neighbors, but they all said no. Then they came to the same neighbor again, and snuck into the house and stole the materials. They didn’t have hammers and nails so they stole from the builders.

Then they tried to build a house but it kept falling down, so they threw the hammer and nails to the ground. Then they had a brilliant idea: they could use super glue. So they stole super glue from the houses. They made a house and it didn’t fall down again. They were really happy and started to dance around with top hats. Suddenly the police came and said, “No dancing on the street when it’s morning! You’re arrested!”

So Fishy and his dad went to jail and stayed there for a million years, but they still lived. Inside the jail it was really dusty and dirty and there was no food or water. They stayed alive because they brought milk and a million chocolate bars in their pockets. They got out of jail by sneaking and using a chainsaw. They used the chainsaw by pulling the string. It started to make a lot of noise, but the father turned the volume down to 0% so it made no sound and they got out of jail. They went back into their home and slept there until it was morning.

Fishy went to school and the principal was in front of the door waiting for him. The principal said, “I tried to punish the fish named Croc but he said he didn’t do it and he said you did because you were the only one who didn’t eat lunch that day. So you lied to me, you tricked Croc, and you tricked me. Now I’m gonna give you the biggest punishment in the whole world. You’re gonna stay in school for a million-finity-hundred years and do a lot of work. I know you hate school, but you’re not allowed to trick the principal. You got it? Now go in school and do your work and after school you can go back home and you can eat your dinner, but you must come right back at nine. So you only have one hour to eat. Plus I told your parents no playing for you ever again.”

So Fishy went inside the school, sat at his chair, and learned a lot until the bell rang for recess. After recess he ate lunch, and after lunch he went home. After he got home he quickly ate dinner and went back to school at nine.

Chapter 4

When he arrived at school, nobody was there, only a policeman and the principal. They said, “Go inside the classroom and sit down. There’s a substitute teacher just for you, and he’s really strict so you better sit down and listen carefully. He’s not like Mr. Steve.” Suddenly Fishy, because he felt embarrassed, began to grow a nose that was really long and at the end there was a nest with birds inside.

Suddenly the principal said, “Oh my god, I must bring you to the nurse!” So the principal took him to the nurse. The nurse got the nose off and Fishy started to bleed. The nurse put a Band-Aid on and then the nose started to bleed again because the Band-Aid fell off. Then the doctor put a lot of Band-Aids on and it finally stopped. The fish walked into the class and fell down on the floor because he was too sick to move. The strict teacher’s name was Mrs. Lovely.

Mrs. Lovely said, “Please get up and listen carefully. I’m a really strict teacher so you better not listen.”

“Okay,” said Fishy.

“Ha! I tricked you. I said for you not to listen, because I wanted to make sure you’re a good student,” said the teacher. “You should have known! You never listen. You must be sent to the doctor, and cut in half. You’re gonna be eaten and roasted just like Tom and Al.”

“But I’ll never do that again!” said Fishy.

“No excuses. Just go to the nurse, and you’ll die forever. Your friend Eel was a good student. He proved better. Even though he killed Al, he thought better and he brought Al back to life.”

So Fishy walked sadly to the doctor’s and the doctor cut him in half. Tears came down and it made a heart shape, so Fishy came back to life in one piece, and Tom too. Tom came back to life and everybody was happy, but the principal. The principal said, “How come? We must kill Fishy, we must kill him this instant. What’s our plan?”

All the teachers shrugged, “I don’t know.”

Suddenly Tom ran out of school while Fishy sneaked out of school. When Fishy arrived at his dad’s home, he went to sleep and so did his dad. Suddenly no one knew but the evil principal opened the door and killed Fishy into a million pieces and ate him all up.

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