The Life that No One Wants

If you are reading this, then you have to be aware of something.

I am not a normal kid. Normal kids don’t wake up in the middle of the night, they don’t start screaming, and they totally don’t hear your thoughts, do they? My point exactly. This is the story of my horrible life, and I hope after you read this you will see that you have a lucky life compared to mine. Now, let’s start with the story.

Let’s start off with my home. I live in England, and at this time, there are many wars going on that this place is part of. My house is in the center of the country. My school is around the block, so I can get there in two minutes. My parents divorced when I was four years old, and then when I was six my mom died, followed by Dad a month later. That put me in the care of my aunt and uncle. My aunt says I’m way too dark, and my uncle says I’m way too skinny.

In school, I’m “the one that has no parents.” People make names for each other, so since I don’t have parents, I’m stuck with that name.

If you don’t have any parents, and people that have parents say they know how you feel, please note that if they have not lost someone important to them, then they have no idea of what the pain feels like. Trust me, I know. A person told me that they know exactly how I feel because they lost their pet fish. It’s not the same to lose a pet unless they have been there for your whole life since they were a small pup and you were a baby. But if the person had only had their pet for a week, that doesn’t really do anything for connections. Anyway, enough with the tour of my home and on with my life!

As any usual morning, my aunt woke me up before my alarm clock could ring. So when I heard a really high-pitched screaming for me to wake up, I knew to get up now or get a bucket of ice cold water dumped on your head, and if you don’t get up, then prepare for a metal bucket to fall on your head! So I got up after feeling the cold water on my head. My aunt is very impatient, so since I didn’t get up in one second, she rushed upstairs to my bedroom and dumped the bucket of cold water on my head.

“Okay!” I said, as I rolled out of bed. “I’m up! You really didn’t have to dump the water on my head!”

“One more word, and then I’ll throw the bucket. I won’t miss this time!” she said, picking up the metal bucket. “Now go down stairs, and go to school.”

“Can I dress up first?” I asked, trying hard not to laugh. “Or do I go in shorts and a t-shirt?”

She slapped me across the face. That’s something that she does when she thinks that I’m annoying.

Don’t play dumb with me!” she said. “Dress up, and go to school!”

That’s what happens every morning. That’s why I tried to put my alarm clock to 5:00 a.m. to see when will she wake me up, and she woke me up at 4:00 a.m. and started screaming at me why I didn’t set my alarm clock to the usual time.

So when I dressed up and put an ice cube that was on my bed to my cheek, I heard a terrible scream.

“What was that?” I asked. “Aunt Mary? Uncle Jose?”

I started to go down the stairs very slowly.

“Is anything wrong?” I asked. “Did I do something?”

My aunt and uncle were sitting at a table and drinking tea. They didn’t notice that I was there. I was about to say something when my uncle began to talk.

“Mary, do you really think that she’s one of them?”

Oh, no. They’ve discovered my secret. Remember how I said that I’m not a normal kid? Well, this is why I’m not normal. Since September 1, 1939 (or the beginning of World War II) people started to see that most kids had become different than other kids. Well those things are sort of like super powers, if that’s how you want to call it. Well, I can do all of those things when I want to, but sometimes you can’t control it, and they just burst out. Like one time, (thank goodness I was alone) I lost control, and I shot out a burst of fire from my eyes.

“Yes, I’m sure I remember seeing a burst of fire out of her mouth, and when I cooked her least favorite food, I was thinking about it. When I came up to get her for dinner, she looked at me with her never blinking eyes, and she said she wasn’t in the mood for her least favorite foods. She was reading my mind!”

I guess I thought I was alone when I did that.

“What should we do?” asked Jose. “Kill her?”

“No,” my aunt said and pointed at the newspaper. “It says here that if you know a person that’s not normal, then you should bring them to this place! Tomorrow, we’ll take her to this place.”

“What happens if she finds out we’re taking her there?”
“Well, we won’t tell her.”
“She can read our minds!”

“We’ll just think of meetings or something, and if she does, then all she will get is who we’re meeting.”

“What happens if her deformation could go even further than what we think?”


I ran to my bed. I didn’t want to hear anymore. My parents left me with my aunt and uncle to be safe, not to be killed!

I had so many questions, but I had to run away first, and then I could think of the questions.

I grabbed all the things I might need, but then I looked outside. I saw that it was almost morning, so I didn’t have time to pack. I had to leave now. I dropped my pack and ran out the door. I saw my friend Jack waiting for me.

“Jack!” I said. “What are you doing here?”

“Well, I’m here for you of course,” he said. “You’re trying to escape just like I am.”

“Escape from what?” I didn’t want to give in right away but first check that we were on the same side.

“From the place that your aunt and uncle were going to try to take you to of course. Why didn’t you read my mind?”

“Okay,” I said. “Now where do I go?”
“With me of course.”
“Number one, stop saying ‘of course.’ Number two, where am I supposed to go with you?”

“Where all of the other kids that escaped go. Of co — ”

“Don’t say it!” I said, feeling fire come in my eyes.

“Wow!” said Jack staring at me. “I never saw anyone have that before.”

“Yes, I have my own power.”

“You can control the weather?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“That’s what I can do. Anyway let’s get going. It’s almost morning, and your aunt and uncle will be looking for you soon.”

Jack started walking. What could I do? I can’t just stay here and hope that my aunt and uncle won’t find me. And Jack is my closest friend, so I guess I can trust him. I decided that I should follow.

“What exactly is the place that they were going to take me?” I asked, as I caught up to Jack. “What do they do there to you?”

“No one who is alive knows,” Jack said coldly. “They took many mutants in, and we never saw them again. We’re trying to stop this thing, but anyone who found out who we were would run away screaming!”

“Last question,” I said. “How did you know that my aunt and uncle were going to take me there?”

“The mutant that can read minds found you,” said Jack, smiling. “Another mutant made this thing of names of every single mutant in the world. But the mutant can read only the most powerful minds because it’s easy. So we could only reach you. Here we are.”

We stopped at a broken-down building.

“Now watch your step because there are many sharp things that you can step on.”

“If they’re pieces of metal, then I can move them,” I said, moving a chunk of metal. “Is the person who can do that here?”

“Yes,” Jack said. “And he does that all the time. But he forgets to put them ba — ”

“I get it,” I said. “I’ll put it back once we move past this place.”

Once we passed the metal thing, I heard people talking. It sounded like only two voices.

“We only found two people that would fight with us. The other ones didn’t think that a war is starting.”

“Well those people are dead,” said a voice. “And now we have to fight for them.”

“Come on Lev, it’s not that bad,” said another voice. “We can just talk to the humans.”

I heard the first voice laugh. “Those are Lev and Bobbi. They don’t get along,” explained Jack. “You’ll see them soon.”

We came to a clearing where many tents were set up.

“Who’s there?” yelled a male voice. “Oh hello, Jack, you found Will? What can she do?”

The boy was about one year older than me. He had black hair, his eyes were dark brown, and he wore similar clothes that I wore: black pants and a black shirt.

“Wow!” said Jack. “Now I can see you fully! You two look so much alike!”

Jack was right. Now the sun was starting to rise, and I could see how Jack looked like. He didn’t look anything like me. He had white pants and a white t-shirt.

“Who came?” asked the second voice I heard. “Oh hello, Jack. Person I don’t know.”

A short and fat girl came out of tent number four.

She had really ugly, brown hair, ugly, brown eyes, and what she wore made me want to run away: she had a really bright pink dress as long as a wedding gown.

“Do we really need her?” she asked. “You have me, and I have the most powerful mind in the universe.”

“Bobbi,” said Jack. “We’ve been over this. She has a more powerful mind than you!”

“What can miss one earring tell us?” she asked. “Probably how unfashionable it is to have one earring!”

“I have one earring!” said Lev, pointing at his left ear.

“You two are like twins!” said Jack. “Both of you like the same things.”

What can she do?” screamed Bobbi. “I want to know now!”

“Okay!” said Jack. “Will, can you please show Bobbi what you can do?”

“Sure,” I said, with a shrug. “What can you do?”

“I can move metal,” said Lev.

“Give me a piece of metal.”

Lev picked up a piece of metal without touching it and set it on the ground.

I focused my eyes on the piece of metal and sent it a secret message through my brain to pick it up. And the piece of metal lifted in the air. Once I put it down, I saw Bobbi, Jack, and Lev staring at me.

“Do you have your own power?” asked Lev.

“Stand back,” I said and again focused on the piece of metal. l felt the fire coming into my eyes. I let out the fire. The metal began to shrivel up.

“Cool!” said Jack. “Can you do anything else?”

“Name it.”

“Put a thought into my head. Make me do something,” said Bobbi.


I focused my eyes on Bobbi and told her mind to go and get another piece of metal. Right away, Bobbi walked to a metal dump and brought it to me.

“Cool!” said Jack,

“That’s not fair!” said Bobbi, as she came back from la-la land. “I’m the only one that’s supposed to have that power!”

“Can we go eat?” asked Lev. “I’m starving!”

“Okay,” said Bobbi and stomped away to where the tables were.

“Lev, can you give Will a tour while I deal with this thing?” asked Jack.

“Sure,” said Lev, shrugging. “I’m not dealing with her.”

“Thought you would say that,” said Jack with a sigh. “She’s never happy!”

Without saying another word, he ran off to find Bobbi.

“Okay,” said Lev. “Let’s start off with where you sleep. Jack sleeps in tent number one, I sleep in tent number two, and Bobbi sleeps in ten number four. You’ll sleep in tent number three because Jack said we all have to be together! Pretty dumb rule if you think about it.”

“Why does Bobbi sleep in tent number four if no one sleeps in tent number three?”

“You know the three main gods in greek myths?” asked Lev. “Well Jack said that we should have that.”

“So because Jack controls the sky, he gets cabin number one and you control metal, you get cabin two? I don’t get it.”

“Jack says it’s just the three most powerful minds. But Bobbi can only control the most powerful minds. You can control any mind. And you can sort of, like, go underground. Which is where Hades lives.”

I put some power into my hands and made the ground tremble.

“Like that,” said Lev. “Next up we have the training place. Here, I made a bunch of dummies, so you can practice on them.”
“Okay,” I said. “Anything else?”

“The kitchen is more of just a fireplace since we don’t have a lot of food. It’s not a really big place, but you can live here. But there are no happy moments here.”

“ATTACK!” I heard a voice yell.

A bullet almost hit Lev, but he turned it around and sent it back where it came from. I sent a huge wave of dust to block us from view.

“WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?” I yelled over the sound of the wind that I was causing.


We ran as fast as we could to the dinner place.

“TURN THE WIND DOWN!” Lev yelled.

I made the wind calm down but kept the big cloud of dust behind us. I saw some figures and another cloud of dust behind them.

“I’m guessing that’s Jack,” I said “Jack!”
The two figures started to run faster.

“A war is coming,” said Jack. “I called many mutants to come here and help.”

“I can try to make the mutants that are trapped get out,” I said, thinking.

“How?” asked Bobbi. “You can only control minds that are powerful like me, not human minds.”

“You’re forgetting something,” I said closing my eyes. “I have all powers ten times stronger.”

I thought of the prison gates and saw where they were kept. I saw only three people standing outside the cells, no weapons, just standing. I tried to get into their minds, but it didn’t work. I thought of the war and how many people will die if no one will come to an agreement. Then I felt myself feel like I was another person, and I could finally control the person.

“Go and unlock the cells. Every single last one,” I said out loud, as I told it to the person.

I felt as if I was walking, and then I started unlocking every cell.

“Go to where Jack lives. A war is coming, and we need your help to win it!”

I saw some mutants stare at me, but then they all started running away. The people standing there still stood there, and then I saw that the they were mannequins. I let myself drift back to earth.

“Well?” asked Jack. “How did it go?”

“Good,” I said. I felt overwound by what I just did. I don’t really like having all the powers. Sometimes, I can’t control one of the powers. They get loose, and I have to take away the memory of the person that saw it.

“Are they coming?” asked Jack, jumping up and down.

“Yes,” I said, rolling my eyes.

Just as I said that, we heard shouting.

“What was that?” asked Bobbi.

“Mutants,” I said, smiling.

“You’re here!” said Jack, running toward them. “She brought you here!”

But as we were saying our hellos, we heard gunshots.

“Why do they bring metal things if they now I can bring it back?” asked Lev.

Then an arrow came. I stopped it just before it hit Lev. Jack sent a wave of dust to where the arrow came from.

“The arrow is really sharp plastic!” I said, as I looked at the arrow. “They know that you can’t control plastic.”

“You can?” said Jack, amazed.

I nodded and said “We have to go and fight.”

Jack sent the cloud of dust down. “You and Lev stay here, and then in about five minutes, then follow. CHARGE!”

I watched how the mutants ran and killed if any person was in their way. Then I saw that all the mutants were kids and all the humans were grown up men. Then I heard a sound of an arrow going into someone.

“Will,” I heard a dying voice.

I turned around and saw Lev laying down with an arrow in his heart.

“Lev!” I screamed. “What happened?”
“I turned around, and then I got hit.”

“You’re going to be okay.”

“No,” he said. “Don’t say that if we both know it’s not true.”

I looked at him. I sat down and put his head in my lap.

“Win the war,” said Lev. “To show me that I didn’t die for nothing.”

He took one last breath, and then he exhaled sharply. I looked at him and felt hatred come into my heart.

“Times out!” I screamed.

I let all my powers out. I felt that even if I try really hard, it still won’t work.

I killed every human.

Then I cried. The first time in my life.

I saw Jack laying down not breathing.

All the mutants were dead.

I looked around and started to cry harder.


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