The Five Amulets

My name is Tyler. I am thirteen. I am in seventh grade with my friends Jay, Lace, and Liz. We live in the big city of New York. My friends told me about these five amulets that are from China that give people the power to do things. They each have their own special power. One gives you shapeshifting abilities, one gives you invisibility, one gives you strength, and one gives you the power to reach to any length. The one my friends and I are going after allows people to run at incredible speed, and if someone wears them all, they will have unspeakable power. My friends and I are trying not to let that happen, so we are going to get all the amulets and make sure that no one dangerous gets them. We are going to try to get them tonight at 10:00 p.m.. Liz told me to go to a sewage on Third Avenue and Union Street. I wondered how she knew the amulets were there, but then she showed me a map that she had and told me she saw it in the garbage can and took it and that’s how we are pretty sure that there are the amulets like it says on the map. In the meantime, I have to go to school. My friends and I will discuss there. Finally, school is over, and I have to go home to get ready for tonight. Okay, I need a flashlight, my wooden sword, my water bottle, and a plastic cup from the sink.

“Everyone ready?”

“Yeah,” all three of them said.

They went over to the bar-like fence and went over it and went closer to the lake-like sewage and split up. Looking around for the amulet, we were surprised that no one was there.

We started feeling suspicious about it, and then Liz yelled, “Look!”

We all ran over to her, and she showed us what she found.

“The amulets, they actually exist, but do they have the powers like the map says,” said Tyler.

“Let’s find out,” said Lace, grabbing it from Liz.

She tried to put it on, but I stopped her and told her we should not put it on. We do not know how powerful it is.

Then, these older kids said, “Give it to us or else.”

They had weapons. I told Jay to get the wooden sword from my bag.

But one of the older guys said, “Where are you going?”

Then Jay stopped and turned around. Three other older boys took Lace’s arm, Jay’s arm, and Liz’s arm. Lace threw the amulet to Liz.

Then, the other, older boy said, “Give me the amulet” to Liz.

Then, she threw it to me and said, “Use it!”

And then, I said, “I don’t know how to use it.”

All three of them said, “Put it on!”

And then, I put it on and thought of saving my friends. Then, I put the amulet on and suddenly my eyes went like lightning, and then I ran at the boys, and in seconds the older boys were down on the floor. They were knocked out. My friends were surprised to see the kids knocked out so fast.

“Is that you?” asked Tyler.

“Yes,” I said.

Jay asked, “How did you do that?”

I shrugged. I pushed the amulet on my chest, and in a flash, my speed was gone, and the amulet was in my hand.

“Guess the amulet does have power,” said Jay.

“That also means we need to get all of them. We should study on this,” said Lace.

“And the other five,” said Liz.

“Okay, we will talk about this tomorrow,” said Tyler.

“We should go back to our homes before anyone finds out we’re out at 11:00 at night. Who should keep the amulet?”

“Tyler should. He knows how to control it, right Tyler?” I said.

“I kind of know how to control it.”

“That’s fair,” said Lace and Jay.

“See you tomorrow,” said Lace.

“See you,” said Liz.

“There is a lot we need to learn about these amulets. We will learn eventually. Till then, I should probably get some rest. I got school tomorrow.”


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